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Stories and Lessons

Stories and Lessons



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Published by Timothy

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Published by: Timothy on Sep 07, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Stories and Lessons
Before showing other works, I feel its’ time to relax and show something different fromthe ordinary. When you get older, it’s certainly time to reflect. Reflecting isn’t aboutembracing fantasies nor trivialities. It’s certainly about evaluating your life in order tomake better decisions as it pertains to your life during the present including the future.The following are some stories revolve my life.
They are certainly are interesting to meand I haven’t revealed this information publicly here before. People who lived in mydays were in a transitional part of Western history. We’re seen the end of Generation Xand the beginning of Generation Y in our lives. We know what it was like in the 1980’sand what it was like in the 1990’s. It’s interesting that today, some of the Generation X
crowd is starting to have gray hair.
My commentaries shows my views and not allhuman experiences are identical. Certainly, what is similar between humans is the rangeof emotions and the range of actions that accumulate a person’s experience in their lives’longevity. This is fun for me since I have this opportunity to express my thinking and uselanguage that define my real feelings.
Ultimately, if you want changes in your life, that’sfine. Yet, you will have to make those changes yourself. Communicating with otherpeople (not just going on the Net) is great to develop that social bond among thehuman family. I have the right to speak, to write, and do actions that fulfill theconcepts of the right to life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness
. All people have that rightthat comes not from the State, but from God. Now, it’s time to show my views. I’ve got tokeep it real and authentic. These words are my thoughts. I love to share my experiences tothe world. People want information and I’m obliged to supply them with what I knowabout the world.
I guess since people love these stories, it’s more fitting toexpress this information publicly.
Hampton Roads
I’ve lived in Hampton Roads all of my life. I can give a description of every single citythere. Chesapeake is like a growing boon city. Its population is growing rapidly. I’ve beenthere before on many times. It’s made up of hundreds of square miles, but it’s has a lot ofrural locations. Many people live over there, because of the housing, employment, andother reasons. It’s becoming a lot more diverse in a demographic sense. Portsmouth is asister city to Norfolk since it’s similar. It’s a port city that’s small in its size, but not smallin its culture. I’ve been there before to visit places and I saw the Virginia Sports Museum.Its Downtown has an old school feel in terms of an architectural standpoint since I love to
study architecture & art. Norfolk is a bigger city in terms of people. Its major competitionfor the cultural capital of Hampton Roads is Virginia Beach. Norfolk has the AttucksSquare center. I remember walking around Attucks Theater center all of the time in myyouth. I was a walker back then. I could walk 2-3 miles non-stop per day in the 1990’s. Myfamily walked a lot and had competitions to see how fast we would go into locations. Iknow the Attucks Square neighborhood (
next to Huntersville, Huntersville Village, andYoung Park
), which is made up of mostly middle class African American people. Back inthe day, the Attucks Square Theater hosted many black musicians. Later, it was torndown and it was rebuilt in the 21
century. Many jazz musicians and other performingartists go into Attucks Square Theater today in 2010. There are electronic billboards nownear Attucks Square Theater describing new acts now. It’s located in Church Street.Church Street is known for having a lot of churches there. There are about 4 churches inChurch Street in close proximity with each other. There is also an obelisk memorial to Dr.Martin Luther King there as well near Virginia Beach Blvd. The rebuilding of NorfolkDowntown came in the 80’s, but it never went into that next level until MacArthur’s Mallwas constructed in 1999. Even Before 1999, a lot of abandoned buildings existed inDowntown Norfolk. After that, Norfolk’s development in downtown grew. Some peoplesay that crime is a serious problem in Norfolk, but crime was much worse nationwide inthe late 1980’s and early 1990’s than today. Back in those days, you couldn’t come outsidein night without hearing gunshots for minutes on end. Norfolk have many historicneighborhoods like Attucks Square, Huntersville, Ghent, Lambers Point, Young Park,Norview, Calvert Park, Tidewater Park, Ballentine Place, Park Place, Ocean View, andmany others (Famous streets in Norfolk are Tidewater Drive, Princess Anne Road, LittleCreek Road, Virginia Beach Blvd., and other roads). I’ve been to all of these places before.So, I’m not ashamed of where I am from. I am what I am as it pertains to what I am. Icame into Pembroke Mall in Virginia Beach to eat at a restaurant.
I’ve been to MilitaryCircle Mall and Janaf Shopping Center in Norfolk, Virginia on a lot of occasions(to shop, pay bills, go to the bank, eat at restaurants, and other activities).
Norfolkin a sense grew and the controversial Light Rail system in coming in Norfolk. VirginiaBeach is a tourist city. My father doesn’t too much like Virginia Beach, because of obviousreasons. A lot of younger kids don’t know that many years ago, there were bad racialtensions in Virginia Beach. There were the riots in the late 1980’s and so forth. That timewas a little over 20 years after King’s assassination. That wasn’t too long ago. It’s only inrecent years, where in Hampton Roads there is much more better relations betweengroups of people (especially the young kids and young adults).
Hampton Roads camea long way and we have a long way to go to witness a much better societythat our forefathers envisioned. There are synagogues and a Greek OrthodoxChurch on Granby Street in Norfolk, VA.

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