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Summer 2009

Summer 2009

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Published by JDClancy

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Published by: JDClancy on Sep 07, 2010
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DISCLAIMERS: Paramount Pictures and its licensees have the sole authority to generate profit from Star Trek trademarks, and this publication in noway intends to infringe upon copyrights held by Paramount Pictures, Viacom, or any other Star Trek copyholders. The opinions expressed in thispublication are not necessarily those of STARFLEET, The International Star Trek Fan Association, Inc. or the STARFLEET Marine Corps.
Waffle HouseRegion 12 PicnicWhat Have They Done to My Trek By MAJ Mark WebbSummer Movie PreviewG.I.Joe—The Rise of CobraInglorious BasterdsWhen Things Go Very WrongRogues’ GazetteCalendarNot Entirely Successful –Part IIBy MAJ Mark WebbAdios, Green Machine!
Editor:J.D. Clancy jdclancy@multinatl.orgContributor:Mark Webb, MAJwebbmaw@cox.net
Newsletter of the 210th Marine Expeditionary Unit, STARFLEET Marine Corps
http://fedchaplain.tripod.com/210meu.htmIn Starfleet, summertime is summit and international conference trip time.We have one firm tradition in the 210th: while traveling we eat at least once atWaffle House.The phenomenon of Waffle House will be something of mystery to peoplewho aren’t from or haven’t visit the Southern United States. Most restaurants arelocated in this area.Waffle House restaurants can be found along interstate highways and in-dustrial areas. They cater to a ‘value for moneycustomer base– people who need ahearty meal for not many dollars. Since Waffle House is open 24 hours a day, thereis a definite late-night crowd who prefer a cooked meal to generic ‘fast food.’Waffle House has an old time lunch counter or diner feel. The kitchen is inthe public area, surrounded by a counter and seating. You can see your eggs andhamburgers being prepared. The quality of service is sometimes hit-and-miss, butusually the staff is friendly enough.A Southern breakfast staple to try is grits! Another signature dish for thisrestaurant is hash browns– shredded and fried potatoes available with a variety of toppings. The toppings comewith their own terminology:‘Scattered’ (with onions) and‘Covered’ (with cheese) are twoways to order hash browns.Personally, I like havingmy coffee served in a ceramicmug while I watch my food beingprepared and partake in someconversation with traveling com-panions.If you’re in North Caro-lina for International Conferencethis year and you haven’t been,try the local Waffle House!ByJ.D. Clancy
 A typical Waffle House restaurant 
Region 12 Picnic
Through various unfortunate circumstances, a full-on Region 12 Summit was not convened this year. But, due to theefforts of the Hellfire & Brimstone crew, a Region get together was held on May 23, 2009 in Topeka, Kansas. The venue was anoutdoor picnic in a local park. Besides Region business, the park offered a lot of leisure and entertainment options including thelocal zoo, playgrounds, carousel, and mini-train ride.Official business for the year was conducted by VADM Jeffery Higdon. CO’s/XO’s present convened in the morningfor their meeting. A State of the Region address was given after lunch. A new chapter, USS FireFox, was introduced. Promo-tions and the Region Annual Awards were presented. As you can expect from such events, a large part of the day was given overto socializing with old acquaintances.Some Marines recognized with promotions were: Jenn Hoover (226 MSG), Mysteri David (226 MSG), and Mark Webb(210 MEU).
The Black List—Summer 2009—Page 2
What Have They Done to My Trek 
By Major Mark WebbBy now, most of you dear readers have had the opportunity to see the film Star Trek, the eleventh offering fromParamount and its partners. This film is, to say the least, a considerable departure from the long-established vision of StarTrek, and it is up to each and every one of you to decide how you feel about that. You may expect future columns fromthis reporter on this subject. It represents too great a shift in the future laid out in the Trek reality to be dealt with in justone small offering.The picture opens with a battle between a great and terrible ship and a Federation starship that was the state-of-the-art at the time of James T Kirk’s birth. Of course, Kirk’s father was the last man on the starship, and he gave up hislife in the line of duty, just as his son, James, came into the universe.When next we see the young Kirk, he is a boy of 10 or so, with obviously too much time on his hands. He be-gins his illustrious exploits by getting pulled over for speeding and reckless driving among other things. Meanwhile, wemeet the young Spock, who gets his butt kicked as he learns a lesson about how Vulcans can still be capable of bigotry,despite their logic and lack of emotions. We see his feet set on the path toward Star Fleet even then.Then, we see Kirk being sought out by Captain Christopher Pike as someone who has potential, to join Star Fleetand make his mark there. He does so, out of defiance as much as anything, and then we see him defeat the KobayashiMaru test, by shamelessly cheating, and getting on Spock’s bad side before they have not even officially met.Then, the terrible ship that fought Kirk’s father’s starship, (which turns out to be a Romulan mining ship on amission of revenge) attacks the planet Vulcan. There is a brand new starship to meet the emergency, but of course, eventhough the ship has been under construction for some time and is ready for its shakedown, Star Fleet is so disorganizedand unprepared, that they have no crew to man her. So they have to send cadets from the academy to do the job.This writer won’t tell you the entire story, but the plot goes farther and farther from the timeline we all know asit goes on. The Batman and Spiderman movies of the past 2 decades have a certain comic book quality to them, both intheir plots, and in their effects. Star Trek, in the opinion of this writer, exhibited these same characteristics. It is clearlyan effort by Paramount, to make Star Trek appealing to people who are not traditional Trek fans.The question is, how will Paramount proceed from here? Is this the last of the Trek movies? Do they intend tofollow this new timeline from now on? It would certainly provide them with material for whole new rafts of series’ andmovies, as well as new novels and other peripheral aspects of the franchise. Look for more articles from this writer onhow this story effects the timeline, both for specific characters, and for the future of Trek in general. There are manyquestions that need answered and many aspects of this that need to be explored and this writer will do his best to do that.
Summer Movie Previews
G.I. Joe The Rise of Cobra
is a live action film based onthe 1980’s comic book/cartoon/action figure line. Most of the popular characters are represented.Operating in secret, the Joe Team fights the shadowyterrorist organization COBRA.Release Date: August 7, 2009Director: Stephen SommersWriters: Stuart Beattie, David ElliotRun Time: 107 minutesStarring:Dennis Quaid—General Hawk Sienna Miller– The BaronessMarlon Wayans—RipcordJoseph Gordon-Levitt—Cobra CommanderRay Park—Snake EyesChristopher Eccleston—DestroQuentin Tarantino’s latest effort is a homage to 1960’swar movies.
Inglorious Basterds
is not a remake of the1978 B-movie starring Fred Williamson.Like most Tarantino efforts, various story lines cometogether at the film’s climax. The Americans are on amission to eliminate Nazis. A Jewish girl tries to evadethe Nazis. And the Nazis are out to get everyone.Release Date: August 21, 2009Director: Quentin TarantinoWriter: Quentin TarantinoStarring:Brad Pitt– Lt. Aldo RaineDiane Kruger—Bridget von Hammersmark Eli Roth—Sgt. Donny DonowitzChristoph Waltz—Col. Hans LandaMelanie Laurent—Shosanna Dreyfus
The Black List—Summer 2009—Page 3
Rogues’ Gazette 
(Promotions, Awards, Recognition)
To Major 
Mark Webb
2010 STARFLEET International Conference; July 29-August 1, 2010; Wagoner, Oklahoma; website: www.ic2010.org
When Things Go Very Wrong
By J.D. ClancyYou may be in a situation where there’s no electricity. I’m not speaking of being out in the wilderness, where onewould expect to have no electricity. We’re going to discuss what happens when you’re comfortable at home and suddenlythere’s no power. NOTE– there are more than the usual amount of safety notices to this article. Making and using your ownelectricity can be dangerous!One thing to consider is the serious nature of an event that causes long term (1+ day) disruption of the electrical pro-duction/distribution system. Several routine situations may occur that cause minor power outages– breakdowns of equipment,accidents, and poor energy management (brownouts, blackouts). Consider whether you’re going to stay in your home and tryto survive until conditions improve, or evacuate.If you’re going to stay at home, you may want electricity. Nearly everything in the modern home runs on electricity.One strategy is to minimize your need for electricity. Keep a manual can opener, have a solar or hand-cranked radio, makesure you know how to manually operate an automatic garage door.Be practical about your power needs. Even a large solar panelwill not power your refrigerator, air conditioner, and television all atonce. Remember that unless you have a way to store power (some kindof battery) after dark your solar panel will be quite useless.People who are somewhat mechanically oriented may attemptto build a human-powered electricity generating system. A bicycle canbe turned into a stationary cycle and used to generate power. Even adevice that turns a wheel by hand-crank could potentially be used tobuild a power generating system.With the recent emphasis on homeland security concerns, manystores are selling gadgets for emergency power. Various emergency cellphone chargers are available. Gasoline powered generators can be pur-chased in discount stores and home improvement stores.Gasoline powered generators are a topic all their own. From asmall portable generator to a large automatic standby unit that canpower an entire house, the variety and capabilities of generators will becovered in a separate article.
SAFETY NOTICES: 1) Operating agenerator inside your house or garage can cause death by carbonmonoxide poisoning. 2) Improper wiring of a generator into a building’s electrical system can cause a fire or electrocu-tion of occupants and utility workers.
Another possible source of electricity is batteries. Many small items run off batteries. Do you keep a few extra batter-ies and rotate your supply regularly? Amateur radio operators may keep a Marine battery for emergency power. The advan-tage of this type of battery is that it is ‘deep cycle’; meaning you can drain all the power out and after the emergency charge itback up and store it again. (most car batteries, lawn mower batteries, etc. are dead permanently after draining all the power outonce)While we’re talking about batteries, car batteries provide a different type of power than what comes out of the outletin your house. Some people have a bank of batteries in their basement, and intend to use an ‘inverter’ to turn their batterypower into usable electricity. A person could plug an inverter into their car, but should be aware of several issues: 1) If youdon’t run your car, the battery may go dead quickly; 2) You may run your car of gas; and, 3)
SAFETY NOTICE: If you runyour car in a garage, you risk carbon monoxide poisoning.
One thing to remember: don’t panic and cause a larger problem for the sake of a short term solution. For example,you try to run several appliances off an inverter attached to your car battery. Theelectricity is back on by the afternoon, but you now have to find a ride to the store soyou can purchase a new (expensive) car battery. As always– evaluate your situation.Will electricity be off for some time, or just temporarily? How serious is my needfor electricity?If you have purchased any equipment to provide emergency power, be sureto follow all the manufacturer’s safety warnings. It is best not to ‘jury rig’ or modifyequipment for use outside of its intended application. Injuries and fires can makeyour emergency situation much worse.DISCLAIMER: The author is not responsible for misuse of this information. Overtime, techniques change. Be familiar with safe use of all equipment and the latesttechnical information.
 A solar panel and battery power can provide elec-tricity in an emergency.

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