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Shortcut Keyboard

Shortcut Keyboard

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Published by HannaCinta

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Categories:Types, School Work
Published by: HannaCinta on Sep 08, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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http://www.(12 September 2009, 13:40)
Keyboard shortcuts
 The shortcut keys described in this Help topic refer to the U.S. keyboard layout. Keys on other layouts maynot correspond exactly to the keys on a U.S. keyboard. To print this topic, press TAB to select
Show All
, press ENTER, and then press CTRL+P.
The Office Assistant and Help window
Display and use the Office AssistantSome of the content in this topic may not beapplicable to some languages. To perform the following actions, the MicrosoftOffice Assistant must be turned on and visible. Toturn on or show the Office Assistant, press ALT+H toopen the Help menu, and then press O. With theAssistant visible, press F1 to display the Assistantballoon.
Display the Assistant balloon (if the Assistant isturned off, F1 opens the Help window)
In the Assistant balloon
Select a Help topic from the listthe Assistant displays. ALT+1 is the first topic,ALT+2 is the second, and so on.
Display more Help topics inthe Assistant list
Display previous Help topics inthe Assistant list
Close an Assistant message or a tip
In some wizards or dialog boxes
Move to the Help button in the wizard
SPACEBAR, with the Help button selected
Show the Assistant in a wizard or dialog box. To hidethe Assistant, press SPACEBAR again. Note that notall wizards or dialog boxes have Help provided bythe Assistant.
If you use a screen review utilityor other accessibility aid, you'll get the best results with Helpif you enter questions in the
Answer Wizard
tab inthe Help window rather than in the Office Assistantballoon or in the
Ask a Question
box.Display and use the Help windowSome of the content in this topic may not beapplicable to some languages. To use the Help window, the Microsoft OfficeAssistant must be turned off. To turn off theAssistant, press F1 to display the Assistant. PressALT+O to open the
tab in the
dialog box. Press ALT+U to clear the
Usethe Office Assistant
check box, and then pressENTER. Press F1 to display the Help window.
Display the Help window if the Assistant isturned off (if the Assistant is turned on, F1 displaysthe Assistant balloon).
In the Help window
Switch between the Help topic and the
Contents, Answer Wizard, Index
Select the next hidden text or hyperlink, or
Show All
Hide All
at the top of a topic
Select the previous hidden text orhyperlink, or the
Browser View
button at the top of a Microsoft Office Web site article
Perform the action for the selected
Hide All
, hidden text, or hyperlink
Display the
menu to access anyHelp toolbarcommand
ALT+O, and then press T
Hide or show thepane with the Contents, Answer Wizard, and Indextabs
ALT+O, and then press B
Display thepreviously viewed topic
ALT+O, and then press F
Display the nexttopic in a previously displayed sequence of topics
ALT+O, and then press H
Return to thespecified home page
ALT+O, and then press S
Stop the Helpwindow from opening a Help topic (useful if youwant to stop a Web page from downloading)
ALT+O, and then press I
Open the
dialog box for Microsoft Internet Explorer,where you can change accessibility settings
ALT+O, and then press R
Refresh the topic(useful if you have linked to a Web page)
ALT+O, and then press P
Print all topics in abook or a selected topic only
Close the Help window
If you use ascreen review utilityor otheraccessibility aid, you'll get the best results with Helpif you enter questions in the
Answer Wizard
tab inthe Help window rather than in the Office Assistantballoon or in the
Ask a Question

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