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Why the World Needs an iPad

Why the World Needs an iPad

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Published by SamPetherbridge

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Published by: SamPetherbridge on Sep 08, 2010
Copyright:Traditional Copyright: All rights reserved


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The World needs an iPad
Apple (2010). "Apple - iPad." Retrieved 5th May, 2010, from http://www.apple.com/ipad.
)The Apple Inc. website has been chosen as a reliable reference because it is thewebsite of the manufacture of the iPad. This is the most reliable site for finding thepositives about the product; however it shows the device's shortcomings as they aretrying to sell the iPad. This site includes full technical specification for the device,design and manufacturing information including pictures of each version fromdifferent angles, information about applications for the device including pictures ofthe default applications on the device, a copy of the TV ad, guided video tours toassist new in understanding how to use the device and information, the environmentalstatus report of the device, information on the devices perfect companion piecesmade buy the manufacture of the device as well as links and information about how tobuy the device and its perfect companion pieces.(
MacWorld. Retrieved 11th May, 2010, from
)The MacWorld website has been chosen as a reference because it is one of the mainMac reviews websites. The company behind this site is International Data Group,which is the world's leading technology media, events and research company, owningwebsites and magazines a such as MacWorld and PCWorld. They have a team ofthirteen thousand employs worldwide, approximately 200 magazines and newspapersand 460 websites serving about two hundred and seventy million people each month.This site has information and reviews, presenting pros and cons, about all the versionsof the iPad. It also reviews applications for the device, rating them out of five.
(iFixit (2010). "iPad Wi-Fi TEardown." Retrieved 15th May, 2010, from http://www.ifixit.com/ Guide/Device/iPad_Wi-Fi.)
The iFixit website has been chosen as a reference because the site providescomplete and detailed teardown’s of both models of the iPad and the A4 processor.iFixit has been chosen as valid resource as they write fixit guides, which are step bestep guided to fix broken devices (i.e. Replace the battery on an iPhone). The websitehas gone to great lengths to get information about the A4 processor inside the iPad.For the teardown of the A4 chip they have partnered with a Chipworks which is acompany specializing in reverse engineering and patent infringement analysis ofsemiconductors and electronic systems. This site is the best reference on the web tofind out actually what parts are being used in the device.
Nielsen, J. (2010). "Userablitiy of iPad." Retrieved 12th May, 2010, from http:// www.nngroup.com/reports/mobile/ipad/.
)The Nielsen Norman Group is being used a a reference as this site provides an in-depth analysis on the usability of the iPad. The Nielsen Norman Group is reliable asthis group conducts research on all different types of mobile devices and web sites.The site contains a 93 page report on the usability of the iPad and its apps, providingobjective criticism at times. Tis is not just what experts think about the iPad andhow usable they think it is this research uses people of all different ages rangingfrom 20 to over 50 in a range of different professions.
B)Operating System / Hardware
The iPad operating system and hardware are marvelous pieces of engineering. TheiPad’s operating system is a closed platform, which means that the iPad only runsapproved applications unless jailbroken. A jailbroken iPad is an that allows the iPadusers to run any software code on their device, as opposed to only that codeauthorized by Apple.The operating system on the iPad is a slimmed town version ofthe Mac OS X and a modified version of the iPhone OS. The hardware inside the iPadis extremely well designed. The iPad is run using a custom made processor, the 1GHzA4. The A4 processor has three layers, two layers of DRAM, Samsung K4X1G323PEcurrently however the Package-on-Package construction gives Apple the flexibility tosource the RAM from anymanufacturer they want, and one layer containing theactual microprocessor . The A4 processor that Apple’s uses in the iPad is not so difference to the Samsung processor Apple uses in the iPhone. The process or is asingle core ARM Cortex A8. The reason that the iPad dose not have a biggerprocessor is that in order to get 10 ten hours battery life the entire iPad includingthe display must use less that 2.5 watts on average. The display is a LG SW0627B01SWL-0032C 1003 N23977ON using a Broadcom BCM5974 touchscreen controllerand a Texas Instruments CD3240A 01D5AKT G touchscreen line driver. The 802.11a,b,g,n wifi and the bluetooth 2.1 + EDR and FM is all provided by the BroadcomBCM4329XKUBG CD1004 P21. The audio processor is a Cirrus Logic device with thepart number of Apple 338S0589 B0 YFSAB0PY1001. Power management is suspect tobe handled by a S6T2MLC N2266XQT U1003 A1. The Multiplexer-Demultiplexerpart for the Display Port and PCIe connection is a NXP L0614 01 37 ZSD950. TheAccelerometer is a STMicroelectronics 2949 33DH OK2 CL. The DC regulator is aLinear Technologies 3442 N7667 LT9L. Al the parts just mentionsare shown in the image below. (
iFixit (2010). "iPad Wi-FiTEardown." Retrieved 15th May, 2010, from http:// www.ifixit.com/Guide/Device/iPad_Wi-Fi.
The iPad interface is very similar to the iPhone andiPod touch. When first starting up the iPad you arePresented with the standard lock screen that is usedfor all Apple’s touchscreen mobile devices. The mainscreen seen when when browsing application is to theright. This screen to the left is on of 11 screens thatdisplay up to 226 applications. Once navigating intoto an application the interface changes completely(Discussed in a later section). The standardinterface for browsing applications is a 5 by 4 gridof application plus 6 applications on the bottomdock.
All software legally available for the iPad is served trough the Apple AppStore. TheAppStore as of April 8 had over 200,000 Apps available of which over 3,500 Apps arespecifically made for the iPad only. All applications built for the iPad must be writtenin Objective-C and written in Xcode using publicly available application programinginterfaces provided in the Apple software development kit to be allowed into theAppStore which is the only way to get apps onto the iPad unless the application is aninternal company application in which case there are ways to get the applications ontothe iPad.
The iPad like any device has many accessoriesincluding cases, keyboards, docks, camera connectorsand many more. The case shown to the right is Apple’ssolution to stop the iPad to stop getting scratches anddamaged. The iPad has many third party accessoriesthat can be used with a porpoise mad app, thisincludes accessories like credit card readers, bloodpressure readers just to name a few. All accessoriesthat interface with the iPad must connect in one ofthree ways. The first option is to use the 30 pin dockconnector on the bottom of the device. The secondway that accessories may interface with the iPad isthrough bluetooth and the third way the accessoriesmay interface with the iPad is over wifi, however thisis the least common of the three.

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