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Published by GVS Rao
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Published by: GVS Rao on Sep 08, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Director’s (Operation)
Editor’s Message
HR Dash Board.
New Arrivals.
Work and Employment.
Staff’s Promoted.
Productivity Improvement.
Big Boy’s Birthday.
Orientation to Libya.
Take Time. Just Think!
DS Construction Site News
History-Two US Presidents
Know about benefits havingfruits and vegetables
DS Construction
Libya | UAE | India
DS Construction
"All the flowers of tomorrow are in theseeds of today"
Employees News Letter 
August 2010 Edition Number 2
 पे रणा 
 करम चाी 
We welcome any constructive feedback or suggestions on how we in Human Resources at DSConstruction FZ co, Libya could serve better. Email to gaurav@dsclibya.com 
Ramadan KareemFellow Indians, I am saluting Mother India for the wonderfulIndependence Day. Hundreds and thousands have jumped intothe struggle over 200 years to get India Independent. Werededicate our energies to build India and respect the culturesand values.This festive season everyone in Asia, Africa, and Europe is fullof motivation to fulfill the family needs and joy that thefestival gives to the familyThe current phase of nonpayment from various authorities is aNational phenomenon. Every contracting company is facing thesame situation since April, 2010 this phase of non-payment isonly due some bad players in the field and not fund availabilitywith Government. I wish to add that Libya is having over 90Billion $ of foreign reserve apart from ranking second in goldreserve in African Countries.I would see this phase of uncertainty is purely a business cycle,where we are in down the peddle. No need to be panic, we aregeared up for the events to unfold in the coming months.Many a leading business enterprises in this country are stilllearning how to cope this minus budgeting techniques. Let medetail you how we learnt this over the last 3 decades. All
payments are linked to the clearances’ f 
rom the funds to beobtained from authorities. Everyone without arguments acceptthat any contractor has to complete the project based on theapprovals, if the authorities delay payments, the chain isbroken. So is the current state This phase of uncertainty is alsoto be as challenge. Everyone must understand andcommunicate on these lines.DS Construction FZ CO, has sailed over these uncertaintybusiness phases, many a times. We are confident to get to thesituation where everyone is paid.Let me also remind the business success secret: Delay is not tobe thought of being denied. From Employee view point allthese facts reinforces the fact that we have great timesahead.Enjoy this edition of Prerna August 2010 edition
Director (Operations) Message
DS Construction
Team mates
Everywhere festival activities make us feel ‘live’.
I was reading a study done by a leading compensationsurvey team based in Cairo, that average constructioncompany salary delays in and around North Africa is30- to 120 days depending on the business prosperityBy and large construction companies since 2008 in thisregion have been subjected to delays in obtainingmonies from the Governments. This is crippling thepayment cycle.I am personally seeing cases, and pushing for moniesdisbursal after justifying with Core Management teammembers, for taking such proactive decisions.I am very optimistic, that sooner this uncertaintyphase is over.We all will have to enjoy work and focus onproductivity.This month Prerna (August 2010) edition has allattractions for Employees and HR Dash board showshow complex HR transactions improving day by day.And I look forward to exciting times.The very look of Prerna is changing and this greenbackground is the sign of pledge to protectenvironment and save earth.Happy Prerna reading!
Editor’s Message
From the office of Vice President - HR 
DS Construction
Exciting New towers nearing completionin Tripoli. This is just the beginning ofexcitement in times ahead.
Life is 10% of what happened to you And 90% of how you respond to it;
A simple way for
 Just forget 2 things in LIFE...1)
GOOD you
do for others.2)
done by others to you.Written b Unknown

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