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Interview Questions Answers

Interview Questions Answers

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Published by ram12_leo
interview questions with answers for students
interview questions with answers for students

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Published by: ram12_leo on Sep 08, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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1. How does the MOSFET works?
A) The source to drain current is controlled by electric field of capacitor formed at gate.
2. What are different types of BJT configurations and when do we use them?
A) Common emitter, Common base, common collector. These are used to obtainedcharacteristics of Transistor.
3. What is the difference between TTL and COMS?
A) In TTL, basic element is bipolar transistor. In CMOS, N&P channel MOS transistorsarranged in Complement.
4. Which is the most important pin in the microcontroller?
A) Reset pin.
5. Explain about Ground Bounce?
A) The period that to settled to ground from the fluctuations is called Ground Bounce.
6. One question on any kind of sensors you are aware?
A) Hall sensor.
7. What is LVDT?
A) Linear Variable Differential Transformer.
8. What is the difference between Microprocessor &Microcontroller?
A) Microprocessor is only bit addressable.Microcontroler is on chip memory, peripherals, ADC,DAC etc.
9. What are different types of microprocessor architecture?
A)Von Neumann, Harward.
10. How do you select an op-amp?
A) Depending upon its Linearity, CMRR, input imoedence, output impedence, gain, Accuracy.
11. What are different types of filters?
A) Low pass filter, High pass, Band pass, Band reject filters.
12. Differense between CPLD &FPGA?
A) CPLD (Complex Programmable Logic Devise) IS permanent storage devise program is storedin Registers. FPGA (Field Programmable Gate Array) is temporary storage devise programstored in SRAM.
13. What is clock buffer?
A)Clock buffer is used for to maintain power level.
14. What is jitter?
A)Jitter means time variation of process.
15. What is gain bandwidth product?
A)Gain bandwidth product its constant at some specific value of input frequency, open loop gainis zero.
16. What are an integrater&differentiator?
A)Integrator: Output is integral form of input.Differentiator: Output is differential form of input.
17. Define the parameters of an ADC (or) types of ADC?
A)Types of ADC: successive approximation, monolithic ADC.
18. What is slew rate of op-amp, define CMRR, input offset voltage?
A)Slew rate: Maximum rate of change of output voltage with respect to time.SLEW RATE=MAX dV0/dt.Input Offset Voltage: It is the voltage applied across input terminals of op- amp to find zerooutput Voltage. CMRR: Ratio of differential mode gain to common mode gain.
19. What is sample and hold circuits?
A)Hold circuit holds the signal for some time.Sampling circuit which samples the signal up to certain range.
20. What is comparator?
A) Comparator compares magnitude of two signals.
21. What is Fan out & Fan In?
A)Fan Out: Maximum number of similar outputs that the gate can drive reliablyFAN In: It is the number of inputs it can handle properly.

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