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Benefits Past Life

Benefits Past Life

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Published by donneperth

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Published by: donneperth on Sep 08, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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ByAsrianna Dameron, C.Ht., RM
Feeling happy and blessed in my work as an Intuitive Empath and Medium, I didn’tintend on becoming either a Past Life Regression Therapist or a Spirit Rescue Therapist.For while my Native beliefs certainly include the ideas of lost, unhappy, wanderingspirits, malevolent entities and our own soul loss, it’s not my way to impose thoseparticular spiritual tenets on another person. But though it was never my initial plan tobecome a Hypnotherapist whose main work is Past Life Therapy and Spirit Rescue andReleasement, it happens to be a strong element of my holistic healing practice. So why doI find myself doing this work? Because my wonderful clients led me here and the benefitsare so exceptional, so remarkable be it spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physicallyor a combination of them all, I now consider it a blessed path of service.When a client comes to me with their difficulties--which run the gamut from obsessivecompulsions to weight, a desire to give up addictions, let go of harmful relationships, toeliminate negative behaviors, or to release old beliefs and thought patterns--I go througha serious of intake questions, probing their history, examining their experiences, agreeingupon suitable goals. Or, perhaps, as more often happens, a client has a psychic sessionwith me and those issues arise from my intuitive work during that session. In whateverway the initial decision for a Past Life Regression appointment arises, after we’veidentified what the client wants, I create the general path the hypnosis session andtreatment will follow. A rather common initial step after the trance state is achieved is toencourage the client to go back to the point in their life at which the presenting problemfirst occurred.I’m not the first Hypnotherapist who found a client going beyond this current lifetimeinto previous ones when asked to go back to the origin of their current problem. Nor wasI completely unprepared as I was exceptionally well-read in hypnosis long before Iundertook certification. What impressed me and continues to do so to this day is theintensity of their recall as they assumed the emotions, expressions, voices, andidiosyncratic characteristics of their past selves. More importantly, they experiencedundeniable healing and peace upon returning from each session. And to those sayingthese individuals were already primed to believe in the process, I can only offer that mostparticularly in the beginning of my work I never mentioned Past Life Therapy orreincarnation and a great many of my clients at that time would’ve denied the existenceof such things.At this time in my life, after over 25 years of doing this work, I’ve personally come tobelieve without doubt in the existence of past lives. That being said it wasn’t then andisn’t now necessary for a client to believe in reincarnation. The mind is fascinating,resilient, creative, an imaginative realm always seeking to make an understandablenarrative out of the things it experiences. Thoughts, beliefs, ideas, the challenges andblessings of the current life, experiences both vicarious and personal, goals and desires,

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