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A special conversation with 19 year old Kimera

A special conversation with 19 year old Kimera

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He read and commented on my -TOP SECRET- extra terrestrial article at http://www.facebook.com/topic.php?uid=142276882450529&topic=113
He read and commented on my -TOP SECRET- extra terrestrial article at http://www.facebook.com/topic.php?uid=142276882450529&topic=113

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Categories:Types, Research, History
Published by: Daniel J Towsey A Truth Soldier on Sep 08, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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A special conversation with 19 year old Kimera
from Portugal and Daniel J Towsey
Sept 08 2010
He read and commented on my -TOP SECRET- extra terrestrial article at
So we began this amazing conversation.
(NOTICE Typos have been edited out)

Daniel J says:hi
¦¦¦Kimera¦¦¦ says:Hello
Daniel J says:So where do u live
¦¦¦Kimera¦¦¦ says:Portugal
¦¦¦Kimera¦¦¦ says:you ?
Daniel J says:Nova Scotia Canada on the east coast on the Atlantic
Daniel J says:Portugal is in south America?
¦¦¦Kimera¦¦¦ says:no. in south America is Brazil. Which speaks the same thing. ( sorry for my bad english )
¦¦¦Kimera¦¦¦ says:Portugal is next to Spain
Daniel J says:oh near europe
¦¦¦Kimera¦¦¦ says:its realy in the europe
¦¦¦Kimera¦¦¦ says:you are aware of the name Illuminati right?
Daniel J says:oh yes
Daniel J says:It is 10 pm here what is your time
¦¦¦Kimera¦¦¦ says:here is...01:52 am
¦¦¦Kimera¦¦¦ says:are the reptilians real ?
Daniel J says:not to bad your four hours ahead..so it is wednesday there
Daniel J says:I wonder if reptilians are real..I think it is fiction
Daniel J says:if they are real I would rather not meet one..but then there are and have been some that

appeared to me that..possibly are..

Daniel J says:I mean some I have met
Daniel J says:but i do not know for sure
¦¦¦Kimera¦¦¦ says:oh...i read somewhere that the reptilians are the illuminati.
¦¦¦Kimera¦¦¦ says:guess thats not true
Daniel J says:I think that they are reptilians in mind only
Daniel J says:after all the illuminatti are completely insane for they speak no truth
¦¦¦Kimera¦¦¦ says:yes. they killed alot of people that knew a lot. i'm afraid of them
¦¦¦Kimera¦¦¦ says:and sometimes i dont know what of who can i trust
Daniel J says:they are still killing and plan on killing most of us..have you read my article'They want you

dead is written in stone'?
¦¦¦Kimera¦¦¦ says:nope
¦¦¦Kimera¦¦¦ says:but...do you have any contacts in the governament? i mean how do you know so much?
and HOW did you take fotos of the nibiru? It was the anunnaki that helped you ?
Daniel J says:will it is a message written on the Georgia Guidestones . they are huge granite tombstones
with the message to the world written in 8 languages

Daniel J says:It says they will reduce population to 500,000 and they are very much doing it
¦¦¦Kimera¦¦¦ says:so...is that what will going in 2012? they have planed something for us?
Daniel J says:yes
Daniel J says:do not take vaccines, try not to consume the rat poison fluoride
¦¦¦Kimera¦¦¦ says:any vaccines? i read somewhere that they have plant microchips in people
¦¦¦Kimera¦¦¦ says:is that true?
Daniel J says:oh yes they have been for a long time..like 25 years now
¦¦¦Kimera¦¦¦ says:that microchips...whats is it for? how they use that?

Daniel J says:mainly to fully control your life..no bank accounts just computer chips
Daniel J says:they could prevent you for buying anything
Daniel J says:they would know everything you do
Daniel J says:read my 'Cell phones' article
¦¦¦Kimera¦¦¦ says:but...how can we prevent this? i mean we cant die because of this bastards....they have to

Daniel J says:we all need to first learn the truth and tell everyone.. I have made that easy as I have
published most of what people need to know..

Daniel J says:just copy my articles and send them out
¦¦¦Kimera¦¦¦ says:where can i find them? i do that...we have to fight them
Daniel J says:I have been on to this for over 40 years
Daniel J says:I am a researcher, activist, writer and more
¦¦¦Kimera¦¦¦ says:wow you are great
¦¦¦Kimera¦¦¦ says:where can i find your articles?
Daniel J says:I have had 15 serious attempts on my life..the last one happened nov 22nd 09 I wrote an

article about it "How to assasinate a cyclist
Daniel J says:I am now seriously crippled and have a very pitiful life..I can not do much anymore.. I can
barely walk
Daniel J says:I have numerous serious injuries..I even have a broken back..yes severed..I have to be very
careful when I move

¦¦¦Kimera¦¦¦ says:but..someone have tried to kill you ?
Daniel J says:yes and they are professionals
Daniel J says:Gods angels have done their work to protect me

¦¦¦Kimera¦¦¦ says:by gods or angels...you mean the anunnaki? because Bob dean said that the anunnaki are
here in Earth.

Daniel J says:I guess that is possible
¦¦¦Kimera¦¦¦ says:so you never meet an Anunnaki?
¦¦¦Kimera¦¦¦ says:you know the story about them?
Daniel J says:no I do not know the story but I have met alot of people that have approached me and were

not known to me..but I do not fear so I communicate with anyone for I only speak truth and nothing else..I
can not fear truth
¦¦¦Kimera¦¦¦ says:ok so...Bob Dean have meet the some of the Anunnaki. They have created us
genetically...so we look like them. But they are way too advanced then us....technologicaly and mentaly.
They can talk to you telepathically. But anyway. Maybe you have meet some of them. But you dont know

¦¦¦Kimera¦¦¦ says:i just want to know why they dont help us
¦¦¦Kimera¦¦¦ says:tell me this
Daniel J says:we are like little tiny children compared to them and few people can come close to their

superior minds and thinking.. I believe I am one amonst a few that can understand and communicate..one has to live with pure truth..as I explained in my top secret article.. I wrote that realizing that only those that can think with only truth would understand my message

¦¦¦Kimera¦¦¦ says:its so amazing. their SO much more then us. but we dont see that
¦¦¦Kimera¦¦¦ says:we are selfish
Daniel J says:you see the telepathic can not communicate with mixed up minds
Daniel J says:ones mind has to be very healthy...if one sticks with pure truth one becomes closer to these

¦¦¦Kimera¦¦¦ says:bob dean said that after 2012 we will reach a new state of mind and spiritual
awareness....do you think the same?
Daniel J says:no I think the humans of the illuminatti are dreamers and they think they know
everything..they think they can and should alter the natural world and natural evolution... They will kill us
all and destroy this planet..they have to be stopped
¦¦¦Kimera¦¦¦ says:but...why dont the anunnaki stop them? why they dont help us?
Daniel J says:the sick minds of the elite have gotten control of superior wisdom and knowledge that was
given for the good of this planet..and are going to wreck everything
Daniel J says:no one should control truth.. truth wisdom and knowledge is supposed to be shared with
¦¦¦Kimera¦¦¦ says:and use for the good of everything
Daniel J says:yes..but that is not what is happening..the power of money has made the elite completely
¦¦¦Kimera¦¦¦ says:but why dont the anunnaki help us?

Daniel J says:The first thing to understand is that the pure ones (angels annanaki etc) do no harm.. they
have evolved way past being evil or harmful or killing..they are trying to help through people like me..the
answer is to learn the truth of the things I have writen and share the wisdom

¦¦¦Kimera¦¦¦ says:oh
Daniel J says:sorry for my typos..I have many physical diffuclties now

¦¦¦Kimera¦¦¦ says:i know now
¦¦¦Kimera¦¦¦ says:hey no prob
¦¦¦Kimera¦¦¦ says:i'm not even american. so my english is not better
¦¦¦Kimera¦¦¦ says::)
Daniel J says:So the message is simple..truth is the only answer
Daniel J says:Thats why I write the seeds of truth.. I want to see the seeds grow and a new world evolve

based on a healthy mind filled with truth..but the elite have to loose their control of the money systems or
they will destroy everything

Daniel J says:they need to be locked in a room and kept safe for the sake of humanity
Daniel J says:they are genetically destroying life on this planet
Daniel J says:everything they control is now gone insane..and they control just about everything..they want

to control us..the chips for an example.. they believe themselves so superior that they think they can choose
to let us live or not..they believe themselves to be Gods of satan..they created satan
Daniel J says:in their minds
Daniel J says:anyway it is impossible to reason with the insane..the money is the problem..they create it
out of thin air
Daniel J says:The chemtrails they are spraying is pretty scary..the sky is no longer blue, they have created a
false atmosphere

Daniel J says:chemtrails
¦¦¦Kimera¦¦¦ says:so....they can see all our chat?
Daniel J says:oh yes..anything digital they control, they never erase any digital communications..world

wide..all of it is stored in data banks
¦¦¦Kimera¦¦¦ says:so...we are at danger right now?
¦¦¦Kimera¦¦¦ says:but tell me...how can we spreed the truth...if they controll all the systems? we only can do
it via oral
Daniel J says:we have to do it in every way possible..for I believe when the time comes only the wise will
have a chance at survival
Daniel J says:Obama will soon shut down the free internet and only the far faster corporate internet 2 will
¦¦¦Kimera¦¦¦ says:obama is one of the illuminati ?
Daniel J says:all government leaders are of all countries
¦¦¦Kimera¦¦¦ says:wow
Daniel J says:democracy does not exist
Daniel J says:any leader can be eliminated any time..force is not the answer only truth is the
answer..people have to put truth ahead of everything..if everyone lived for truth everything would soon be
fixed and we would be on our way to guaranteeing our future
Daniel J says:but the insane control the money and they are altering peoples perceptions of reality
Daniel J says:i hope you are keeping a record of my words..be sure to keep copy it to a notepad so you'll
have this info in case our connection is interupted

Daniel J says:actually they are corrupting reality completely
¦¦¦Kimera¦¦¦ says:so give me now where i can find your articles so i can do what i can to spreed the truth
Daniel J says: h t t p :/ / d an i el t o ws ey. wo rd p res s . co m

there is pdfs at the bottom of every article.. just right click to save..I have many other sites

¦¦¦Kimera¦¦¦ says:i will download this and put all over the internet
¦¦¦Kimera¦¦¦ says:we have to know the truth
Daniel J says:and these sites are loaded with files..see if you can get someone to help you copy all the info

Daniel J says:Follow A Truth Soldier onwww. t wi t t er. co m / d an i el t o ws ey

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