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Published by blankstage
Two shopkeepers resort to profitable and dangerous methods to save their store and livelihood.
Two shopkeepers resort to profitable and dangerous methods to save their store and livelihood.

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Published by: blankstage on Sep 08, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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HARVESTByErik McNeal(C) 2010 404-680-3770mcneal03@yahoo.com
INT. SHOP SALES FLOOR - DAYBRANDY, a weathered yet vibrant lady, stands at the registerof the shop, sighing heavily.She walks across the sales floor full of items, and nopeople.BRANDYAnd this is what they left mewith. A decade-long decline and nocapital from the will.The clock reads 4:00.BRANDYWhere the hell is he? Cant evenbe on time for anything.JIM, Brandy’s half-brother, disshelved in an unkemptbutton-down shirt and sunglasses ENTERS the shop.BRANDYWhat the.. where have you been? Ididn’t give you this job to belate!JIMBrandy, there’s no one here.BRANDYThat’s not the point. You’resupposed to be helping me out here.Clean out the storage area.Brandy sternly stares at him. Jim raises his eyebrows,jumping from behind his shades. He EXITS the sales floor.EXT. BEHIND THE SHOP - DAYLATER.Jim sits in a chair under a shade.Brandy comes out from the door to storage.JIMDamn this hangover.BRANDYI can’t believe you. Werestruggling and the favorite son(MORE)(CONTINUED)
CONTINUED: 2.BRANDY (cont’d)found time to just relax! Not acare in the world!JIMIt’s a hazard, its cluttered andshit.BRANDYSounds like your former career,DOCTOR.JIMAt least I’m not caretaker offailing business. How much moneyis this place not making?BRANDYThis place isn’t failingasshole. I’m actually sticking tomy word and being where I say Iwill be, unlike some people aroundhere.JIM(chuckling)Not talking about me. Did you knowhe asked me to try to help out theshop? I paid in money when Icould. Be grateful for once.Brandy stares daggers through him and WALKS OFF.JIMHey. Thanks for honoring his lastwish and helping me out.Brandy stops and looks back at Jim.BRANDYWe gotta put food on thetable. The bottom really fell outon us and others. Try to get somework done while I think of a plan.Brandy exits. Jim remains sitting in the shade. He pullsout an ID card with his picture of him, clean shaven andsmiling. It reads:PIERCE MEDICAL CENTER. DR. JAMES CARTER, M.D.

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