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Published by Royce Groome
Design Breakthrough in Electronics Technology Helps
You Instantly Slash Home Energy Costs!
Design Breakthrough in Electronics Technology Helps
You Instantly Slash Home Energy Costs!

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Published by: Royce Groome on Sep 08, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Page 2
Publishing, Ltd. — www.biotechnews.com
: The challenge for us at the Bio/Tech News is that we know our Subscribers don’t want to have to wait around on the “menin white coats” to verify what seems to be clear as crystal to a person with a bit of down-home, plain-folk, common sense. Our Subscribers notonly have plenty of common sense, but they are also savvy enough and sophisticated enough to recognize that much in this life is yet unanswered.Nevertheless, they want what we’re able to come up with and report on despite the sometimes-obvious gaps in understanding; and, they want this
information right now. They want to read about subjects now
which might someday turn out to be “tomorrow’s news”…perhaps months or even yearsdown the road, and which most people may never even hear about, even then. So…our Readers pay us for our considered opinion, speculation,guesses, intuition—you name it—based upon the homework we do as we research various breakthroughs in BioScience and Technology. We’ve beendoing this kind of thing for more than a decade now and
of Subscribers have been more than satisfied to get what we can give them
knowing that there is often a long lag-time before the explanations for various phenomena ever come around. Since much of our reporting coversmaterial which is “cutting edge”, you need to know that if you are looking for all kinds of scientific documentation—the kind of thing you’d find ina stodgy, peer-reviewed scientific journal—then you’re going to be disappointed. Oftentimes, there’s just not a whole lot of this kind of “science”available. Sometimes, all we may have to go on is a little bit of theory, a bit of “common sense”…and a number of reported experiences. Often, wefind ourselves having to “fly by the seat of our pants”, sometimes speculating about why or how a product may work, but not knowing for sure. But,if we waited around for all the “science” to be done, then most of us would end up dying of old age before the obvious could be confirmed!
The language of the actual Terms and Conditions of Subscription Agreement says, in part—
“…I am subscribing to the Bio/Tech News
for information purposes only. I understand and accept the fact that the newsletter may contain
not only opinion, but also a certain amount of speculation, conjecture and guesswork. But
this is what I am paying you for 
! In addition,and as part of that information I am paying you to provide, I expect to be given advice and specific recommendations for various productsand/or services and the names of specific vendors and/or service-providers who, in your opinion, can help me make
my Life, my Health andmy Financial Bottom Line only better and better from now on.”
The Bio/Tech News is unique. Our subscribers pay for and expect us to provide them with the most specific information and recommendationspossible; and, this we strive to do. Nevertheless, although information printed in this newsletter is received from sources deemed reliable, noguarantees, express or implied, can be made regarding the accuracy of same. Therefore, readers are encouraged to verify for themselves and/or to
their own satisfaction the credibility of all reports, recommendations, conclusions, comments, speculations, opinions or anything else printed within
the pages of this newsletter before making any kind of decisions based upon what they have read herein.
Average Retail Price of Electricity in the UnitedStates, Year-to-Date through April 2007 and 2006(cents per kilowatthour)Region Year2007 2006New England
16.66 16.19
Middle Atlantic
13.05 12.57
East North Central
9.33 8.79
West North Central
7.63 7.47
South Atlantic
9.43 9.25
East South Central
7.94 7.79
West South Central
10.92 10.8
8.61 8.43
Pacific Contiguous
11.24 10.62
Pacific Noncontiguous
18.7 19.01
U.S. Total
10.17 9.85
Source: “1992-2005: Form EIA-861, “Annual Electric Power IndustryReport.”
Average Retail Price of Electricity to UltimateCustomers by End-Use Sector, 1994 through 2005(cents per kilowatthour)Period Residential
Source: “1992-2005: Form EIA-861, “Annual Electric Power IndustryReport.”
Total Electric Industry1994
Modern Science
“Compared to the pond of knowledge, our ignorance remains Atlantic.”
Ronald Duncan
Miranda Weston-SmithEditors
The Encyclopaedia of Ignorance
When we started doing our home-work for this important Special Re- port, it didn’t take long for us to beremindedonceagainofthearroganceofModernScienceanditsinabilitytoanswer the simple question, “Why?”.
entific endeavor you might choose to
examine, whether it be something on
a“macroor“micro”level,whetheritinvolvesconcreteorabstractconcepts,you don’t have to play the entirety of 
thechildsgameofTwentyQuestions(i.e.,askingthequestion,“Why?”andthenfollowingup19moretimeswiththe same question) before you soon
discover that the Scientific Emperor 
has no clothes.We run into this kind of thingall the time when we explore “off 
the beaten path” issues having to do
with BioScience. When it comesto the Life Sciences, the intricacy,
of life slaps any open-minded seeker after knowledge andunderstanding right in the face. [Note:
Since Modern Science’s overestima
tion of itself has become a pet peaveforusovertheyears,pleasepermitus
to climb on our soapbox for a coupleof minutes. Although we feel the need
to vent, we’ll also make this dovetailwith the subject at hand
Ed.] Not only does the Scientific Em
 peror have no clothes, he’s unwilling
to admit the fact. Across the board,thereis aconsistentresistanceamongscientists in this regard. Rather thantruthfully admitting to the limitations
of their scientific field, their lack of understanding is often covered over 
 by resorting to the use of jargon.
“Men in White Coats” find a certain
sense of security and power whilehiding behind the jargon of their areaof expertise.
Ideally, jargon serves as a very
helpful kind of shorthand, enabling a
very efficient form of communication
 between peers. Unfortunately, jargoncan also be employed as a means bywhich one can reinforce one’s profes-
sional status and exclude others. It gives
certain meanings to words in order to
keep others from having access to theinner sanctum. It elevates and separates
group members from others by their 
ability to understand their own private
internal language. Words demonstrate power,especiallyifyouandyourgroupare the only ones who understand thesymbolic language. Outsiders can’t ar-gue with the high priests who wield thewords. They can only bow and acceptthem in awe.Worseyet,ifyouwanttofoolsome-one and get him to think you actuallyunderstand something, then use jargon.Jargon is the secret language that elimi-
nates the risk of having to discuss the
foundations of one’s discipline with the
outside world. Let a naïve questioner 
can’t even prove the basic presupposi
-tions uponwhichitoperates and hewill be buried in jargon. When it comes toModern Science and its unwillingnesstoacknowledgeitslimitations,speaking“thelanguagehas,regrettably,become
more important than having something
to say.As complicated and complex as itcan often appear, Science is basically
very simple: it makes observations. It
thingsandthendescribeswhatit thinks it sees. Science ultimately can-
not provide answers to questions alongthe lines of “Why did this observableevent occur?”, “For what purpose?”,“What ultimately caused it in the first
 place?”, etc.By way of simple illustration, let’stake a look at an aspiring young scien-tist (his classmates call him “Newt”) ashe is taking a nap under the shade of aspreading apple tree one nice autumnday. Soon, he is awakened by an apple,which thumps him on the forehead. Notonly does this hurt but it piques Newt’scuriosity. As he looks up into the apple-laden tree, it doesn’t take long beforehe notes an apple falling to the ground.Pretty soon another apple falls to theground. Then, another. And another,and another. He notices that they seemto be falling at about the same speed,so he pulls out his stopwatch and starts
timing each successive falling apple.
After a few days, the tree is mostly
 bare of apples and Newt inductively
Page 3
reasons that not only do all applesmore than likely fall from apple trees but they seem to do so at a speedof 32 feet/second/second. He then postulates there must be somethingwhich causes the apples to fall (why
don’ttheyriseheavenward,instead?).He tentatively concludes there must
 be something, some kind of “force”,which somehow causes the apples to
move toward the ground. He decidesto call that force “gravity”. From that
initial experience, he then begins to
ity everywhere he looks.Today, we have rather extensive
and complicated instruments andmathematical formulae with which
we can very specifically describe theeffects of gravity. But with all its
sophistication in that sense, Science
is still unable to tell us what gravity
really is nor can it tell us
is. The best Science can do is tell us
some of things which gravity
.It remains completely ignorant withrespect to these other questions.We could go on and on with this
line of thinking. Suffice it to say here
is quite impressive and although Sci
-encehasaccomplishedmanypracticalthings for us, it’s best not to put Sci-ence on too high a pedestal. It still hasa lot to learn. Especially about its owninherent limitations. Quite frankly,
whenever you see one of the “Men in
White Coats”, remind yourself of the
-tors of the
Encyclopaedia of Igno-rance
(a collection of essays dealingwithsomeofthemyriadthingswhichscience doesn’t know). Science and
scientists could use a good serving of 
humble pie these days.
The Mystery of Electricity
“Some people honestly believethey understand electricity, just asalchemists once thought they under- stoodhowtotransformleadintogold. Don’t despise or ridicule these poor  souls. They should be tolerated and  gently educated until they are readyto rejoin society. No one really under- stands electricity. But no one wantsto admit it.“…If there is magic in theuniverse, the evidence must surelybe electricity and life itself. Just as

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