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Published by LadyWillowMist

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Published by: LadyWillowMist on Sep 09, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 Night:The night is late, words of pain, strife, and parting fill her mind. Wandering through anow empty and dark house she paces.Lighting the fire as the winters cold winds blow through the cracks within the house, shewatches the flames but their warmth does not take the chill from her heart, and soul.It is empty, cold, and weeping tears of blood, mistrust, and fear.Standing she wanders into a dark bedroom, cold like a cave in the woods, crawling ontothe bed she sits there, looking out into the dark, the moon shines down bitterly white,cold, and alone too. Like two sisters, they watch one another. She leans against thewindow, sill and chills deeper feeling her bones harden, and ache. Wanting to be cold praying to the spirits of the night to take her soul with them on their wanderings never toreturn it to the body, who’s essence is broken, and alone.Sitting there she begs, cries, and pleads with them but their mournful song goes onignoring her pitiful pleas.Thoughts trail through her mind, memories bitter sweet, promises, and secrets kept, andthe tears trail down her cheeks. Dropping one by one the droplets wet her black silk teddie the color of her heart. But lacking the red of her blood, which pounds in her ears.She looks out into the night sky wondering if He hears her the one who she longs for butgives up not hearing His soul answer her.Hanging her head she curls up in a tiny ball refusing the comforts of the bed, and waits tildawn, knowing another empty day faces her alone.Dawn creeps upon the edge of night. Lightening the path for mortals her body cold andstill she creeps to the shower to freshen wondering why, for no one is there to care for or love. She touches herself, smooth, thin, and pierced out of devotion to what she is andlaughs bitterly thinking no one will ever touch her form again.Love is so bitter sweet she thinks hate must be kinder for love hurts so much.Toweling off she dresses and goes through her day empty, hallow, stumbling blindlywondering if He is out there? Is he alive? Is he ok? Is he missing her form? Or is Hesimply gone to her?She watches for Him, and watches silently from afar seeing Him briefly once but goesunnoticed by Him, she weeps hanging her head.She waits for the phone to ring but it never does with His voice, again she weeps silentlytrying vainly to hide her hurt and feeling of betrayal.She sits wondering as she works what is love? What is trust? What is loyalty? What is itall? And does it even exist? She begins to think all this is a horribly bad nightmare,which she has not awakened from and one moment her love will awaken her from it allwith a kiss of fire, passion, and demand.Rubbing her eyes she thinks not she is alone and very awake all too keenly aware of her loneliness, pain, and weaknesses which make her so very unworthy for the Love of aMan who would be her protector, keeper, and lover.Sighing she goes on stumbling blindly no longer caring if she lives or dies. Hunger hasleft her as has thirst, she goes on like a automon, aminated but not living.For her spark, her soul, is gone the flame blown out by the mistrust of one who she lovedwith all her life.

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