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Part 19. The Least of My Brethren.

Part 19. The Least of My Brethren.

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Published by ralph_knowles
A higher perspective of the understanding of just who is the Least of My brethren. Our spiritual understanding is being stretched as we proceed onward & upward. RWK.
A higher perspective of the understanding of just who is the Least of My brethren. Our spiritual understanding is being stretched as we proceed onward & upward. RWK.

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Published by: ralph_knowles on Sep 09, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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“Christ the Antidote regarding Death”
Part 19.
To The Least of My Brethren is Me; Christ?''But the Spirit of the Lord clothed Gideon with Himself and took possession of him and he !lew a trumpet and "the clan of# $!ie%er was &athered to him''
Judges 6:34. All references from the Am unless other!ise stated. "hen #od $imself decided it !as time for #ideon to mo%e into a
higher Realm.
 $e& #od& too'
of this (A)& he !as chosen for a urose * he
blew a trumpet
in other !ords he had a message to declare. #ideon !as gi%en a message of deli%erance
 from idolatry
for all of #od+s
 eole !ho !ere ,srael- "ho are #od+s eole toda/ 0ure !e 'no! that #od has his hand eseciall on the 0on+s of #od or the (anchild& !ho is in the a2o%e %erse reresented 2 #ideon. ut then #ideon called to other tri2es to heldeli%er the !hole of ,srael from
 his idolatr , 2elie%e in toda+s understanding is our
lowered consciousness,our mistaken identity
!ho man of us
 * !ho else!here is regarded as our
* is in the rocess of 2eing
taken out of the way.....
#od+s eole of toda are not
 the eole !ho !e ha%e thought for so long& those !ho attend Churches or Christian gatherings er+se. ,n the light of the message of the hird 7ealm understanding& each * e%er man& !oman * child ha%e !ithin them the
kingdom of God 
 !hether it 2e enli%ened 2 the sirit of #od !hich usuall haens
when truth is delivered by a truth carrier,
or 2 a so%ereign act of #od. "hen !e mention these things !e are not regarding so much the flesh man as !e are meaning our #od self !ho is !ithin e%er man. ,t goes far deeer than !hat !e ha%e so far 2elie%ed this. As !e 2egin to onder these things& let me as' the uestion. "hat is the full understanding of these !ords.
''( was naked and you clothed Me ( was sick and you )isited Me with help and ministerin& care ( was in prison and you came to see Me? Then the *ust and upri&ht will answer Him Lord when did we see +ou hun&ry and &a)e +ou  food or thirsty and &a)e +ou somethin& to drink? $nd when did we see +ou a stran&er and welcomed and entertained +ou or naked and clothed +ou? $nd when did we see +ou sick or in prison and came to )isit +ou?''
(t ;<:3639. ,sa <=:>. ,f !e thin' that Jesus is referring to onl 2elie%ers !e are sadl mista'en. "hen the !ords
you came to see Me
* also the reference of the
least of my brethren
 as mentioned 2elo!& Jesus !as meaning the lo!est of the lo!& also 'eeing in mind that
 can mean the oosite to
or the
 Mat ,-./0 ''$nd the 1in& shall answer and say unto them 2erily ( say unto you (nasmuch as ye ha)e done it unto one of the
of these my !rethren
  ye ha)e done it unto Me''
(t ;<:4?. Pro% 19:1>. @J. he emerging truth of the realit of
you hae !one "t to me
is 2eginning to 2e oened further. "ho is trul the !hole of the larger art of Christ/ "hen $e Christ created man in $is o!n ,mage h ;:1?a&
3or we are his workmanship created 4 
 formed -
in Christ 5esus''
@J. his !as not onl meaning our initial con%ersion. "e !ere all sirituall
forme! or create!
 in Christ in #en 1:;6;>. And as !e !ill see !e are in one resect A55 ,) C$7,0 J0B0.&&&&& here are also t!o sides of #od- he 7ight hand * the 5eft hand.
The 6i&ht Hand 7 Bri&ht Side of God
7ecentl J.Preston 2 in Part 1?1 “rom the Candlestic' to the hrone” 2rought to us the fact that there are t!o sides of #od& here is enamin !hich means
'son of the right hand'
!hich euates !ith Jesus !ho is seated at the
r"ght han! of Go!
Acts >:<<<6
''But he full of the Holy Spirit and controlled !y
“Christ the Antidote regarding Death”
 Him &a%ed into hea)en and saw the &lory 8the splendour and ma*esty9 of God and 5esus standin& at God's ri&ht hand 
; $nd he said Look: ( see the hea)ens opened and the Son of man standin& at God's ri&ht hand:'' 
7e% ;:;1 0hould also 2e mentioned here regarding the
7,#$ $A)D * P"7.
''He who o)ercomes 8is )ictorious9( will &rant him to sit !eside Me on My throne as ( Myself o)ercame 8was )ictorious9 and sat down !eside My 3ather on His throne''
he right hand of #od not onl denotes  o!er 2ut also the
'bright side' 
 of #od as deicted in Ps 16:112 ++
n +our presence is fullness of *oy at +our ri&ht hand there are pleasures for e)ermore''
Acts ;:;<;=& 31. Am. Also !e find in Ps 11=:1<16.
''The )oice of re*oicin& and sal)ation is in the tents and pri)ate dwellin&s of the "uncompromisin&ly# ri&hteous. the ri&ht hand of the Lord does )aliantly and achie)es stren&th: The ri&ht hand of the Lord is e<alted; the ri&ht hand of the Lord does )aliantly and achie)es stren&th:''
, do not intend to la2our the  oint for too long on either the 7ight or 5eft side of #od as , !ish onl to esta2lish the fact that there are t!o sides to #od as art of the 2asis of !hat , feel to share. ut , !ould urge those !ho are interested to read the Part 1?1 of our dear ro 2+s series& as it is %er& %er informati%e.
The Left Hand 7 =ark Side of God
At the outset of this oint !e need to realise that e%en though some ma li'e to thin' so& the dar' side is not meaning the
 side of #od. #od is lo%e * no matter !hat $e does& as hard as it ma seem&
for $is creation is the dri%ing force 2ehind e%er action $e ta'es. "h/ or
#D ,0 5
 if !e don+t 'no! that et !e need a deeer eEerience !ith $im. ,ncidentall the true meaning of the !ord
!hen concerning #od * $is o!n is
#h"te hot loe
 he !ord
as used +in hand+ is usuall in the $e2re!
!hich means +stronger or more deEterous.+ he !ord for
meaning +dar'+. , no! !ish to uote from J Preston 2+ Part 1?1 Article. : “,t is not m urose in this message to eEound uon the su2ect of the left hand of #od& 2ut in  assing let us note& as , ha%e ointed out& the left hand in the ld estament means
and from this !e can readil understand that it signifies the oosite of the right hand F !hat !e call 2ad or e%il. he left hand reresents the
dark side of God 
his is the hand of #od so little understood- he distincti%e !or' of these t!o hands is grahicall ortraed in the !onderful ara2le Jesus told of the shee and the goats. $o! so2ering are these meaningful !ords of truth: “And $e shall set the shee on the
right hand,
 2ut the goats on the
hen shall the @ing sa unto them on the
right hand,
Come& e 2lessed of m ather& inherit the 'ingdom reared for ou from the foundation of the !orldGthen shall $e sa also to them on the
left hand,
Deart from me& e cursed& into agea2iding fire& reared for the de%il and his angelsG”H(at. ;<I. ut ust !hat or !ho are these t!o hands of #od/ he t!o hands of #od reresent t!o asects of #ods dealings& t!o !as in !hich $e mo%es and acts to accomlish $is uroses. "e can readil see from the ara2le of the shee and the goats that #od deals through 2oth
forces. hose in the right hand of #od are a
 spiritual people
raised u to manifest the glor of #odK the are the deli%erers and 2lessers of humanit- ut those in the left hand are called “%essels of !rath” and “%essels of dishonour.” "hen #od raises u negati%e forces in the earth& to udge something& or destro a sstem or an order& those negati%e forces accomlishing #ods !ill reresent the
left hand
of #od- ,t ma  2e communism 2ringing udgement on an aostate religious sstem& 2ut !hate%er it is it is negati%e&
an instrument in the hand of the 5ord- $is
left hand,
of course- Although the are raised u as a negati%e instrument in the hand of the 5ord& there are no re!ards for the !or' the do& the recei%e no 'ingdom& no status in the order of #od for the ages to come. 7ather& the are laced under the dealing hand of #od in a  rocess of fier udgement to recei%e correction- : nd uote. 0o !e see a left * a right& a dar' * a 2right side to #od. A higher * a lo!er& a greater * a lesser. r the 0ons& * also the
of m
. All things are of * from #od.;
“Christ the Antidote regarding Death”
 Behold $ll Souls $6> Mine
Le' 1=:4.
 2e alert& ic' u ou ears * ta'e notice--
A55 0B50
& not some& not fe!& not man& 2ut
A7 (,)
. Did !e notice the resent tense& A7- )ot
 2e& or
 2e& or
 )ot the De%ils or 0atan+s or 5ucifer+s or the Antichrist+s or the 0erent+s or the Dragon+s....
 is the !ord. "hether the 2e on the
side& or the
side& the
side or the
for no matter !hat state the are in e%en if the are in the fire +
 prepared for the de)il 
man's dark side, his lowered consciousness, his adversary -
 7 his an&els' 
his fire !hich is from the #'
!hich is none other than #od $imself.
3or our God "is indeed# a consumin& fire
$e2 1;:;9. Deut. 4:;4. And is e%er& e%er !or'ing 2 $is lo%e& es e%en in the fire al!as dra!ing man closer to $imself 2 2urning u the dross * urging $im out * e%er cleaning u $is creation& that he mightM!ill  2e resented one da erfect 2efore the ather. "hat Praise * honour to our ather& Creator * 7edeemer& needs to come from our lis !hen !e consider that $e does all things !ell * !ill ne%er e%er gi%e u on an one of us.
 ''3or ( will draw all men unto myself@ 3or He will ha)e all men to !e sa)ed 7 to come to the knowled&e of the truth'' Aho is Truly the whole of the Lar&er art of Christ?
 Christ is the seed&
'not seed's of many' 
 * this seed in e%er one of us must 2e lanted in the earth 
our earth, our miry clay
& the Christ $imself the
 lanted himself in
 man. he natural seed that !e lant in our garden& 2efore it germinates must die
in that mir cla or froth * slime 2efore it 2egins to srout. "hen the scriture tells us that
'Christ was slain from the foundation
of the world' 
 7e%.13:=& it is m con%iction that #od had an agreement !ithin $imself& $is #odhead that +he Christ& the "7D+ !ould lant $imself in the earth of e%er man& e%er human 2eing& * as the seed& that he die or slee 
there is no deeper death than ignorance ! unbelief
 in e%er human 2eing& * then at a certain time !hen !e are at a stage of 2eing tired of this flesh or our
lowered consciousness
 eEerience * are read to come A"A@ then Christ our
'true self or identity' 
 sea's * then the seed is germinated as it !ere * then our feet are set uon the
. 5et us 'ee in mind that 2efore Christ the seed not
'seeds of many'
!as enli%ened in us& $e !as indeed in us
as it !ere *
'there is no deeper sleep than ignorance ! unbelief'.
"here !as this seed/
,) B0  CB70
 as he is in e%er man-
Aho is my nei&h!our?+our nei&h!our is as yourself:''$nd he replied +ou must lo)e the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your stren&th and with all your mind; and your nei&h!our as yourself $nd 5esus said to him +ou ha)e answered correctly
; do this and you will li)e "en*oy acti)e !lessed endless life in the kin&dom of God# $nd he determined to acuit himself of reproach said to 5esus $nd who is my nei&h!our?''
5u'e 1?:;>;9...... ,f Christ is in e%er man N 
 awake or asleep -
then he is in m neigh2our& * if Christ is m 7B ,D),8 then m
true identity
is also m neigh2ours
true identity
!hether sirituall a!a'e or aslee& * if $e is m neigh2ours
true identity
 !hether +aslee or a!a'e& enli%ened or not+ " A7 ) !ith e%er man
"n our true "!ent"ty
or in Christ. "hether he or she is on the
aslee&% sae!
clean% Isaac
here is a hard one for some of us
stra"ght% Islam
'estern. (
 (nasmuch as you ha)e done it unto one of the
of these my !rethren
 ye ha)e done it unto me@
 )o! if !e eEect to gras * li'e this understanding in the
'"uter #ourt or $oly %lace' 
 understanding& m guess is that ou !ill ha%e an uhill  2attle. "e are addressing those of us !ho are !anting to
'come up higher'
those of us !ho !ish to gro! into the
'full stature',
no! , am not tring to ut mself on a higher lain than others as , too am hearing from the 0irit.3

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