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Pretend Love to Real?

Pretend Love to Real?

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Published by Fake Kris Aquino
Can two strangers turn their fake relationship into real?
Can two strangers turn their fake relationship into real?

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Published by: Fake Kris Aquino on Sep 09, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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(Can two strangers turn their fake relationship into real?) Written & Published byfakekrisaquino.com
(This was first published online for the ‘ 
from Internet with Love’ 
column of fakekrisaquino.com.) 
Nagdagan-dagan og gukod si Guia ni Norman sa BGU Building kay para mahangyo ni ngailahang sang manpower agency kuhaon para sa ilang mga buildings and properties. "Mr. Borromeo. Mr. Borromeo." Iyaha ning gitawag before makasakay sa sakyanan ani ngagahuwat ani.Nihunong si Norman ug nilingi para pangitaon ang nagtawag sa iyaha. Ug iyang nakit-an siGuia nga nikamay niya so iya ning gihuwat. Medyo gahangak pa si Guia nga nag-istorya, "Hi, sorry for the bother. I would like to ask, begto please consider getting our agency again for your properties. By the way, I'm Guia Nolas of Better Manpower Agency.""Ms Nolas, sorry I cannot decide on that. I no longer handle that. Actually, wala nako sa BGUproperties. You check na lang in the office how you can go about it." Ug nitalikod na si Normanpara molakaw.Gigunitan sya ni Guia, "Mr. Borromeo, I've done that already pero the new admin is difficult toreach out to.""I'm really sorry, Miss. I no longer have a say on their decisions." Medyo na-annoy na si Normanni Guia kay naa pa sad sya'y gidali nga adtoon."Mr. Borromeo, please help me out. We have 500 people depending on your contract. It'sheartbreaking to just drop them like that. I can offer you free house cleaning service for your house, or ask me to do any thing for free, just please keep our agency on contract pleaseplease please." Guia begged desperately. Napanghupaw na lang si Norman, he does not know how to ward off Guia without being muchrude. But then he gets a lightbulb solution to it. "Any thing for free? You will do any thing for free? For me?" Norman having that sly smile."Gawd, yes. Whatever, I'm desperate!" Guia replied."Okay, I need a girlfriend." Norman told Guia.Nisiga ang mata ni Guia sa shock."I mean, you do not need to be my girlfriend. Just pretend you are my girlfriend. Deal?" Normanasked Guia."Okay, yes. But why do you need a pretend girlfriend? Are you gay? Sorry for asking you that
but I need to know. That is not an easy role you're demanding." Guia said."What the! I'm not gay. It's a long story, I need to go na. I'll explain later. Okay, bye. Text meyour contact number." Ug nilakaw na ni og dali kay gi-potpotan na sya sa driver ani."Wait, I don't have your number..." Pangutana ni Guia but layo na si Norman. Nakapangginhawa og lawom si Guia, gusto niya hapakon iyang self, and told herself, "GuiaMarie Nolas, what stupid situation you put your self into again. Ggggrrrr." But then it's a littlething compared to the employment of 500 people. She called up the BGU properties office to ask for Norman's number. After that, she textedNorman, "Hi, Norman my LOVE. This your GIRLFRIEND'S contact number." Guia wants tomake fun of the situation para mawala ang tension ug awkwardness. She does not really knowmuch about Norman except for the praises of how nice he is from their people who worked for BGU properties. She takes comfort from that thought that everything will turn out well. Norman just finished talking sa mga farmers, for his new business, when he received Guia'stext. He cannot help but laugh at her text. Gikapoy si Norman when he gets reminded about hisbarkada's wedding -- sila Carlo ug Shiela. Gikuha siya ni Carlo as bestman. Wala sya problemaana except that gikuha sad nila iyang ex-girlfriend nga si Hannah to be one of the bride's maids,and partner niya iyang current boyfriend. Medyo bitter and wa pa ka move on si Norman sa iyang ex-girlfriend. Norman was busy withwork, when Hannah turned to Jake, who is also part of their barkada, for comfort. Until Hannahdumped Norman for Jake. Mao nga naglisod og move on si Norman kay mura'g gi traydor siyasa iyang girlfriend ug barkada. That's why he wants to bring Guia to show off to the people thathe has moved on -- he finds the idea stupid but di na sya ganahan to appear bitter. Nipauli sa si Norman para mopahuway. The past days were quite a rollercoaster ride for him,leaving their family's business then getting to his new business, plus naa pa jud ning kasal saiyang pinakaclose nga amigo. Namata si Norman sa ring sa iyang celphone, iya ning gipatay para matulog pa. Taud-taud niring sad, ug iya na lang ni gitubag, "Hello.""Mr. Borromeo, I mean Norman, this is Guia. Guia Nolas, katong imong girlfriend kunohay.Madayon pa ta karon or dili? I'm now waiting for you to pick me up. It's already 6:30pm. Unsaman madayon pa ta?" Derecho derecho nga nagstorya si Guia over the celphone."Oh, F*ck. Sorry, wa ko kamata. Aha tika pick-up-on?" Norman asked sleepily."Pwede sad adto na lang ta kita sa venue haron di nako maghatag nimo instruction aha ko nimokuhaon. Aha man diay ta padulong?" Guia was in a sour mode na."Sa St. Therese Church, practise sa akong barkada para sa ilang wedding -- ako man gud angbestman." Norman replied."Okay, pick me up sa may JY Square na lang haron magdungan tag abot -- we have to look likeboyfriend and girlfriend man kaha. So kahinanglan magdungan ta abot. Sige na, bye." Saysayni Guia. Dali-dali nag-ilis si Norman, ug gikuha si Guia sa JY Square. Pagsakay ni Guia sa sakyanan,

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