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Winter 2008-2009

Winter 2008-2009

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Winter 2008/2009 issue of the Michigan Bicyclist Magazine. Includes feature on Kevin Degen.
Winter 2008/2009 issue of the Michigan Bicyclist Magazine. Includes feature on Kevin Degen.

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Published by: League of Michigan Bicyclists on Sep 09, 2010
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Rollin’ with Kevin DegenPostcards from Tuscany• Road EmergencyYou Be the Judge
Winter 2009
Also In This Issue:
uick Release
Winter’s as nasty as I can remember, I’ve been blessed with a bacterialinfection and pneumonia, and we just came from burying a dear friend.(As for the economy, don’t even go there!) It’s hard to send the kind of positive message we all need in the depths of Michigan winter.Yet, to lose a friend, you rst have to have made one. Our friend PasqualeMarion didn’t have much of a bike connection. He came closest by ridinga bike everywhere when he just couldn’t afford a car. He smoked; evencancer couldn’t help him quit.He gave Lance his propers, and LeMond before him, but his true loves were baseball,football, hockey and basketball; I’m not sure in what order. Oh, I forgot horse racing — andgambling.Thirty years ago, he cut my hair; he cut it from then to last Thanksgiving. He cut and styledmy wife Jane’s hair; he cut our kids’ hair before they ed the nest. He worked with care andpride — to the point where it hurt his income. He cut the hair of some wealthy people, but hetook just as great care of people no one else wanted.Pasquale wasn’t just our friend; he was a friend to everyone he met. It was hard for himto hold a grudge, no matter how badly someone treated him, or how deeply he was hurt.(“Knuckleheads,” he might call them.) He’d say, “I’m tough; I can take it,” even as he facedthe ravages of cancer, and treatments often equally painful. He was terried, but he was alsotruly tough.The last few years were very hard. Sometimes unemployed and always underemployed, helost a home, his car, even his telephone — a hairdresser’s lifeline. Often worried, sometimesdown, he never came up our stairs without a beatic smile. He never failed to love up our dogsand our grandkids. I never saw anyone treat nurses and aides and waiters with more courtesyand honest appreciation. For him, it was natural. And there is no one I’d trust like him.And now, it is hard to grasp that we won’t see that smile again, or feel his deep concern forour small life problems, even when he himself was in need or despair. Memory oods withhis kindness and empathy, through Jane’s cancer, my parents deaths (yes, he cut my mom’shair when she lived with us), to losing two dogs to cancer. No one felt others’ pain as deeplyas Pasquale.So, what’s this got to do with bikes? Think of all you know and love, people not necessarilymuch like you, and ask how many you met through cycling.Before the Internet as we know it, CompuServe lled a similar role. There many peoplerst experienced the now-common “online community.” I joined the Cancer Forum and theBicycling Forum, which led me to people I came to value, many to this day. Back then, a formerstar like George Mount and a new racer like Robbie McEwen might join the discussion.Through the Cycling Forum, I met Dan Langille, who picked me up at the airport andshowed me Wellington, New Zealand, and Aidan McGhie of Glasgow, who came down toLondon to meet us. Ken Lyons of Arlington, Virginia sent me the rst cancer links. Sincethen, we’ve met on Chincoteague Island almost every year, where we ride 40 miles a day — ona three-mile wildlife loop.Joining us there have been: the Rev. Kim and Kevin Brugman, also of Virginia, and latertheir boys and tandems; Bill Whetstone, the Forum’s “sysop,” formerly of Rhode Island, nowFlorida; David Loewenstein who became a Miami Beach bike cop; and Dianne and MikeClingerman, who have hosted me and Ken Lyons for TOSRV for several years. I’ve riddenwith Bill Stevenson in Florida and Al Fischer from Western Michigan, among many. I’m stilllooking forward to riding with Barb and Larry Reade of Buffalo.
Michigan Bicyclist
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The League of Michigan Bicyclists (LMB) is a501(c)(3) non-prot statewide organization devotedexclusively to the advancement of bicycling. Ourmission is to promote bicycling and increase thesafety of bicyclists on the roadways in Michigan.
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League of Michigan Bicyclists
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Quick Release,
page 2
Dear Fellow Bicyclists,This past year has been very challenging tomany in Michigan. Whether it be the economy,high fuel prices, the precarious position of Detroit’s “Big Three,” job losses or mortgage fore-closures, everyone in Michigan has been affected.On the bright side, the high cost of gas brought out more bicyclecommuters than we have seen in a long time. I am afraid this falland winter’s lowered gas prices may put them back in their cars bysummer, but at least they got a taste of what bike commuting is like,and they may be a little friendlier when they encounter bicyclists.The unsettled economy and high gas prices also directly affectedour 2008 tour registrations. They were on par with 2007 until latespring, when gas prices started to rise. The higher they got, theslower the registrations.In spite of these challenges, the League of Michigan Bicyclists(LMB) had a good year over all. As the following Annual Reportshows, our nances nished in the black for the second year in arow, which is always good news. And, while we were busy enhanc-ing our traditional efforts, we launched several new ones.We are blessed with wonderful volunteers and staff, who enableus to accomplish so much. We are also thankful to all the bicyclistsof Michigan who support our efforts. As we continue to promotebicycling and increase the safety of bicyclists on Michigan road-ways, we need every bicyclist’s help. Whether you are an activebicycle advocate or ‘just’ model good bicycle behavior, it all helps.We especially need good role models.I would say that safety is my number-one mission. Two thingscontribute to your safety on the road. The rst is a helmet; if youare in a crash, you have no better friend. A close second is bright,visible clothing. They will help prevent you from being in a crash.Black may be fashionable, but it also makes you darned hard to see.Be safe, be seen in 2009.Sincerely yours,Rich MoellerExecutive Director
From the Executive Director
So many friends from so many places — and their fami-lies. Cycling brought us together and binds us still. It wouldtake another page — or more — to list cycling friends inMichigan, not least of them LMB’s Board members, TourDirectors and Staff. (Yes, even those who routinely poundme into the pavement when we ride.)Through cycling, I met Lucinda Means, Nancy Krupiarz ,Todd Scott, Tim Potter and John Waterman, all ardent advo-cates as well as cyclists. But there’s only one Michigan ‘bikeperson’ I’ve known as long as Pasquale.I met Kevin Degen almost 24 years ago, when I was run-ning for local ofce. Late that cold, snowy election evening,he asked me to watch his trike while he made the long climbto the polling station. In this edition, you too will meet him(if you haven’t already).When you do, cherish him. And hold fast to all your bikebuddies — and everyone dear to you. We can’t afford to losea single friend. God bless Kevin, and all of you in 2009.And ciao, Pasquale; with luck, I’ll ride with you when wemeet again.
Quick Release,
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