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APP Jewelry for INITIAL Piercings

APP Jewelry for INITIAL Piercings

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Published by Brian Skellie
The Association of Professional Piercers Guide to Jewelry for INITIAL Piercings
The Association of Professional Piercers Guide to Jewelry for INITIAL Piercings

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Published by: Brian Skellie on Sep 09, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Jewelry QuAlITy
(ANd oTher ThINgs To kNow)
The suraces and ends o body jewelry must be ree o nicks,scratches, burrs, and polishing compounds. Suitable pieces haveno irregular suraces that could endanger the delicate healingtissue o a resh piercing. Metal body jewelry should be polishedto a smooth, mirror nish. I you wear jewelry that has a porous oruneven surace, the new cells that orm during healing grow intothe irregularities. Then, when the jewelry shits or moves, theseareas tear. As this cycle is repeated, scar tissue orms and healingis delayed. A aulty nish can also introduce bacteria into the woundand cause inection.
Quality rings are annealed, which is a heat treatment that makes themetal more pliable. When rings can be opened or closed withoutthe use o pliers it reduces the risk o damaging the metal. Forthicker rings (especially in smaller diameters) the use o tools maybe necessary. Tools should have brass jaws or be covered with tapeor gauze to protect the jewelry rom damage.
Threaded jewelry uses tiny screw threads or their closures. Oneside has male screw threads that t into a emale hole that is tapped(drilled out) with the matching thread pattern on the other. One orboth ends unscrew.
Internally threaded jewelry is part o the APPstandard or initial piercing jewelry: the part o thejewelry that passes through your skin is smooth,and the threads are on the removable end(s),such as balls, gems, or spikes. Internally threadedjewelry avoids any possibility o scraping your tissue with sharpthreads, which is especially important with resh piercings.
Alternatively, externally threaded jewelryhas the screw pattern cut into the post, and thiscomparatively rough surace may be passed throughthe tissue to insert and remove the jewelry.
Threadless (or “press-t”) jewelry is anacceptable alternative that uses a pin couplingon the ornamental end, and there are no screwthreads at all.
Machining o the jewelry aects how it perorms. Losing your jewelrycan result in the closure o your piercing. Threaded ends should bechecked or tightness daily with clean hands. I they come looseoten, you may have a deective piece. See your piercer or optionsor a replacement part. I the ball on your captive ring comes o or isloose, you may need a new ball, or to have the tension on the ringadjusted. Jewelry should t together well. Threaded attachmentsshould t completely onto posts without gaps. Threads on screw-on ends and dimples on captive pieces should be centered or aproper t.
These guidelines are based on a combination o vast proessional experience, commonsense, research, and extensive clinical practice. This is not to be considered a substitute or medicaladvice rom a doctor. I you suspect an inection, seek medical attention. Be aware that many doctorshave not received specifc training regarding piercing. Your local piercer may be able to reer you to apiercing-riendly medical proessional. For more inormation, see a qualifed piercer.Use o this brochure does not imply membership in the APP. A current list o APP members can be oundat saepiercing.org. False claims o membership should be reported to the APP.The APP logo is the trademark o the Association o Proessional Piercers. This brochure is licensedunder the Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works License. To view a copyo this license, visit http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-nd/3.0/
Not all piercings have an entrance and an exit. Surace Anchors arevery common now and the jewelry sits below the surace o the skinrom a single point. The threaded top may be changed. Removingthe base o the jewelry causes the loss o the piercing, so this is notnormally done. See your piercer or assistance i the piece shits ormigrates.
Gemstone settings must be o high quality; stones should be setsecurely into the metal, oten in a prong or bezel setting. Somemanuacturers use adhesives to attach the gem. I the stone allsout, which is common with lower-priced goods, the entire piece ojewelry will need to be replaced as the hole let by the missing gemcan harbor bacteria and increase risk o inection.For inormation about jewelry and materials suitable or healedpiercings, and or jewelry removal instructions see our brochure:
Jewelry for Healed Piercings.
Photos courtesy o Paul King, www.coldsteelpiercing.com. Threadless bar photo courtesyo Neometal, www.neometal.com. Surace anchor photo courtesy o Industrial StrengthBody Jewelry, www.isbodyjewelry.com. Diagram and text rom
The Piercing Bible 
by ElayneAngel, www.piercingbible.com.

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