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Newsletter July

Newsletter July

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Published by Michael Becerra

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Published by: Michael Becerra on Sep 09, 2010
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 JULY, 2010
Machinists Deliver Testimonyon Capitol Hill
By Michael Zirulnik & Sara Gonzales
On Wednesday, June 16, 2010, representatives from the IAM were present on Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C. to deliver testimony of our concerns about a CO/UA merger. IAM’s General Vice President, RobertRoach Jr. delivered the insightful testimony in two Congressional Hearings.Speaking before the Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure chaired by Congressman Oberstar, Mr. Roach’s testimony was well received.His testimony was profound, maintaining thematic consistencyrelevant to Mr. Roach’s opening remarks when he said, “The MachinistsUnion has serious concerns not only about the viability of a combinedUnited/Continental carrier, but also for the long-term sustainability of eachcarrier independently.” In a later session, Mr. Roach also testified before theCongressional Judiciary Committee.In the hearing rooms, IAM members that included uniformedContinental and Express Jet flight attendants along with United IAMmembers joined Mr. Roach in a show of support and solidarity.The Congressional Committees also heard testimony fromContinental CEO, Jeff Smisek and United Airlines CEO, Glenn Tilton.Their testimony was not as well received by members of Congress.Concerns centered around four main pillars including the effects this proposed merger would have on employees of the respective companies.Congressional members delivered a long line of questioning to theCEOs and other panel members to gain a clearer picture on how a merger would affect defined pension plans, seniority integration, work rules, aircraftmaintenance, service and security. Anti-trust laws and the formation of anoligopoly were also addressed.
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Flight Line
 A Monthly Publication
President-Joey GuiderV.P. – Mike BecerraEditor-Michael Zirulnik
All Content
of IAM LocalLodge 2339N2010, All Rights Reserved
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(from left to right) IAM representatives on Capitol Hill in front of the CongressionalTransportation Committee’shearing room: D’Lisa Killebrew, Michael Zirulnik, Chris Boelens,Nicole Washington-Fears, RobertRoach Jr., Cori Horowitz, SaraGonzales, Michael Becerra, Maureen Samuels.
 JULY, 20102
President’s Message
Dear Members:
It is hard to believe that the first six months of 2010 have already comeand gone. So much has taken place in this short time, including a volcanothat disrupted our industry and our members, along with the CO/UAmerger announcement. We are now in the middle of peak summer travel, boarding full planes on hot aircraft. We continue to stress the need for usto have each other’s back by taking care one another on the line.The contract negotiation committee for Continental Airlines continues meeting with thecompany as scheduled. Progress is being made but due to nondisclosure agreements signedon both sides, the depth of detail of the negotiations must remain confidential until we bringyou the new terms of the contract. In the near future, each of you will have the opportunityto review and vote on the new agreement. In addition, the ExpressJet negotiation committeehas been formed and will begin meeting in early August. The committee will come together with new strategies to optimize our preparation for the bargaining process.This month’s Flight Line has added columns from the grievance and hotel committees. Thegood and welfare committee continues offering support to our members who are ill or inneed. If you know of someone you would like to reach out to, email his or her name andcontact information to Brandon.Maberry@LL23394U.org.Finally, we would like to call on you to send us a variety of pictures of you and your friendsso we may post them to the website and continue building on the pride of LL2339N.Your entire e-board wishes you and your family a safe and healthy Fourth of July holiday.
Best wishes,Joey Guider 
Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry and narrow-mindedness.
–Mark Twain
 JULY, 20103
women's rights," she sent a message of hope andinspiration that continues to resonate today, fromour aircraft galleys to cities and small villages incountries around the globe.Here in the United States, the progress onLGBT issues have been a slow process, but have been gaining support. New laws like the MatthewShepard and James Byrd, Jr. Hate CrimesPrevention Act expands the 1969 US Federal Hate-Crimes Law to include crimes motivated by avictim’s actual or perceived, gender, sexualorientation, gender identity or disability.Our work continues in Congress to pass the Employment Non-Discrimination Act(ENDA) that would prohibit discriminationagainst employees on the basis of sexualorientation andgender identity for civilian, nonreligiousemployers with over 15employees.
Machinists Deliver Testimony on Capitol Hill
Defending Dignity, Defining Equality
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In his testimony, professor Darren Bush, an anti-trust expert at the University of Houston law school contested the CEO’s claims that a merger would be a viable way to increase revenue andensure survivability of a merged carrier, stating that “Revenue synergy has to come on the back of reducedcapacity or increased fares,” raising questions of job loss, reduced service, and an overall disservice to theAmerican public in an already struggling economy.Congressman Oberstar who has sat on the Transportation and Infrastructure Committee for over thirty years since the Airline Deregulation Act was passed by the Carter Administration in 1978, made itabundantly clear that he would do everything in his power “to stop this merger!He cited that theDeregulation Act was intended to remove government control of ticket pricing and market entry in an effortto expose consumers to competition and market forces. Oberstar argued that exactly the opposite hashappened, noting that a CO/UA merger is not good for competition, not good for the consumer and not goodfor the employees.The following day, testimony continued before the United States Senate Committee on Commerce,Science and Technology. Mr. Roach’s testimony centered on the tenuous financial state of the airlineindustry and the implications of consolidation.Transcripts of Mr. Roach’s Congressional testimony and his statements on the house floor are available todownload at:www.faMergerMatters.org.
Over many decades we have seen aviationemployees suffer discrimination, long-term illnessand disability. There are many opportunities we haveas an organization to empower and support our friends and members. Our main focus is and alwayswill be improving the quality of life of our workforceand their families. These goals are met throughimprovements to our Collective BargainingAgreement, legislative activism and participation withadvocacy groups.The IAM believes everyone should have theopportunity to reach their full potential. Encouragingeducation, economicopportunity and goodgovernance, help to build amore secure world. Thatincludes investing inwomen, girls and your rights as a professionalflight attendant.When First LadyHillary Rodham Clintontold the world in 1995 that"women's rights are humanrights, and human rights are
Article written by Chris Boelens

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