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Published by FaHEEM DILAWAR
12 Angry man story Summary in my own words.^_^
12 Angry man story Summary in my own words.^_^

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Published by: FaHEEM DILAWAR on Sep 09, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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12 Angry-menConsumer behavior
I want to start the review with a film posters described how the working of the judicial process can be unsuccessful:"LIFE IS IN THEIR HANDS - DEATH IS ON THEIR MINDS! It EXPLODES Like 12Sticks of Dynamite."12 Angry Men is an interesting, absorbing and deeply examination of adiverse group of twelve jurors who brought together after hearing the facts ina straightforward or simple murder trial case. These 12 jurors retire to the jury room to do their duty and provide findings for the poor, uneducatedteenaged, a guy from slums, a defendant who stab his father. These jurorsneed to come up with one common decision either he is ‘guilty’ or ‘not guilty’according to US judicial law.Summary of the unidentified characteristics is important here because thisgoing to help to identify characters and backgrounds. The juror’s sittingaround the table and assigned with number. So, the following order is thereal sequence.
 Juror #1
(The Foreman): He is a high-school assistant head coach,firmly worried to keep the proceedings formal and maintain authority;easily frustrated and sensitive when someone objects to his control.
 Juror #2:
(John Fiedler) a weak courage, clerk/teller, easily persuaded,meek, hesitant, goes along with the majority, excitedly offers coughdrops to other men during tense times of argument.
 Juror #3:
(Lee J. Cobb) separation from his own teenaged son causeshim to be hateful and aggressive toward all young people .Runs amessenger service (the "Beck and Call" Company), rude and roughman, completely intolerant, forceful and loud, explosive andunforgiving.
 Juror #4:
(E. G. Marshall) Well-educated, self-satisfied and proud, well-dressed stockbroker, an incredible recall and grasp of the facts of thecase, cool-headed, formal, claims that he never sweats.
 Juror #5:
(Jack Klug man) inexperienced, insecure, frightened,reserved; grew up in a poor Jewish urban neighborhood and the caserestore to life in his mind that slum-dwelling upbringing; a guilty votewould distance him from his past; nicknamed "Baltimore" by Juror # 7because of his support.
 Juror #6:
(Edward Binns) A typical "working man," confused a follower;maybe a manual laborer or painter; respectful of older juror and willingto back up his words with fist.
 Juror #7:
(Jack Warden) impatient salesman, gum-chewing, passionatebaseball fan who wants to leave as soon as possible to attend eveninggame; throws rolled up paper balls at the fan.
 Juror #8:
(Henry Fonda) An architect set off a thoughtfulreconsideration of the case against the accused, patient truth-and-
12 Angry-menConsumer behavior
 justice seeker who uses soft-spoken, calm logical reasoning; balanced,decent, courageous, well-spoken and concerned.
 Juror #9:
(Joseph Sweeney) Eldest man in group, white-haired, thin,soft-spoken but perceptive, fair-minded.
 Juror #10:
(Ed Begley) A garage owner, who bubble with anger,biased, intolerant.
 Juror #11:
(George Voskovec) A watchmaker, speaks with a heavyaccent, of German-European descent, confident, argue on facts, deepthinker.
 Juror #12:
(Robert Webber) Well-dressed, smooth-talking business adman with thick black glasses, easy-going; hesitant, uses advertisingtalk at one point.In the beginning the jury of twelve assign with the authority to sendthis guy to the electric chair for killing his father with a switch bladeknife. The twelve men’s perceptional biases and weakness, anger,personality, cultural difference, fears and judgments that put forward apoint to mess up their decision-making abilities may also become acause of ignoring real issue in the case.Now, let’s talk about the whole movie. There discussion, arguments,attitudes and most of the things that occur in that room between 12men in 1hr and 36min movie. The movie starts outside Manhattan's Court of General Sessions andthen a court room where person is briefing twelve-man jury. Afterretiring the court all twelve-man move to a room with a table roundwith chairs. The atmosphere was very informal in the beginning a fewof the men light up cigarettes and remove blazers.First, juror # 3 casually reveals his hidden biases to juror #2. Juror # 7 shows his impatience to leave to attend the baseball gamebetween yanks and Cleveland. Then, juror # 1 calls to sit on theirallocated places to start the case. The jury starts with a voting for guilty or not guilty and out of twelve men’s only one brave juror votes ‘not guiltybecause of reasonable doubt and he wants to talk and discuss before make anydecision and also he forces other men to slowly reconsider and reviewthe shaky case and want to go inside through facts which includeseyewitness evidence as well.
12 Angry-menConsumer behavior
 The heated discussions and the frequent re-evaluation andchanging of opinions as jurors gets more convinced by the brave juror# 8.Simply, in the first there is a vote of 11 to 1. Then each juror isrequested to explain and justify why they think 18yr old guy is guilty ornot guilty. Each juror explain in their own way with their facts they got,some justify with facts and some just blaming the guy by keeping other juror facts as a base. But, jurors #8 still not going with the facts andwant more details to discuss. Juror # 4 claimed that he was at themovies at the time of the killing, yet one hour later, he couldn'tremember the names of the films he saw or who played in them. Andno one saw him going in or out of the theatre. Juror # 10 believes thatthe testimony of the woman across the street who witnessed the killingis sure. The discussion become more interesting when they talkabout the knife and juror # 8 present exactly with the same knife whenothers especially juror # 3 and 4 thinking is not possible because it wasvery unusual knife.After, warm discussion juror # 8 ask for voting again and said: if all 11 jurors still thinking that the guy is guilty then he will also voteguilty. But, the story take a turn when the juror # 9 vote not-guilty.Now, vote off 10 to 2.Later in the movie Juror # 8 talk about the reliability of thetestimony of the old man and old woman (eyewitnesses). After talkingdeeply juror #5 vote for not guilty (at 47min of movie) and after just 5min juror # 11 vote for not guilty as well. Now, vote of 8 to 4. Then they start discussing of the lame old man’s walk to his frontdoor. Here, juror # 8 request for the apartment diagram and thenwants to show them a demo in the room of the old man and they findthat it takes 41 seconds to reach the front door not 15 seconds. Afterthis they call out ballet again and find juror # 2 and 6 vote for notguilty. Now, vote of 6 to 6. Then they discuss about the defendants excuse and here juror #8 asks juror # 5 to remember similar details. In the end juror # 8underscores the obvious. Then they start discussing the angle of the stab wound. Theystart making assumptions and provide demos that how a 5 feet guystab 7 feet tall man in such angle. Juror # 5 corrects everyone about

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