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Published by iah_lei
just want to know if you'll like this short novel
just want to know if you'll like this short novel

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Published by: iah_lei on Sep 09, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Lost in Time
I sit on the bed next to Carrie and felt her forehead.She was still burning up."You're cute when you're worried," she muttered. "Youreyebrows get all scrunched together."Just rest now, dont talk. Just sleep, so can feel better.Carrie buried her head my shoulder, and I told her, Justclose your eyes.And that was when it happened. Carrie wrapped herarms around me, pressed her head harder against myshoulder and closed her eyes. I looked at her, andtouched her face. She opened her eyes, raised her headtowards mine, and before we knew what we weredoing, we were kissing.They say you have memory of pain, and this proves it.They say we only remember the fact that somethingcauses painfire burns, knives cutbut wereincapable of remembering the pain itself. Thats whyafter trauma of childbirth, women are ready to havebaby again a year later. Thats why I guess, we fall inlove again. Thats why in this place, at this moment, Iwas kissing the woman I once loved, a new womanwhom I might fall in love again. I had forgotten all thepain of the past. I only knew that her lips were soft, thather body was warm, and her lips were searching mine. Ididnt want this moment to stop.
Loving a Professor:From the beginning to the end
Shemaiah C. Navejas
Don·t Expect This
For the first time in my life, i felt whole, fantastic andcontented.I'm a smart kid. Always know whats the right thing todo and right decisions to choose.For me, life is always a routine. I never care nor imaginewhat's happening around me.Don't misunderstand me as somekind of a goth, but i just like to be alone in my own comfort zone.It makes me feel safe. It makes me feel whole in someway or another that made me realize that Im goodenough for myself.They say that falling in love or loving someone takes alot of patience and understanding. I really don't knowwhat this means in the first place. Its because Ivenever been in love in my entire life.I'm Kyle. Im a graduating student in one of theprestigious university in the country. And i think Imfalling in love with my professor. Don't misunderstandwhat Ive said. I'm not someone whos into old maids orfreakingly old ladies.She's my substitute teacher in one of my subjects. She'd just graduated few years ago and topped her boardexam.I mean, she's just as normal as my other youngprofessors are but something about her that struckedme the very moment that i saw her. There's somethingin her eyes, smile, and gestures that i can't resist lookingat her. I look like stupid whenever she's around. I looklike an idiot and a fool.For my entire life, i existed as to i what i wanted to be.Free from any emotions that may affect my decisions,my aspirations and my dreams. Never believing in love

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