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"Why Some People Get All The Breaks" - Be Great, by Peter Thomas

"Why Some People Get All The Breaks" - Be Great, by Peter Thomas

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Published by Peter Thomas
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Published by: Peter Thomas on Sep 09, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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’ve always been interested in what makes people success-ful. What traits or attributes do they possess that helpthem reach their full potential? During my Century 21 years,I observed that 20 per cent of the realtors racked up the mostsales. I decided to ask them what they felt the most success-ful people they knew had in common.
ese three attributesemerged:
1. Attitude:
Top performers have a very positive, can-doattitude. You put your attitude on every morning thesame way you put your clothes on. If it is raining whenyou get up, are you going to let that change your day?Or are you going to focus on the things that count?
 Why Some PeopleGet All the Breaks
2. Motivation:
Top performers are self-motivated.Whenever I consider a new project, I considerboth my attitude toward it and my motivation tomake it successful. If they aren’t that strong—if I feel more strongly about another one—I pass on it.
3. Commitment:
Top performers make commitmentsand keep them. Once I met a marketer for a company that made premium pet food. Its products were twiceas expensive as any of the other brands. I asked himhow he managed to get twice the money that othermanufacturers got. He started telling me how won-derful the product was—so wonderful that at salesmeetings, the president would stand up in front of everyone and eat the cat food. “Not only that,” he said,“but we all eat it too.
e scientists, the doctors—ev-eryone tastes it.” What that company was doing wasinstilling commitment in its employees.
ese three character traits resonated with me. I call themmy AMCs, and I have used them for years to recruit, adviseand mentor people. I also believe that when you can get yourAMCs in order, you will succeed in whatever you want to do.Here’s more about how the AMCs can work on your life.
 Why Some People Get All the Breaks
For most people, it’s easy to maintain a great attitude whenthings are going well. It’s more challenging to stay positivewhen things aren’t.
at is when the great attitude really needs to kick in. Martin Luther King once said that “
e ul-timate measure of a man is not where he stands in momentsof comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy.”How we handle life when the chips are down also deter-mines other people’s attitudes toward us. Tennis championChris Evert was ranked number one for seven years and woneighteen Grand Slam titles, including three Wimbledons,seven French Opens, two Australian Opens and six U.S.Opens. Win or lose, she is always remembered as a favouritefor her positive attitude. When asked about her winning at-titude, Evert said that “If you can react the same way to win-ning and losing, that’s a big accomplishment.
at quality isimportant because it stays with you the rest of your life, andthere’s going to be a life a
er tennis that’s a lot longer thanyour tennis life.”We’ve all known people who always
nd somethingto complain about.
ink about how it feels when you arearound them, or when you are the one doing the complain-ing. It drains the energy you need to change your circum-stances.

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