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Lara's Moment

Lara's Moment

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Published by Caribou Lou
Lara, a bored housewife, is happened upon by a mysterious stranger and a chance at an exciting adventure.
Lara, a bored housewife, is happened upon by a mysterious stranger and a chance at an exciting adventure.

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Published by: Caribou Lou on Sep 09, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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“So I was thinking.” Said Lara as she continued cleaning thedishes at the kitchen sink.“Oh, yeah what about?” Replied her short, bald, stocky husband,Bue, who sat in a beige recliner.“I thought it would be nice if we took a walk after I finishedthe dishes, waddya think?” She said with a ring of hope in hervoice.Bue huffed and slowly shook his head. “Yeah that’s exactly whatI want to do after a long day’s work.”Bue’s wife just sank her head and fought back the tears thatwelled in her eyes.Suddenly, something crashed through the wall behind Bue in hischair. Dust from the rubble hung in the air as Lara rushed in tothe scene. She saw Bue on the ground knocked out cold with hischair lying on top of his legs. She crouched down by his sideand laid her hand on him shaking him to regain conscious.“Bue, Bue, baby wake up!” She shouted.“Eh, I wouldn’t worry ’bout him. Sombitch prolly wake up sooner-or-later.” Said a voice from behind her.“Who...who’s there?” She asked the stranger. The dust swirledaround the room as a gust of wind blew through the fresh gapinghole.A figure appeared in the dust. She noticed a small red lightthat would brighten and dim in a kind of rhythm. Then she saw itwas a man smoking a cigarette as he came nearer.“Name’s Lou, Caribou Lou.” He extended his hand to her.Lara didn’t bother with the formalities. “Who the hell are youand why did you do this?”“This is the Ralls residence right?” He asked, full ofconfidence.Lara sounded like she was either choking on tears or chuckling“No! This is the Robs residence. You friggin idiot!”
“Oh...I see...well I beg pardon and take leave.” He tipped hiscowboy hat and turned around to leave through the hole, butslipped on some plaster and fell. Covered with dust he slowlygot back up. He went to tip his hat again, but noticed it felloff.“I’m calling the cops you asshole!” She said as cupped thetelephone in her hand.“Ah, shit.” He said, as he booked it and ran through the hole.His cig flew out of his mouth and fell onto the pavement of thestreet in front of the house. He stopped and turned back to pickit up when the spot in the road the cig fell on opened up. Itwas a portal that had opened, so he jumped in after decidingwherever it led to was better than jail.Lara was speaking to the 911 operator when she saw the Loucharacter jump into a weird looking hole in the street. “Ma’am,are you still there?” asked the operator as the phone droppedout of Lara’s hand onto the floor. “What the hell?” She saidaloud. She stood there in her orange flower patterned housedress. The wind tousled the fringes of her dress and herbrunette locks. Eyes wide with amazement she gaped at theinexplicable scene that had just been laid bare to her.She looked down at her pudgy, pale and bitter husband. Why didI ever marry him, she thought. She took off her wedding band andchucked it at his limp body. Compared to him she was goodlooking, but in an honest light she was fair. She had blueblotches on her thighs as if they were bruises, except theywouldn’t go away. She was around 165 lbs at 5 feet and 11inches. Bue was 45, she was 41. They knew it, but never admittedit to anyone that they had simply settled for one another; therewas no true love between them. Sure she loved him, but it wasmore like a friendly love. She wondered if he ever cheated onher, not that it mattered now. But what was it about now. Thestranger? The mysterious hole in the street before her? Or wasit her husband’s lifeless body that lay before her in a muddledmess? She could not say at that moment, but a new desire brewedinside of her to take a leap, a giant leap, forward in her life.Lara walked out of the house through the hole in the wall andonto their less than pristine front yard. Her neighbors werestanding outside of their homes now viewing the magnificent,albeit menacing, spectacle that was the portal in their street.Her friend, Rue, was waving to her to come over. But she
wouldn’t because her idle chit chatting and gossiping days weregone. She walked closer and closer to the portal till a man’svoice told her to stop. “Watch it Lara! That thing’ll swallowyou up like it did that other poor sap.” It was Gage, Jude’shusband and town mechanic, who stood on his front porch with abluetooth clipped to his ear. His house was directly across fromthe portal, so he had a good view of the action as did Lara. Shehated his wife, and him too, to a degree. Jude was such a bitch.She would always talk about how great her new figure was andthat Lara should try dieting and exercising. “Who knows maybeyou’d land a job and a better husband too.” Jude would say andgiggle like a stupid little brat. Speaking of brats her two sonswere always playing basketball or skate boarding around herhouse, bastards even dented her car once. Jude’s response, “Ohhoney they’re just kids and who’s gonna notice it anyway it’snot like you drive a BMW or anything” She would flash her tartlittle smile, since she had no lips, and that was that. Now shewouldn’t have to put up with that crap anymore. Now there wasthis new life staring at her. How she knew it was a new life shecouldn’t really say, but she could feel it. The portal that is,she could feel it, almost speak to her like a thought that popsin your mind that feels like it isn’t yours.More and more people were joining in on the “What are youdoing”, “You’ll get yourself Killed”, and “If you see Elvis tellhim I love him” banter. The one about Elvis came from Myra, froma few houses down from her. She was out there, she was alwayspositive and nice, no matter when or where. She hated that too.Lara noticed then that she was at the edge of the mysterioushole. Where will it take me? she thought. I should just jump,without any regrets and thought. Just do it! Was her lastthought before she took the plunge into the great mystical holethat had appeared no longer than fifteen minutes ago.Pain. That was what she felt, immediately. Excruciating painfollowed by humiliation. She lay sprawled out on the streetwhere the hole was, but no more. It vanished a split second justas her body gained air from her jump. Laughter is what she heardas well as gasps and cries for help and an ambulance. Herneighbors rushed over to her asking if she was ok and what thehell was she thinking, she could’ve died. Maybe that’s what shewanted? No, she knew the mysterious, Caribou Lou, had not diedfrom that plunge into the eternal depths of the kaleidoscope-looking hole. He was somewhere strange and wonderful, off onsome crazy and exciting adventure she was sure of it as she was

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