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The Constitution of Web Startup Society

The Constitution of Web Startup Society

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Published by redgetan

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Published by: redgetan on Sep 10, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The Constitution of Web Startup Society
Oct 06, 2009
1.1.Organization Name1.1.1.The organization shall be known as the “Web Startup Society”,hereafter referred to as the WSS.1.2.Mission1.2.1.The mission of WSS shall be to strengthen the web developmentcommunity at University of Toronto by providing support andinspiration for students to start their own internet companies.
Membership is open to all students, staff, faculty and alumni of the University of Toronto.There is no membership fee.
2.2.All members of WSS are afforded the same rights and opportunities toparticipate in WSS activities.2.3.Outside parties are also welcome to join the Society. However, they donot have voting rights.
3.Executive Committee
3.1. The executive positions of WSS are President, Vice President oLogistics, Vice President of Finance, IT Director, Vice President of Promotions, CCIT Director, Computer Science Director,Engineering Director, Social Events Director3.2. For the first year of the club, new executive members wouldsimply be appointed by the incumbent officers.3.3.For the subsequent years, elections will be held during the month of February to be organized by an election committee consisting of atleast (3) current executives who are not running for a position at WSS.3.3.1. Executive Positions would be announced to the generalmembership 2 weeks prior to the voting period.3.3.2. All University of Toronto members of WSS can run, nominateand vote in the election
3.3.3. The successful candidate for a given position is the candidatethat received the most votes for that position3.4.
 There shall be an executive meeting at least once every 2 weeksduring the academic year with the exception of the months of December, April and during the summer semester.
4.All Executives shall:
4.1. Create new projects or initiatives that further the purpose of the clubfor the current/future year4.2. All members of the Executive Committee shall:4.2.1. Report regularly to executive meetings as indicated by Article3.34.2.2. Provide reports during executive meetings4.2.3. Keep written or typed records of meetings and activities andsubmit a report pertaining to activities prior to Executive Turnover4.2.4. Do other things that further the cause of the club
5.Duties and Responsibilities of each Executive Role
5.1. President5.1.1. Set the overall direction of the club5.1.2. Set goals for the current academic year and help implementthem5.1.3. Organize and chairs executive meetings5.1.4. Ensure that other executive members are fulfilling their dutiesby checking reports once every two weeks.5.1.5. Network with other University of Toronto groups, faculty, andprofessionals industry to promote the club and attract sponsors orpartners.5.1.6. Organize events that furthers the cause of WSS5.2.Vice President of Logistics5.2.1. Ensures that the set up of materials required for an event are
properly managed5.2.2. Manages event conflicts or unforeseen circumstances5.2.3. Organize events that furthers the cause of WSS5.3.Vice President of Finance5.3.1. Develop Sponsorship Packages for companies5.3.2. Present monthly financial reports to the executive committee5.3.3. Prepares the budget for the projects being undertaken5.3.4. Organize events that furthers the cause of WSS5.4. IT Director5.4.1. Develops and maintains a website for WSS5.4.2. Publishes any relevant updates regarding meetings, events of the club on the WSS website and through emails5.4.3. Organize events that furthers the cause of WSS5.5. Vice President of Promotions5.5.1. Attract new members to the club by organizing recruitmentcampaigns.5.5.2. Advertise WSS events through posters, flyers, and other formsof media (i.e. facebook, UTSU website, campus newspaper)5.5.3. Organize events that furthers the cause of WSS5.6. CCIT Director5.6.1. Although not a requirement, CCIT students are preferred for thisposition5.6.2. Having a web design/graphic design(for posters) experience ispreferred5.6.3. Acts as a liaison between WSS and CCIT students/faculty5.6.4. Represents the interest/views of CCIT students in order toorganize events that are tailored towards theirneeds/schedules(i.e. ensure that events don’t coincide with

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