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Issue 101 Organic Consumers Association

Issue 101 Organic Consumers Association

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Published by: Friends of Organic Consumer on Sep 10, 2010
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Planting Peace:
Why Organic Consumers Must SpeakOut Against War & Global Warming
greater market share or local, organic & air trade productswill amount to very little in a world o constant war, van-ishing oil supplies and climate chaos. at’s why the rganiconsumers ssociation is launching
Planting Peace
,a campaign to stimulate greater cooperation andsynergy between the anti-war, climate crisis, andorganic movements. s supporters o peace, justiceand sustainability, we have no choice but to orceWashington to reallocate massive portions o ederalwar unding towards peace, sustainability, alternativeenergy, and reducing dangerous greenhouse gases.s ush comes to ongress asking or more money or war, let’s tell our elected ocials: We buy local,organic & air trade… but we’re not buying this war!
Write Congress and the President:
 / oca/campaign.jsp?campaign_
ell the 2008 Presidential hopefuls, OrganicConsumers are Peace Voters! Sign the VotersForPeacePledge:
Out of the food co-ops and natural food stores and intothe streets! Organic Consumers: March on WashingtonSaturday, January 27th!
The Meat You Eat is Cranking Up the Heat
e nited ations has sent tremors through the livestock indus-try with a new report that states, “e livestock sector emerges asone o the top two or three most signicant contributors to themost serious environmental problems, at every scale rom localto global.” e report shows that livestock production accountsor more greenhouse gases than automobiles. For every calorie o meat consumed, at least ten calories o ossil uels were requiredto produce that meat. nimal agriculture takes up 70% o allagricultural land, and 30% o the total land surace o the planet.oday, 70% o “slash-and-burned” mazon rainorest is usedor pasture land, and eed crops cover much o the remainder.e ultimate ramications o the report suggest that the aver-age merican can do more to reduce global warming emissionsby adjusting their meat eating habits than by switching to driv-ing the most uel ecient car currently on the market. egativeenvironmental impacts can be greatly reduced by reducing (oreliminating) meat consumption and buying locally grown andsustainably produced meats, dairy and animal products.
Vitamin Myth Exposed
Last week, OCA launched it’s new
campaign, a cam-paign designed to help consumers better understand the benetso ood-based vitamins and supplements, and the drawbacks o some o the toxic synthetic ingredients in mainstream vitaminsand supplements. o continue to help educate ourreaders about these problematic products, in eachissue o 
Organic Bytes
we will be posting exclusivecontent rom the orthcoming book 
Vitamin MythExposed 
, by r. rian lement o the ippocratesealth Institute. is week’s installment looks athow the milligram measurement is highly inaccuratein measuring the eectiveness o a specic vitaminsupplement. igh milligram dosages o certain syn-thetically produced vitamin supplements may actu-ally have a negative impact on the body, in contrastto a lower milligram dosage o a vitamin supplementthat is ood-based. is week, readers can also takea beginning look at how high RDA values on a vitamin supple-ment label may not mean much (example: “1000% daily recom-mended dose o Vitamin ”). e RDA is o little value i the body is unable to metabolize most o the main “Vitamin ” ingredient,due to the act that a synthetic version o this “vitamin” is very dierent rom what you would nd in a ruit or vegetable.
Web Videos Of The Week (For Mouths Only):
Mouths of Te World Demand Real Organic Food
e makers o the web sensation video
Te Meatrix
 have released a new online short entertaining videoaddressing the problems o an increasingly syntheticood supply. What would happen i all o the mouths o the world were to revolt and demand they be ed only real organic oods?
Mercury Vapors from Your Dental Fillings
er watching this video, you’ll never let your dentistput a mercury lling in your mouth or your child’smouth again. In this video, the International cademy o ral Medicine & oxicology shows how hot liquidsand chewing cause dierent amounts o mercury vaporsto be released rom amalgam llings. ese mercury  vapors are well above what the EPA deems sae.o watch this short video click on the
Smoking eeth
link at
Food and Consumer News Tidbits with an Edge… From the Organic Consumers AssociationPlease forward this publication to family and friends, websites, print it, & post it. Knowledge is power! January 25, 2007 · Issue 101www.organicconsumers.org

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