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Issue 117 Organic Consumers Association

Issue 117 Organic Consumers Association

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Published by: Friends of Organic Consumer on Sep 10, 2010
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Put an End to Organic Dairy FraudOnce and for All
Success Story:
anks to pressure rom organic consumers, ornucopianstitute and the OCA, the USDA has nally taken preliminary enorcement actionagainst urora rganic or alsely labeling actory armed milk as “organic”.urora is the nation’s largest supplier o “private label” organic milk to largeretail chains and wholesalers including Wild ats, Wal-art, ostco (“igheadows”), aeway (“” rganics), arget, iant (“atures Promise”), UNFI(“Woodstock arms”), and others.Part o USDA’s long overdue slap on the wrist o urora includes a legally bind-ing onsent greement by urora to stop labeling some (but not all) o its milk as “USDA rganic” and to sell o hundreds o conventionally raised cows romtheir massive eedlots. n eect the USDA has orced urora to admit that they have deliberately and willully derauded organic consumers since 2003 by sell-ing millions o dollars o cheap eedlot milk as organic, utilizing intensive con-nement o their milk cows and illegally importing calves rom non-organicdairy arms. or more inormation on this issue see:
Te Next Step:
or more than a year, the OCA has called or a boycott o urora’sbogus organic milk. While we are happy to see USDA bureaucrats nally get o their butts and at least do something to protect organic dairy standards, con-cerned organic consumers are outraged that the USDA has not done all that ed-eral law requires.lthough this multimillion dollar corporation was ound to have “willully” violated ederal law in misrepresenting their milk as organic and deraudingconsumers around the country or over three years, they have been allowed toremain in business and have seemingly gotten away without being ned a singlecent. We’re sick and tired o greedy corporations like urora degradingorganic standards.t’s time or grassroots rganiconsumers to prepare or legal actionand stop this raud once and or all.ut to do this we need your help.  you eel you have been derauded by purchasing “organic” milk rom any o the retail chains or wholesalerslisted above (i.e. those that get theirmilk rom urora), and you are will-ing to work with a team o OCA-alliedlegal researchers to stop this organiclabeling raud, please contact us withthe inormation requested below, andour legal research team will contactyou by email or telephone.
GE Sugar to Hit Stores in 2008
merican rystal, a large Wyoming-based sugarcompany, and several other leading US sugarproviders have announced they will be sourc-ing their sugar rom genetically engineered (GE)sugar beets beginning this year and arriving instores in 2008.Like GE corn and GE soy, products containingGE sugar will not be labeled as such. ince hal o the granulated sugar in the US comes romsugar beets, a move towards biotech beets marksa dramatic alteration o the US ood supply. esesugars, along with GE corn and soy, are ound inmany conventional ood products, so consumerswill be exposed to GE ingredients in just aboutevery non-organic multiple-ingredient productthey purchase. e GE sugar beet is designed towithstand strong doses o onsanto’s controver-sial broad spectrum Roundup herbicide. tudiesindicate armers planting “Roundup Ready” cornand soy spray large amounts o the herbicide, con-taminating both soil and water. armers plantingGE sugar beets are told they may be able to apply the herbicide up to ve times per year. ugar beetsare grown on 1.4 million acres by 12,000 armersin the US rom regon to innesota. eanwhilecandy companies like ershey’s are urging arm-ers not to plant GE sugar beets, noting that con-sumer surveys suggest resistance to the product.n addition the EU has not approved GE sugarbeets or human consumption. ake action nowto stop GE ugar:
You Can Help
If you purchased any storebrandorganic milk or butter from the retailerslisted above or from other stores,from January 2004 through today, bydropping us a note at
or calling the OCAofce at 218-226-4164 and letting usknow:1. Your name and phone number2. Name and brand of purchase3. Name of store4. City, state and addresses available5. Approximate timeframe of purchase(ex. 2004-2006)
Food and Consumer News Tidbits with an Edge… From the Organic Consumers AssociationPlease forward this publication to family and friends, websites, print it, & post it. Knowledge is power! September 12, 2007 · Issue 117 www.organicconsumers.org

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