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RN Resume Template

RN Resume Template

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Published by Davidvilla133
RN Resume Template
RN Resume Template

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Published by: Davidvilla133 on Sep 10, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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RN resume template
Writing a resume for a Nursing career or any kind of Medical Assistant positioncomes with its own unique set of challenges. Jobs in health care will require you tohave a certain background, but they will also require you to be a certain kind of  person. Not only must your resume accurately convey your professional potential, itmust also reflect your ability to empathize with patients, families, and clinicalcolleagues. It has to show that you are committed and passionate about quality careand general health education.First off, considering the special skills and expertise that are necessary to be a successin the field of health care, it is vital your resume dives into the specific details of your clinical experience. For instance, is the bulk of your background in Pediatrics, or Orthopedics? Mental Health, or Palliative Care? It may benefit you as an individual tomake these distinctions and show potential employers that you are committed to a particular aspect of healthcare. Although, this is not universal. Some clinical positionswill require you to be more of a "jack-of-all-trades", in which case your resumeshould speak of your skills sets more generally. It really depends on what kinds of  positions you plan on applying for. In this regard, I suggest you know your optionsand do your homework.There are many options in the nursing field, depending on the level of education you plan for, what kind of certification you will pursue and if you decide to choose anursing specialty. Some options include certified nursing assistant (CNA), nursingassistants-registered (NA/Rs), licensed practical nurse (LPN), licensed vocationalnurse (LVN), registered nurse (RN), certified registered nurse anesthetist (CRNA),clinical nurse specialist (CNS), nurse practitioner (NP), certified nurse midwife(CNM) and registered professional nurse (RPN).Most often, a person will settle into their clinical niche within a few years in the field.From there, one can take any number of professional development courses andspecialized trainings in order to increase their knowledge and advance their career.Obviously, these certifications, licenses, etc. should all be mentioned within contextin your resume. They will show potential employers that you are dedicated to progressand intend to further your vocational skills.It is also very important to draw these certain distinctions because a CNA will havevery different duties than an RN and will actually have to adopt a very differentmindset. After all, working in hospice care varies greatly from the fast-paced ER environment and both types of jobs are suited for a specific kind of person. One whodeals regularly with Alzheimer's patients may not be prepared to deal with a gunshotwound victim in the ER, and vice versa. So the path you have chosen willautomatically tell people a bit about the person you are, but it definitely helps to tellthen as well as show them.Whilst your "work experience" and "skills" sections will address your knowledge and background, you must also create an impression of your personality in your  professional resume. I find that it helps to sprinkle in lines such as this throughout the

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