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Curse of Immortality

Curse of Immortality

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Published by KLBooks
If you can live forever, will you choose to? You may want to think twice before you say yes because there are consequences. Book excerpt.
If you can live forever, will you choose to? You may want to think twice before you say yes because there are consequences. Book excerpt.

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Published by: KLBooks on Sep 10, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The Curse of Immortality
Book excerpt from “Where are the zombies?”by Kar Y. Lee, Ph.D.
Smashwords Edition 
Copyright © 2010 by Kar Y. LeeAll rights reserved.
The curse of immortality
There is a horse that runs a grinding stone in a mill. This horsegoes round and round in a specific circle. In fact, the circle on theground was formed by its own footsteps long time ago. It does it365 days a year, seven days a week. It is well fed, but all it does isrunning around in a circle. This is all it does, day in and day out.And, very importantly, this horse is immortal, and it will run thecircle forever.There is another horse. It is in the wild. It is an ordinary mortalhorse. It has to run from its predators. It has to find its own food.It needs to migrate to follow the water source when local waterdries up during the drought seasons. For that, it faces thepossibility of being eaten alive by lions that also gather around theseveral remaining water ponds hundred miles to the east.Everyday it grows exactly one day older. Every moment, it is at aslightly different stage of its life. Every year it is one year closer toits final death, if it does not get killed earlier.Which horse’s life is more meaningful?To most people, the life of the immortal horse is more like a cursethan a blessing. What kind of life is that? Running aimlessly in acircle forever? On the other hand, precisely because of itsfiniteness, some people may find the life of the wild horse moreappealing. At least, within its finite lifetime, the mortal horse isfree to do what it pleases.
 But what is the meaning of life anyway? Why is the life of themortal horse seemed more meaningful to some?Perhaps, it is the repetitive nature of the life of the immortal horsethat turns people off? However, when one becomes immortal, inthe long history of his/her existence, he or she is bound to exhausteverything there is to do. At that point, everything else is arepetition. In this regard, will the life of an immortal still bemeaningful anymore? You have done everything one hundredtimes over. There is nothing else new for you to do in this world!Let’s look at one example of immortality: The character of Gandalf The White in “Lord of the Rings”.Gandalf is an immortal wizard in J.R.R. Tolkien’s novel “Lord of the Rings”. Gandalf the Grey did find himself almost died “falleninto the Shadow” fighting Balrog inside the Mountain of Caradhras. He did not die though. He was given a second chanceand he returned as Gandalf the White, with even greater power.Gandalf fought the evil Sauron. He led the fellowship of the ring.He rode the great eagle to escape from the pinnacle of Orthanc,where he had been trapped by Saruman. He befriended thehobbits. Gandalf’s life was legendary, exciting, and full of adventures, exciting enough for the movie to win several Oscarawards and achieve record box office numbers. Many peoplewould probably like to live Gandalf’s life as an immortal. Whynot? Here is the problem: Gandalf is immortal. Over time, he hasdone everything there is for him to do. He would see the birth and

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