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Friend Report

Friend Report

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Published by Derek Banas
Friend Personality Type Report
Friend Personality Type Report

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Published by: Derek Banas on Sep 10, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 The Friends
If you’re a Friend
People that value friends that add to thefun and adventure they seek most in life.They give all they can to show apprec-iation of others expecting nothing inreturn. This upbeat and friendly groupdelight in everything they do whilecharming others through their humor.
Abilities of Friends
Thrive on change in allareas of life.Love working with friend-ly energetic people.They handle conflict withease while fosteringcooperation in groupsWant to resolve issuesquickly without excess-ively looking at possiblesolutions.Are very good at motiva-ting people toward action.Extremely enthusiasticabout their beliefs,relationships, and every-thing.Have trouble figuring outhow long it takes to getthings done.Wait until the last minuteto get low priority thingsdone.The creators of teamworkGreat at communicatingto groups.Try to avoid taking on too many respon-sibilities.Try not to overindulge or overstimulateyourself for health reasons.Avoid finding enjoyment through material-istic things.Don't avoid troubling issues in the hopesthat they'll go away on their own.Understand that positive thinking alonewill not solve all your problems.Avoid making snap decisions during acrisis.In getting involved in multiple activities,don't forget your responsibilities.Don't drop past responsibilities justbecause something more interestingcomes along.
Dealing with a Bull
Allow them to impose the structure thatthey are used to.You must ask them their opinion becausethey value that most.Don't take their bluntness personal.They have trouble listening if you don'tget to the point.
Dealing with a Giver 
They do not like looking at the worldtheoretically.They do not like it when people offendothers.Their extreme love and optimism canseem fake.They require alot of praise and attention.Have a tendency to compare their socialstatus towards others.They may be argumentive towards thosewho disagree with them.They love to be needed, but might getoverwhelmed passing out so many favors.A persons appearance will sway their opinion of them.They can become very spiteful if they feelunappreciated.Have a tendency to get depressed if alone.They are impatient and abrupt.They have trouble understanding your emotions as well as their own.They are very tender with those that theytrust.They define themselves by their successes.They will value you if you prove you offer security.
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Dealing with Others
They love to control everything theygoals as well as the goals of others.They have opinions on everything andtell you them. They will get things
They can make quick decisions while beingcareful not to hurt others.They have a tendency to become pessi-mistic and negative.They bottle up their feelings to avoid upset-ting others, but will eventually blow up.
Dealing withAdventurers
Give them a great deal of freedom.Avoid giving them the feeling of beingcontrolled.Set them up in situations that they canassociate as an adventure.Stimulated by conflict.Understand that they can do the oppositeof what you expect.
Excite them through spontanious activities.Don't talk to them about emotions.They get very upset if they feel pressured,or obligated.Understand their optimism often won't allowthem to regret or worry about situations.Understand that they will show gratitudethrew gifts but not intimacy
Dealing withFriends
Understand their discomfort at workingalone without stimulation.Take advantage of their ability to exceptothers beliefs.They respond to optimism, not doom andgloom
Dealing withCalculatorsPage 2
Approach them in a straightforward waywhile avoiding conflicts.Communicate with them through action,not through socializing.Show them how you can be a useful toolthey can use to get things done.They show love through the favors theydo for you.Avoid making them feel trapped in com-mitments.Share your common interests with them.Give them the freedom to do their ownthing.Understand that because of their focuson logic they may seem insensitive.Understand that they have trouble withinterpersonal skills.Show them you value their unpredict-abilityThey build relationships to increase funnot to create an emotional connection.Are very sympathetic to the suffering of othersThey sometimes overwhelm people withtheir gifts and show of love.Understand their impulsiveness.Very upbeat energy levels.They desire approval and affirmationmost of all.They love parties.
Dealing withRecipe Followers
They are tolerable of rules on paper but dislike being ordered by people.They dislike being distracted.They work better on their own thanwith people.They are modest and don't like towaste their money.They are practical and quick to judgeothers.
.They have a hard time understandingwhy people act different from them.It is very hard to change their opinion.Show love through loyalty and actions.They may have trouble expressing loveto those they love the most.They are sociable but are uncomfortablegetting to personal.
Dealing withPlanners
They dislike constant changes andinterruptions.They are kind and aware of othersneeds.They can feel taken advantage of andkeep it bottled up inside.They will stay in relationships withirresponsible people to feel needed.
They will sense insincerity in others.They will feel uncomfortable if their structured life is disturbed.
Dealing with Others
They love to control everything theygoals as well as the goals of others.They have opinions on everything andtell you them. They will get thingsCan be very intimidating if they don't gettheir way.They hide their softer side from others.Exploding with their judgements is nat-ural for them.They show you they like you by welcom-ing you into games and through humor.
Dealing withInventors
They ignore the traditional way of doingthings.They love to start up projects and thenlet others finish them.They are easily bored by projects thatdon't stimulate themThey will fight anyone who limits their freedom.They like being mentally stimulated.They can be argumentative.They love to debate.They may seem antisocial when they aredeep in thought.They will deny their own feelings.They have many friends but few of themare close.They love to talk about ideas more thananything else.
Dealing withVisionaries
They prefer to work out their problemson their own.They drive others to hard at times.
Dealing withGeniusesPage 3
They have a hard time explaining their thoughts to others.They like to create the solution to prob-lems but rely on others to implement themThey dislike deadlines.They will become very depressed if theydon't have an outlet for their innovativeminds.They don't like to be put in a supervisoryrole.
They often neglect their relationships.They cannot handle a lot of human contact.They cannot handle conflict.They have a hard time with small talk andhave dry humors often.They show their feelings in very subtleways.
They can be very critical of themselvesif things don't work out.They do not like interruptions.They show affection only to those whichthey are very close.
Don't waste their time with small talk.They will bottle up the rejection that theyfeel.They can be very stubborn if their rulesaren't followed.They sometimes will neglect the ideas of others. They often won't tell others howimportant their contributions are.
Dealing withCompassionates
They have trouble with organizationand lack of direction.Understand that they cannot easily actforceful towards others.Allow them to spread unselfishness,loyalty, and kindness.They express affection through actions,not words.
They are very perceptive, but won't oftentell you what they think.They can appear relaxed and happy withresentment built up inside.They take criticism badly.They blame themselves if bad things aredone to them by others.They will avoid conflict at all costs unlessyou attack their values.
Dealing withCommanders
They are tough on those that theyfind indecisive or incompetientThey are often workaholics.They are only convinced with solid andreasonable facts.They will only take advice from thosethey feel are more knowledgeable.They want everything explained step-by-stepCan grow very impatient if their plansare not being followed. 

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