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Table Of Contents

1.1 Evolution Of Computers and Programming Languages
1.2 Chronology of Development of Programming Languages
1.3 Object-Oriented Programming
1.4 C++ Programming Language
1.5 Structure of the book
2.2 Our first C++ program
2.4 Tokens in C++
2.6 The cin Statement
2.7 Mathematical expressions in C++
2.8 Relational Operators
2.9 Logical Operators
2.10 Types of operators
2.11 Output Manipulators
2.12 The ‘conio.h’ header file
2.13 Errors
2.14 Type Conversion & Type Casting
2.15 Unsigned Data types
2.16 Postfix and Prefix Operators
2.17 What is an algorithm?
2.18 Flow-charts
2.19 Building Your Own Programs
2.20 Review Exercise
2.21 Programming Project
2.22 Let us revise!
3.1 Introduction
3.2 Conditional structure: if then else
3.3 Repetitive structures or loops
3.5 The Selective Structure: switch
3.6 Review Examples
3.7 Review Exercise
3.8 Let us revise!
4.1 Introduction
4.2 Function Definition
4.3 Accessing a function
4.4 Default Arguments
4.5 Constant Arguments
4.6 Arguments as Reference Parameters
4.7 Inline functions
4.8 Scope of variables
4.9 Character functions in C++
4.10 Mathematical functions in C++
4.11 Recursive functions
4.12 Review Examples
4.13 Review Exercise
4.14 Programming Project
4.15 Let us revise!
5.1 Introduction
5.2 Declaring Arrays
5.3 Passing arrays as parameters to functions
5.4 Traversing of Arrays
5.5 Searching element in an array
5.6 Merging of arrays
5.7 Sorting with arrays
5.8 Arrays as strings
5.9 Two-dimensional arrays
5.10 Solved Examples
5.11 Review Exercise
5.12 Programming Project
5.13 Let us revise!
6.1 Introduction
6.2 Structure Definition
6.3 Structure Variables
6.4 Accessing members of a structure
6.5 Structure Arrays
6.6 Structures with functions
6.7 Nested Structures
6.8 Solved Examples
6.9 Review Exercise
6.10 Programming Project
7.1 Introduction
7.2 Addresses and Pointers
7.3 Pointer to an Array
7.5 Pointer with functions
7.6 New and Delete Operators
7.7 Array of pointers
7.8 Pointer to a structure
7.9 Solved Examples
7.10 Review Exercise
2.3 Inheritance in C++
2.4 Types of Inheritance
2.5 Solved Examples
2.6 Review Exercises
2.8 Let us revise!
1.2 Data Structures
1.3 Arrays
1.4 Operations on static data structures
1.5 Solved Examples
1.6 Review Exercise
1.7 Programming Project
1.8 Let us revise!
2.3 Linked Lists as Stacks
2.6 Review Exercise
2.7 Programming Project
3.2 Streams
3.3 Text Files
3.4 Binary Files
3.5 Solved Examples
1.1 Introduction
1.2 Databases
1.3 Database Management System
1.4 Purpose of Databases
1.5 DBMS Models
1.6 Relational Database Terminology
1.7 Relational Algebra
1.8 Normalization
1.9 Review Examples
2.1 Introduction
2.2 Capabilities of SQL
2.3 SQL Datatypes
2.4 SQL Commands and Functions
2.5 Review Examples
2.7 Let us revise!
3.1 Open Database Connectivity (ODBC)
3.2 Setting up ODBC data source
3.3 Connecting from Delphi or C++ Builder using the ODBC data source
3.4 Connecting MS Visual C++ 5.0 to Databases
3.5 Code to Connect C/C++ to the ODBC data source
Standard Template Library (STL)
B.1 Introduction
B.2 Containers and Algorithms
B.3 Iterators
B.4 Concepts and Modeling
B.5 Refinement
B.6 Other parts of the STL
B.7 Links to other resources
C.1 Introduction
C.3 Microsoft Visual C++
D.2 Windows Graphics Programming
F.1 Introduction
F.2 Recursive Functions
F.3 Practical Applications of Recursion
F.4 Recursion Vs Iteration
G.1 Overview of XML
G.2 C++ and XML
Exceptions and Exception Handling
H.1 Exceptions
H.2 Conventional Error Handling Methods
H.3 Exceptions in C++
H.4 Types of Exception
H.5 Throwing Exceptions
H.6 Catching Exceptions
H.7 Resource Management
H.8 Exception Specifications
H.9 Efficiency Concerns
H.10 Exceptions in Constructors
H.11 Throwing Exceptions in Destructors
C++ Namespaces
I.1 Introduction
I.2 Using the Names
I.4 Example of Name clashes
I.5 Friend and extern Declarations
I.6 Unnamed Namespaces
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34168655 C for Beginners Masters 2007

34168655 C for Beginners Masters 2007

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