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e Business

e Business

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Published by theramadugu

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Published by: theramadugu on Sep 10, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Definition of:
 Significance of E-business and E-business Faith(
) Doing business online. The term is often used synonymouslywith e-commerce, but
is more of an umbrella term for having a presence onthe Web. An
site may be very comprehensive and offer more than just sellingits products and services. For example, it may feature a general search facility or theability to track shipments or have threaded discussions. In such cases, e-commerce wouldrefer to the order processing component of the site. Seee-commerce.
E-business Defined
The United States Census Bureau defines e-business as “any process that a businessorganization conducts over a computer mediated network. Business organizations includeany for profit, governmental, non-profit entity. Their processes include production-,customer-, and internal or management-focused business processes.” In a shorter broader sense, e-business is the process of conducting business electronically or over the internet.Electronic mail is e-mail, electronic commerce is e-commerce, and following thisformula, electronic business is e-business. Every time business is conducted over theinternet, e-business takes place and as the internet grows, so grows e-business.
E-business is a mainly Internet-based commerce method, the security of online business information, business activities and their confidence will seriously affect people's awareness, acceptance and participation of e-business, and thus theimpact of e-business development.With the development of e-business, some new problems appeared. They are achallenge to the traditional commercial mode, honesty and the evaluation method.We can't only use the traditional way to view and solve them because e-businessis within a short period of history, and it's unrealistic to evaluate enterprise e- business honesty by the traditional, relevant historical business data basedanalysis. It's difficult for traditional credit factors and evaluation method to cover e-business and thus we need in-depth analysis and study of the characteristics, background, influence and impact of these issues (e.g., the online virtual way, fear and grasping ability of risk, dispute-handling ability and cost, legal or technicalsupport basis, the enterprise or public understanding on standard etc.), we must base on the e-business when we analyze and view the credit establishment andmechanism of strategy and mode.Based on the practice of international e-business development, e-business honestyincludes the truthfulness confirmation of personal identity, e-commerce, or worryand protection for relevant (private) information security from individual or enterprise, honesty of business behavior, and the handling of possible disputes.Honesty and ability evaluations of individuals and enterprises not only includethese factors, but also include government support and participation, legalsupport, service environment of relevant honesty and evaluation standard, and people's understandings of e-business honesty and capture ability.
Communication with customers, clients or suppliers via email.
Ordering products or services by email from other businesses.
Selling products or services via a website.
Research on the internet to find industry trends, competitor information, reviewsof products.
Publishing information about our products and services electronically.
Using the internet for storage and access to our 
Online banking and bills paying.
e-Business Opportunities
1. Selling goods online:
E-commerce, or electronic commerce, is one subset of ebusiness.It involves buying and selling hard goods, electronic goods or services over theInternet. What comes to mind when people think about doing business on the Internet isgood, old-fashioned trade. Selling goods online is probably the simplest way you canstart an e-business. Depending on your business plan, you can put up an online store for a very small investment or you can spend millions.
2. Service Companies:
The Internet can be used for a lot more than just selling products.Companies are now moving toward service-oriented models, using the Internet as adelivery vehicle to provide services to consumers and to other businesses--includingmany services that weren't possible before the Internet revolution and the technologyaccompanying it. There are a variety of services that can be offered using the Internet asa conduit. You can offer online data backup, be an ASP or provide a unified onlinemessage center. ISPs fall into the category of e-commerce services as well.
3. Distance learning:
In the old days, when a company wanted to train its employees, ithad to send them to an off-site location, pay for accommodations, and lose a day or twoof productivity for each employee. Now it's possible for employees to get training ondemand, right at the desktop, delivered via the Internet. Becoming a part of this trainingdelivery vehicle can be lucrative.
4. Telecommunications:
Since deregulation, telecommunications has blossomed, and thecompetitive marketplace has opened up. There are plenty of opportunities for the Internetentrepreneur here, from simply selling telecom equipment and services to becoming alink in an Internet telephony network. Internet telephony, a new type of technology thatallows you to place long distance calls over the Internet at very low cost, is an area withlots of potential for service-oriented companies. Tremendous opportunities exist inestablishing the infrastructure required for Internet telephony and in reselling longdistanceminutes.
5. Information and content provider:
Here's your chance to be a publisher. The WorldWide Web has turned publishing on its ear, giving you the opportunity to create apublication without having to invest in printing presses, ink or paper.

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