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Generia Transfer

Generia Transfer

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Published by Todd_Glasscock
This is the latest update to my work in progress
This is the latest update to my work in progress

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Published by: Todd_Glasscock on Sep 10, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Chapter 1
Up the escalator from baggage check, Jonah Parker hurried through the terminal‟s
concourse. He was late. The messenger bag carrying his datapad, camera, and old-fashionednotebooks, pens and pencils bumped his hip as he jogged toward gate twelve. Winded, he
reached the gate‟s passenger lounge. Except for a service drone hovering behind the bar, the
lounge was empty.He caught his breath and slumped down into one of many empty leather chairs placedaround squat black coffee tables for guest
s‟ comfort and convenience as they waited in the
lounge for their departing flights. He groaned. His first chance to cover a story off world
off Coryvant, at least
and he had missed the preflight press briefing. His heart sank at the prospectof hearing from his editor Tracy Gordon and having to tell him he missed the briefing. Gordonmight just pull him off the assignment.
The service drone skittered up next to him. “May I get you something, Sir?”
it said with apowdery feminine voice. All the service drones at the spaceport had a powdery feminine voice.
omplimentary drink?” A band of white lights flashed across the silvery floating orb like a
smile. Someone had fitted the orb with an actual black bowtie to give it a more servile look. Itwaited pleasantly for an answer.Jonah sighed. He glanced at his bare wrist, an odd habit, given he never wore watches.Might as well have a drink to fortify himself for the lashing he was sure to get sooner or later.
Gin and tonic, please
“Thank you, Sir,” the drone said. “May I see your boarding pass? Only to confirm youare on this flight. Otherwise I‟ll have to charge you for your drink.”
 He shrugged and fed his pass into the narrow slit that had opened below the bowtie.
“Thank you, Sir,” the drone said. “Your order will be right up.”
 He closed his eyes and sighed again, before feeling around in his bag for his datapad. Hecould uplink Gordon here by vidcom transmission, take the tongue-lashing he guessed hedeserved and see what happened after that. Resting the pad on his knees, he lifted up the thinvidcom monitor, selected the number pad app on the touch screen, and was about to key in
Gordon‟s comm number when he felt a tiny, prickling tap on his shoulder.
“Mr. Parker?”
 Startled by the scratchy voice above him, Jonah peered up. His gaze followed the whitedowny, spindly serpentine neck to a pair of brown eyes set into a purple-black feathery crest.
“Jonah Parker, yes.” His heart jumped. There stood his urvogel contact, who he thought he had
“I‟m so glad
I found you, Mr. Parker,” the urvogel said. “I‟ve been trying to reach youfor almost an hour now.”
His face flushed. “Oh no, I‟m so sorry. I‟ve had my comm shut off since I passed itthrough security. You know how those detectors can scramble the drive.”
The female urvogel slightly parted its beak and nodded its head. From where Jonah sat itlooked as if the rounded gray beak was smiling. He got up to greet the bird, extending his hand
as he stood. “Sorry I‟m late. Hope I didn‟t miss anything important.”
“You‟re fine, Mr. Parker.” The urvogel extended a featherless forewing. “Quillip„akta„ur 
ublic relations liaison for our honorable science team. And you haven‟t missed anything. Infact, we‟ve rescheduled the meeting until we‟ve boarded our flight. I‟m afraid it‟s the Terran News Service crew who‟s late.”
 He rolled his eyes at the mention of those pompous asses. Overpaid, well-funded, andquick to steal the spotlight from local media, the TNS broadcast throughout the Federation andhad even launched bureaus in the Urvogel Commonwealth. He was sure they would hog as muchair time with the science team as possible.
“That‟s too bad, Quillip‟akta‟ur,” he said. From behind him the service drone beeped,
alerting him that his drink was being served.
“Quillip is fine, Mr. Parker.” She waved the orb over to her.
“Another tea, Madame?” the orb said.
“Please, yes.” The orb scooted off. Quillip returned her attention to Jonah. “Let‟s sit. Icould fill you in on what I‟m going to say at the briefing. Just in case your 
editor needs an
“That would be great.” He took a seat
, opened his datapad and set it to record mode whilehe listened to Quillip run down the basic itinerary for the week ahead.Their flight would arrive at Ghi orbital sometime early this evening. Following theirarrival, and before a dinner reception, Quillip would conduct a brief press conference with the
urvogel science team. “Don‟t forget to put „honorable‟ in there,” she said. Jonah cringed at the

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