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English 09 Course Outline

English 09 Course Outline

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Published by dankralt

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Published by: dankralt on Sep 10, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Mr. Kralt
in person ± after school until 4:00email ± 
  phone extension ± 109homework blog ± http://kralt.blogspot.com/
 God has created humankind to use language responsibly and responsively in our worldfor the purpose of building community with Him and our society. Human language is asystematic, dynamic gift from God to be used in service of God, community and self.Students will become effective communicators as they are actively engaged in variousforms of language (i.e.: reading, writing, listening, speaking, technical communicationsand media activities) so that they may better understand the world and themselves,discovering meaning, problem solve, and learn independently.English 9 is a course that will continue to develop a student¶s reading comprehension andwriting skills in the context of a variety of writing genres, both fiction and non-fiction.Specific themes that will be covered in this year include (but are not limited to)understanding others, tolerance, violence/non-violence, and creative expression.
Approx: September - October Resources: Various Short StoriesEssential Questions Covered:How does studying short stories increase our understanding of others?What role does story telling play in our understanding of right and wrong?How does studying short stories increase our understanding of ourselves?
Unit 2:
The Chrysalids
Approx: November - December Resource:
The Chrysalids
 Essential Questions Covered:What all is implied when the word ³tolerance´ is used?What dangers can result from a society¶s persistence in being overly idealistic?What are the dangers of religious fanaticism?How can an overly legalistic society also become a hypocritical one?How can science fiction literature explore and reveal truths?What potential consequences exist in the age of nuclear arms?
 Unit 3: Poetry
Approx: January - FebruaryResource: Various PoemsEssential Questions Covered:What is poetry?What does poetry show us about the power of language?How des writing and reading poetry increase our understanding of the world andothers?How does writing and reading allow us to express and understand emotions?
Unit 4:
am David 
Approx: April - JuneResource:
am David 
 Essential Questions Covered:In the face of adversity, what causes some people to prevail while others fail?Is violence ever justifiable?How do negative and positive experiences shape us as human beings?How does the world reveal to us the grace of God?Are people naturally trusting or skeptical?
Unit 5:
Speech ContestDate to be determinedResource:
rite in Style
Essential Questions Covered:How does knowledge of persuasive public speaking techniques improvecommunication?How can good speaking impact people for change?How does good public speaking allow us to express ourselves?
:For many reading assignments, students will be required to respond to givenquestions in the form of a short essay/paragraph/critical analysis. The questions posedwill require students to delve beyond the literal meaning of the text, formulate anargument and then support it with examples from the text or their personal life. Thesewill be marked for content as well as mechanics. Students will be evaluated on groupand/or partner projects, will be involved in peer evaluation of group presentations peer editing, collaboration and self-evaluation.
Major Assignments
:In each term, students will be required to do 2 or 3 major projects. These will bein the form of writing portfolios, essays and/or individual or group presentations. Essayswill be graded using the 6 + 1 traits writing rubric
:There will be a test at the end of each unit. Test questions will be derived fromclass lectures and discussions, daily assignments and assigned reading.
:Quizzes for reading content occur at the beginning of each class during a novelstudy.
Final Exam
± The final exam will be worth 20% of year mark. Please note that therewill no longer be exam exemptions for academic courses.
 Most classes will start with a brief journal response to a prompt that will bewritten on the board. These responses will be assessed on content and on the quality of thought given. They will not be collected every class but will be gathered at random.
Students must bring their journal notebooks to class EVERY CLASS.
It will be thestudent¶s responsibility to purchase the journal.*Students are also responsible for bringing writing utensils, a binder, and loose leaf paper and, during a novel unit, the proper novel.
English class is about more than just reading and writing. It is about exploring anddiscussing ideas, expressing and articulating thoughts, and wrestling with a variety of issues. Because of this, your in class attendance is important in making the most out of class.Unexcused absences will be dealt with by the administration according to the guidelinesgiven in the student handbook.Late arrivals will not be tolerated. Late time will be made up after school by performingclean up or maintenance tasks. Failure to appear after school without making appropriatearrangements with either parents or teachers will result in a call home. Repeated lateswill be dealt with increasing severity and will also be dealt with by the administration.

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