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The Meddle of Dishonor

The Meddle of Dishonor

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Why Isn’t Congress HystericalAbout Adult Porn & Kids?
Why Isn’t Congress HystericalAbout Adult Porn & Kids?

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Published by: Judith Gelernter Reisman, Ph.D. on Sep 11, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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summer 09 SALVO 25
ugh Hefner was a virgin college studentwhen he read Alfred C. Kinsey’s infa-mous “sex report” and concluded thathe had been lied to all his life. Ameri-can morality was “hypocrisy” writ large, andAmerican moralists were “hysterical,” like crazywomen (from the Greek
“womb,” sug-gesting uterine disorders).
The Meddleof Dishonor
Why Isn’t Congress HystericalAbout Adult Porn & Kids?
Kinsey, a closeted bi/homo-sexual who was credited withcreating “a sexual revolution”and “professionalizing” thefield of sexology and sex educa-tion, claimed that all Americanlaws against sex offenses weresymptoms of “hysteria,” andHefner agreed. Hefner said hewould become “Kinsey’s pam-phleteer,” and in December 1953he launched
to serve asKinsey’s colorful populist tract.In 1954 Congress launched aninvestigation into the corruptionof famous “philanthropic” foun-dations, especially the Rockefellerand Ford Foundations. But whenthe time came to examine Rock-efeller grantee Alfred Kinsey, heand his sex study were declaredoff limits. Kinsey was protectedby a bipartisan coalition of Demo-crats and Republicans, who appar-ently wanted to end the “hyste-ria” against the sexual revolution.Perhaps, when thinking ofhysterical women, Kinsey andHefner and their followers hadsomeone like me in mind. Indeed,nearly thirty years later, as Prin-cipal Investigator for the US De-partment of Justice (DOJ) studieson pornography under PresidentRonald Reagan, I faced bipartisanpolitical interference similar towhat happened in 1954.
Pornography & Crime
In 1983 DOJ and FBI expertswere given the task, under theauthority of President Reagan,to research and correlate all por-nography data with violent crime.DOJ police specialist Robert O.Heck organized a blue ribbonFBI/DOJ task force to build on mytheory and findings that
 and Kinsey were causal forces inthe growing child sexual abusepandemic.From July 11–15, 1983, our23-member task force, which in-cluded heads of state police, med-ical examiners, and academics,as well as Roger Depue (chief ofthe FBI’s Behavior Science Depart-ment) and his world-famous serialmurder trackers, met at the SamHouston State University CriminalJustice Center in Huntsville, Texas.Our coalition would bring the fullweight of the US criminal justicesystem in support of investigationinto sexology and mainstreampornography. From our missionstatement:The effect that pornog-raphy and sexology
 //Hazmats_with Judith Reisman/ 
26 SALVO issue 9may have upon societalviolence in general and juvenile exploitation andabuse in particular opensup a major criminal justiceactivity arena that ap-pears to require immedi-ate concern and a greatdeal of coordination inthe development of pro-grams that should providenational criminal justiceassistance across the crim-inal justice spectrum.As we set to work, my veteranFBI and DOJ colleagues were un-aware that we were now CodeRed among powerful pornog-raphy/pedophile politicos. Ourplans were threatening to thembecause we were investigatingpornography and its rela-tionship/linkage to childabuse, sexual exploita-tion, delinquency, andsocietal violence [and wewere creating a] validateddata base concernedwith missing, murdered,and exploited juvenilesand young adults . . .[and] victims from porno-graphic, abusive, sexuallyexploited and violent be-havior. . . . [We would alsolaunch] legal research andreview of existing stateand federal laws andpractices regarding childabuse and sexual exploi-tation.Our coalition’s work includedformation of the Violent CriminalApprehension Program, a “cen-tralized data information centerand crime analysis system” thatcould collect erotic media (por-nography, sexology) associatedwith any crime.On November 8, 1983, ourtask force met at FBI Quantico(Virginia) headquarters to brieflegislators and other criminal justice professionals. I gave a
Findings That Congress Lost
rom December 1953 through December 1984, atotal of 6,004 photographs, illustrations, and car-toons depicting children under age 18 appeared in683 issues of
depicted children an average of 14.1times per issue, followed by
(8.2 times perissue) and
(6.4 times per issue).
Findings included the following:
 1,675 child images were associated with nudity.
 1,225 child images were associated with genital activity.
 989 child images were associated sexually with adults.
 792 adults were portrayed as pseudo-children.
 592 child images were associated with force.
 267 child images were associated with sexwith animals or objects.
 51% of the child cartoons and 46% of the childphotographs showed children aged 3–11.
 More girls than boys were associated with sexual assault.
 More boys than girls were associated with violent assault.

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