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Sex Abused

Sex Abused

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Kinsey’s Lies Shaped AmericanLaw, So Now What?
Kinsey’s Lies Shaped AmericanLaw, So Now What?

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Published by: Judith Gelernter Reisman, Ph.D. on Sep 11, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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42 SALVO Issue 12
rior to 1950,
American common law criminal-ized non-marital sex as a costly burden on societyand on the children of “illicit” unions. Society hadan authentic interest in sexual conduct. Only mar-riage provided for progeny, secured the orderly generationalpassage of property, and created a stable community.
Kinsey’s Lies Shaped AmericanLaw, So Now What?
Human Male
(1948) and
Sexual Beavior in te Human Femae
(1953), Kinsey justified decriminal-izing fornication, cohabitation,seduction, alienation of affection,adultery, sodomy, abortion, andpornography. He also supportedlowering the age of consent, trivi-alizing rape, “no-fault” divorce,and sexually graphic sex educa-tion, among other things.
Kinsey & the Gestapo
This “most famous man in theworld for a decade,” was exposedin a 1998 Yorkshire (England) tele-vision ocumentary cae
for directing pedo-phile rapists who produced theinfamous “Table 34”(see p. 7) onchild sexuality in
Sexual Behavior in the Human Male
. In his York-shire interview Jones admits thatkids” (as young as 2 months old,Table 31) were used by “nine”adult males for Kinsey Institutechild experiments. Jones writes,insey . . . gives prettygraphic descriptions ofheir response to what hecalls sexual stimulation.f you read those words,ou will see that he isalking about kids whoare screaming Kis woare protesting in everyay they can the fact thatheir bodies or their per-sons are being violated.In his
book, Kinsey cal-lously wrote of what made for themost reliable research:etter ata on preao-escent climax come fromhe histories of adultaes wo ave a sex-al contacts with youngeroys and who, with theiradult backgrounds, areable to recognize andnterpret the boys’ ex-eriences. . . . 9 of ouradult male subjects have
//Hazmats_with Judith Reisman/
In 1997, biographer Jamesones, Ph.D., wrote that the cel-ebrated sex “researcher” Alfredinsey “was a crypto-reformerho spent his every waking hourattempting to change the sexualores and sex offender laws ofhe United States.” He also notedatThere is no way thatte American puic inthe 1940s and the 1950swould have sanctionedany form of behavior thatviolated middle class mo-rality on the part of thescientist who was tellingthe public that he wasdisinterested and givingthem the simple truth. . . .[A]ny feature of this pri-vate life that violatedmiddle class moralitywould have been cata-strophic for his career.insey married, said Jones, “topreserve is puic image . . . at acosts.” Jones documented Kinsey’shomosexual, masturbatory, sa-omasocistic, an pornograpyaddictions.In
Sexual Behavior in the
Spring 2010 SALVO 43observed such orgasm . . .on 317 preaoescents . . .observed in contactswith other boys or otherauts.One of those reliable adultales, according to the Yorkshireelevision investigators, was Dr.ritz Von Balluseck—a memberof the German Gestapo. In 1957alluseck, originally arrested (butacquitted) for a child sex murder,as tried and convicted in Germa-y for having “violated childrenover three decades.” According tohe German newspaper
National- Zeitung
:The Nazis knew and gaveim te opportunity topractice his abnormaltendencies in occupiedPoland on Polish children,who had to choose be-tween Balluseck and thegas ovens. After the war,the children were dead,but Balluseck lived. (May15, 1957).Balluseck recorded data fromis sex with children, just as dide Kinsey Institute “researc-ers.” In the year of his trial, Berlinewspaper headlines revealedat Bausec corresponeith the American Kinsey Insti-ute for some time, and had alsogot books from them which dealtith child sexuality” (
October 1, 1957).Kinsey apparently was verynterested in Balluseck’s “data”gleaned from raping Polish and,ater, German children:The connection with Kin-sey, towards whom he’dshowed off his crimes,had a disastrous effecton [Balluseck]. . . . [I]n hisdiaries he’d stuck in theletters from the sex re-searcher Kinsey, in whichhe’d been encouraged tocontinue his research. . . .He also started relation-sips to expan is re-searches. One shivers tothink of the lengths hewent to. (
May 17, 1957)As to adult males, Kinsey andhis team stated that 95 percentof the men of “thegreatest genera-tion” engaged inhat was consid-ered “deviant” sex.insey’s sampepopulation? PaulGebhard
Kinsey’sco-autor anater director of theinsey Institute, ex-paine tat, sincemost of their inter-views took placeduring World WarI, their team used “inmates” and1,400 sex offenders as their “nor-mal” male population. Just afterthe
olume was published,insey told a California judicialsex-crime committee that theirresearc represente te popua-tion as a whole.” Really?
Deviant Research
n 2004, the American Legislativexchange Council (ALEC), whichrepresents 2,400 state legislators,noted that, of the more than5,000 men who made up Kinsey’sresearch base:2,446 were designated asconvicts, 1,003 omosexu-als, 50 transvestites, 117mentally ill, 342 “Other,”650 sexuay auseboys. This yielded 4,608
Aberrant, and 873
Norma” Mae su- jects.I was ALEC’s scientific advisoron junk science. After I provedthe Kinsey Institute’s child abuse,LEC published in its April 2004ssue of
he State Factor 
a study
by Dr. Linda Jeffrey called“Re-storing Legal Protections forWomen and Children: A HistoricalAnalysis of the States’ CriminalCodes.” This issue of
Te StateFactor 
called upon legislators torevisit
laws based on Kinsey’sresearch.” California stateSenator Ray Haynes, former ALECpresident and California Repub-lican Whip, wrote in the study’sIntroduction:Today Kinsey’s “junk sci-ence” is the unquestionedfoundation for all thelegal, legislative and me-dia debate on marriageand civil unions. . . . [Thisreport] reveals compellingevidence of illegal andcrimina acts masquera-ing as science. . . . Profes-sor of Constitutional lawDr. Charles Rice of NotreDame concluded that Al-fred Kinsey’s research was“contrived, ideologicallyriven an miseaing.Any judge, legislator orother public official whogives creence to tatresearch is guilty of mal-practice and dereliction ofuty.”Another ALEC finding notedhow the American Law Institute’sModel Penal Code” (ALIMPC) of1955, which was largely based oninsey’s data, influenced the U.S.Supreme Court’s 2003 decision in
how junk sex science
our think-ing and laws is vital.”

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