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Published by mokone22

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Published by: mokone22 on Sep 11, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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********************************************************************* ** README.TXT - Brief release information for TEMS ** ** Version: GSM 900/98.0.2, ** GSM 1800/98.0.2, ** GSM 1900/98.0.2, ** GSM 900 1800/98.0.2 ** ** Date: 1999-04-15 ** **********************************************************************------------------------------------** Changes 98.0.1 --> 98.0.2 **------------------------------------*The following problems are corrected in version 98.0.2:- Displaying wrong error message when the TEMS Mobile Stationfails to decode System Information 5-6. Previously this errorwas incorrectly seen as a 'MS FAILED TO DECODE BCCH MESSAGE'message in the 'Error' window, but should have read as a'MS FAILED TO DECODE SACCH MESSAGE' message.- Decoding of the ciphering algorithm value in the 
Ciphering Mode Command
message. This error previouslyappeared as a incorrect value for the ciphering algorithmvariable and this was seen when viewing the'Ciphering Mode Command' message in detail.- Displaying of C2 value in the
Serving + neighboring cells
window. The C2 value disappeared when the C1 value was onlyone digit.- Decoding of Timing Advance value in the
Handover Command
 message during presynchronized handovers. The value wasincorrectly decoded and was always displayed as the samefixed value.- Exporting C/A values in the Radio Environment block of theexport file format. The C/A values has been added as 4 newcolumns to the export file format block Radio Environment.- Decoding of Ts0 quarter bit offset in the message
Synch Channel Information
. Previously was the Ts0 quarterbit offset value in the message incorrectly decoded and wasseen as a exactly twice as big.- Serving cell RxLev value in the 'Serving+neighbouring cells'window when DTX is used. Previously only the serving cell RxLevfull value was displayed in the 'Serving+neighbouring cells'window. Now the value is controlled by the 'Use sub values' inthe 'Preferences' menu.- Updating of the
Scan Tool Monitor
and the
Scan Tool Graph
windows if channel settings are changed in the
Scan Tool
.Previously when removing channels in the 'Scan Tool', the samechannels was not removed from 'Scan Tool Graph' and the'Scan Tool Monitor'.
- Interpreting of cell name files containing comment rows. Theimporting and interpreting of cell name files that containedcomment rows was incorrectly ending at the first comment rowand no cell names below that row was imported and interpreted.- Interpreting of cell name files containing empty rows. Theimporting and interpreting of cell name files that containedempty rows was incorrectly ending at the first empty rowand no cell names below that row was imported and interpreted.- Interpreting of cell names in cell name files. Cell names witha length greater than 16 characters was previously incorrectlyinterpreted and caused illegal characters to appear in theirnames. Names are now truncated to 16 characters during theinterpreting of cell name files.*------------------------------------** Changes 98 --> 98.0.1 **------------------------------------*The following problems are corrected in version 98.0.1- Hopping frequencies are displayed correctly- Auto connect on startup- Mean values are calculated for selected elements in the Scan Graph window- Decoding of Multiband Reporting- In Windows 95, windows are now always erased correctly on exit- Remote display is working better with large system fonts- The MS2 window is cleared correctly- Scan tool dialog improved- All windows correspond to settings of RxLev/dBm and RxQual/BER- Key sequence display improved- Replay logfile while Print window is openNotes on the SH888 TEMS:- After power on, the SH888 does not allow connecting toTEMS for about 10 seconds.- When the MS is connected to TEMS, the "Activate IR port"menu is disabled. If the IR port should be used togetherwith TEMS it must be activated before TEMS is connected.*-------------------------------------** Changes 97.1 --> 98 **-------------------------------------*The following problems are corrected in version 98:
- C1 and C2 shows values from -99 to +127- Save as text in the Layer 3 control now saves corect message data.- It is now possible to have MS 2 in Autoanswering mode and execute akey sequence with MS 1.- The BCCH and TCH ARFCNs are now updated simultaneously.The following features are new in version 98:- A status bar has been added. It shows the source of the data (MS or logfile),how many MS's that are connected or the name of the logfile you're replaying.If you have a MS connected it shows which state they are in (Not Connected,No service, Idle, Connecting, Dedicated). It also shows if a GPS is used, whichlogfile you are logging to, the size of the logfile and more.- C/A measurementsIn the C/A scan mode, MS1 will measure the signal strength on the four closestadjacent channels (serving -2, serving -1, serving +1, serving +2).TEMS will then calculate an estimated C/A value on these four channels bycalculating: C/A-n =signal strength(serving cell) - signal strength(adj-n).Note 1: The C/A measurements will be disabled during a call on a hopping channel.Note 2: When C/A is enabled during a call, the MS will not perform as manyneighbour cell signal strength measurements as specified according to theGSM specifications. This may degrade the handover performance.Note 3: TEMS 98 mobiles are needed for the C/A scan mode.- Switch logfile, closes the current logfile and creates a new.- The Graphical presentation window now shows servingcells CI, LAC (and cellname ifa cellname file is used).- Dedicated channel window can now handle up to 64 hopping frequencies.- A warning before closing a logfile with the F4 key is added.The following features are only avalaible in TEMS 900 1800/98 and together withSH888:- Set power class for 900 and 1800 separately.

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