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NUT Harrow Hand in Hand: July 2010

NUT Harrow Hand in Hand: July 2010

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Published by heenamodi

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Published by: heenamodi on Sep 11, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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ContentsPage 1 ContentsPage 2 PPA rules and regulationsPage 2 Directed hoursPage 3 - 4 Toilet facilitiesPage 4 Contacting the NUT Page 5 - 7Facilities for Trade Union OfficialsPage 7 Keeping up to date with circulatedinformation
Hand in Hand
Moving Forward Together
The Newsletter of the Harrow Teachers’ Association
Summer Term 2010
Heena ModiThe Editor of the Hand in Hand
Division Secretary:Lynne Snowdon 020 8863 0877
Email: snowdon.lynne@nowerhill.harrow.sch.uk
PPA rules and regulations
PPA time is covered by paragraphs 78.2 to 78.4 of the School Teachers Pay and ConditionsDocument 2008. The STPCD is statutory guidance from the DCSF. All state schools are requiredto follow it.Paragraph 78.2 states that: -“PPA time must amount to not less than 10% of the teacher’s timetabled teaching time”.This is the time that the Head has assigned to the teacher to teach pupils.Para
graph 78.3 states that: -“PPA time must be provided in units of not less than half an hour”.This
be during teaching time.Paragraph 78.4 states that: -“a teacher must not be required to carry out any other duties, including the provision ofcover……during his PPA time”.In summary: -Different amounts of PPA can be given as the amount would be determined by the number ofhours taught.PPA must be timetabledPPA must not be re-arranged by those who organise it unless it is to ensure that the classteacher does not ‘miss it.’ For example, if PPA is at a time on which the teacher is on a course ora trip; it may be re-arranged so that he/she does not miss outPPA must be in chunks of at least half an hour.PPA cannot be taken away for any reason whether it be to cover during PPA, for hospitalappointments etc.Timetabled teaching time is from the time class starts, until if finishes minus lunchtime.
Directed hours
Directed time begins when the Head expects the teacher to be school. The first lot of directtime stops at lunch time. Morning breaks are included in directed time whether staff are on dutyor not because it is time which cannot be classified as ‘your own time’.Directed time begins again when your lunch break ends up until the end of day.In some schools teachers are not expected to stay behind after the children are dismissed. Inother schools they are expected to be available to meet parents. Thus end of directed time foreach day would depend on expectations set by the Head.
Toilet facilities
Now this may seem a strange thing to be concerned about but if you are teaching in a MiddleSchool which is gaining Year 3 or if you work in a High School which is gaining Year 7; you maynot comply with the existing guidelines.Toilet and Washing Facilities for PupilsAll schools must contain at least a basic number of toilet fittings for pupils, based on one toiletfor every 10 pupils under the age of five; one toilet for every 20 pupils aged five and over; onetoilet for every
10 pupils in special schools. In each case the figure arrived at should be roundedup to the nearest whole even number. The number may need to be increased in order that it isadequate according to any special requirements which pupils have.All schools must have separate washrooms for male and female pupils aged 8 and over. In mixedwashrooms and in washrooms for female pupils, all toilet fittings should be WCsIn schools where most pupils are under 11, there must be as many washbasins as toilet fittings.In schools where most pupils are 11 or older, washrooms with one toilet fitting should include atleast one washbasin and washrooms with two toilet fittings should contain at least twowashbasins, while in all other washrooms the number of washbasins should be at least two thirdsof the number of toilet fittings.Nursery schools and schools with pupils under 5 should have one deep sink, shower or bath forevery 40 such pupils. Again the figure arrived at should be rounded up to the next wholenumber.Changing accommodation, including showers, must be provided for children over 11 taking PE.Source : Education (School Premises) Regulations 1999 : Regulation 3.In washrooms for male pupils, at least one third of toilet fittings should be WCs.Source: DfEE Guidance Document 0029/2000 para 27Pupils welfare may be a particular issue when showering or changing … the welfare of some pupilsmay demand stringent privacy.Source: DfEE Guidance Document 0029/2000 paras 32/33Water SuppliesAn adequate supply of wholesome drinking water must be provided for all persons at work in aworkplace. The water must be readily accessible and a sufficient number of cups must beprovided unless the source is a drinking fountain. (This provision does not cover pupils accessto drinking water).Source : Workplace (Health, Safety and Welfare) Regulations 1992 : Regulation 22.A school shall have a wholesome supply of water for domestic purposes including a supply ofdrinking water. (This provision can be used to support pupils access to drinking water).

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