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Hearts Find Peace in the Remembrance of Alla1

Hearts Find Peace in the Remembrance of Alla1

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Categories:Types, Research
Published by: Hossam Farouk Hassan on Sep 11, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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HEARTS FIND PEACE IN THEREMEMBRANCE OF ALLAHAccording to research by David B. Larson, of theAmerican National Health Research Center, and histeam, comparisons of devout and non-religiousAmericans have given very surprising results. Forinstance, religious people suffer 60% less heartdisease than those with little or no religious belief,the suicide rate among them is 100% lower, theysuffer far lower levels of high blood pressure, andthis ratio is 7:1 among smokers.65It was reported in one study published in the
International Journal of Psychiatry in Medicine 
, animportant scientific source in the world of medicine,that people who describe themselves as having noreligious beliefs become ill more frequently and haveshorter life spans. According to the results of theresearch, those with no beliefs are twice as likelyto suffer stomach-intestine diseases than believers,and their mortality rate from respiratory diseasesis 66% times higher than that of believers.
Secular psychologists tend to refer to similarfigures as "psychological effects." This means thatbelief raises peoples' spirits, and this contributes tohealth. This explanation may indeed be reasonable,but a more striking conclusion emerges when thesubject is examined. Belief in Allah is much strongerthan any other psychological influence. The wide-ranging research into the connection betweenreligious belief and physical health carried out byDr. Herbert Benson of the Harvard Medical Facultyhas produced surprising conclusions in this area.Despite not being a believer himself, Dr. Benson hasconcluded that worship and belief in Allah have amore positive effect on human health than thatobserved in anything else. Benson states that hehas concluded that no belief provides as muchmental peace as belief in Allah.66What is the reason for this connection betweenbelief and the human soul and body? The conclusionreached by the secular researcher Benson is, in hisown words, that the human body and mind areregulated to believe in Allah.67 This fact, which the world of medicine has slowlybegun to appreciate, is a secret revealed in theQur'an in these words: "… Only in the remembranceof Allah can the heart find peace." (Qur'an, 13:28)The reason why those who believe in Allah, whopray to and trust in Him, are psychologically andphysically healthier is that they behave inaccordance with the purpose of their creation.

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