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Published by bbrijesh

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Categories:Types, Comics
Published by: bbrijesh on Sep 11, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Musharraf in Tunnel:
 Vajpayee, Musharraf, Madhuri Dixit and Margaret Thatcher are traveling in a train. The trainsuddenly goes through a tunnel and it gets completely dark. Suddenly there is a kissing soundand then a slap! The train comes out of the tunnel. Thatcher and Vajpayee are sitting therelooking perplexed. Musharraf is bent over holding his face, which is red from an apparent slap.All of them remain diplomatic and nobody says anything.Thatcher is thinking: "These Pakistanis are all crazy after Madhuri. Musharraf must have tried tokiss her in the tunnel. Very proper that she slapped him"Madhuri is thinking: "Musharraf must have moved to kiss me, and kissed Margaret instead andgot slapped."Musharraf is thinking: "Damn! it, Vajpayee must have tried to kiss Madhuri, she thought it wasme and slapped! me."Vajpayee is thinking: "If this train goes through another tunnel, I could make another kissingsound and slap Musharraf again."
Smart Sardarji:
 A Sardarji and an American are seated next to each other on a flight from Los Angeles to NewYork. The American asks if he would like to play a fun game. The Sardarji, tired, just wants totake a nap, so he politely declines and rolls over to the window to catch a few winks.The American persists and explains that the game is easy and a lot of fun. He says, "I ask you aquestion, and if you don't know the answer, you pay me five dollars, and vice versa." Again, hedeclines and tries to get some sleep.The American, now agitated, says, "Okay, if you don't know the answer, you pay me $5,and if Idon't know the answer, I will pay you $500."This catches the Sardarji's attention and, figuring there will be no end to this torment, agrees tothe game. The American asks the first question: "What's the distance from the earth to themoon?" The Sardarji doesn't say a word, reaches into his wallet,pulls out a $5.00 bill, and handsit to the American."Okay," says the American, "your turn".He asks, "What goes up a hill with three legs and comes down with four legs?" The American, puzzled, takes out his laptop computer & searches all his preferences........no answer. He taps intothe air phone with his modem and searches the Internet and the Library of Congress... no answer.Frustrated, he sends e-mails to all his friends and coworkers but to no avail.After an hour, he wakes the Sardarji and hands him $500. The Sardarji thanks him and turns
 back to get some more sleep.The American, who is more than a little miffed, stirs the Sardarji and asks, "Well, what's theanswer?" Without a word, the Sardarji reaches into his purse,hands the american $5,and goes back to sleep.
ace to the Sun:
 Two Sardarjis, both student of I.I.T, Kanpur, were talking about the American Astronauts.One said to the other, "What's the big deal about going to the moon-anybody can go to the moon.We are sardars we will go direct to the sun.""But if we get within 13 million miles from the sun, we'll melt."And the first answered, "So what, we'll go at night."Gujarati, Jewish and ItalianThree men were applying for the same job as a detective. One was a Gujarati, one was Jewish,and one was Italian. The chief decided to ask each applicant just one question and base hisdecision upon that answer.When the Jewish man arrived for his interview, the chief asked him, "Who killed JesusChrist?"The Jewish man answered without hesitation "The Romans killed him." The chief thanked him and he left.When the Italian man arrived for his interview, the chief asked the same question. He repliedJesus was killed by the Jews." Again, the chief thanked the man who then left.Finally the Gujarati arrived for his interview; he was asked the same question.He thought for a long time, before saying, "Could I have some time to think about it?"The chief said, "OK, but get back to me tomorrow."When the Gujarati arrived home, his wife asked "How was the interview?"Patelgave the reply, "Great, I got the job, and I'm already investigating a murder."
ndian Hell:
An Indian dies and goes to hell. There he finds that there is a different hell for each country. Hegoes first to the German hell and asks "What do they do here?" He is told "First they put you inan electric chair for an hour. Then they lay you on a bed of nails for another hour. Then theGerman devil comes in and whips you for the rest of the day."The man does not like the sound of that at all, so he moves on. He checks out the USA hell aswell as the Russian hell and many more. He discovers that they are all more or less the same asthe German hell.Then he comes to the Indian hell and finds that there is a very long line of people waiting to getin. Amazed he asks "What do they do here?"He is told "First they put you in an electric chair for an hour.Then they lay you on a bed of nailsfor another hour. Then the Indian devil comes in and whips you for the rest of the day."But that is exactly the same as all the other hells - why are there so many people waiting to getin? "Because maintenance is so bad >that>>the electric chair does not work, someone has stolenall the nails from the bed, and the devil is a former Govt servant, so he comes in, signs theregister and then goes to the cafeteria..."
 What's the difference between stress, tension and panic? Stress is when wife is pregnant, Tensionis when girlfriend is pregnant, and Panic is when both are pregnant.
How to make a woman happy
 It's not difficult to make a woman happy; a man only needs to be:1. a friend2. a companion3. a lover 4. intelligent5. a father 6. funny7. a chef 8. an electrician9. a carpenter 10. a plumber 11. a mechanic12. a decorator 13. a stylist14. a good mother 15. creative16. a psychologist17. a pest exterminator 18. a psychiatrist

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