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A New Way Forward

A New Way Forward

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Published by bleachbear9201

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Published by: bleachbear9201 on Sep 11, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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A New Way ForwardDaniel looked at his alarm clock, it was 6:30 A.M. Time to start another day in the daily grind,like everyone else. Daniel was just a normal accountant, a nothing in the corporate machine. Danielwoke up and sat half up in his bed thinking. How much longer am I going to want to do this? He askedhimself. He got up and took a shower, got dressed and had some breakfast. He drove to work andclocked in a little early. He had to prepare the quarterly reports by afternoon, and was swamped withwork. But he just couldnt bring himself to work.Daniel was a father of two kids and was in a contentious relationship with his wife. His kidsadored him and he would do anything for them. But he knew he had to keep working if he wanted tosupport his family into the future. But he just didnt want to continue this work. He forced himself towork and busily got himself involved. His thought was interrupted by his boss.If you dont improve youre going to be fired, your work has been atypical of yours lately, said Joe.Im trying my best sir, I really am, Daniel replied.Well your best isnt good enough, and if you dont improve you can forget about coming in at all,ended Joe.He knew that he was on thin ice already but he had to keep trying anyways. He knew a matterhow bad things looked he always could keep his freedom in his state of mind. He knew thatpsychological freedom was the true form of freedom that no one could take away from him. Even if hisboss was yelling at him it wouldnt emotionally affect him.Daniel looked at his clock. It was now 9:00 A.M. He worked for many hours and continued, nowas Daniel is working it is important to know some information about who he is. Daniel is a veryindependent man who prides himself on being an individual. He is stubborn but has a quality that makeshim resilient. He has been happy most of his life and is usually a content person.He worked the rest of the day and was frantic. He was unable to keep his cool at times and wasunder great pressure. Every moment he spent typing on his keyboard trying to make a bit of progress.But it seemed like every step forward he took was a step backwards. All he knew is that if he didnt getthis done at the very latest by the end of the day, that he was done.The hours seemed to meld together as the minute hand fused with the hour hand. He continuedto work as hard as he could. When 5:00 came he was done. He was glad the day was done and washappy that he had avoided a problem but he knew that it would be a short lived peace.He walked outside to the office parking lot, and got in his blue compact car. He started it up andset on his way for the 30 minute ride back to his house. He decided to take the interstate today insteadof his main route down the main arterial road of the city. He was able to save about 5 minutes on hisway home, and he settled in.
Hi Im home, said Daniel in affirmation.He was in the door and smelled the roast that his wife had cooked, everything was going okay atleast at home right now and his relationship had turned a course for the better. He called his kids, Sherryand Michael down, and as his wife Barbara finished making some final touches they all sat down to eat.They all discussed how good the food was, as well as how Michael was doing in his first few weeks in thefirst grade. Sherry looked up to Michael as her older brother. From the time she was a little girl she hadalways looked up to him. When Barbara and Daniel were arguing, it was Michael who consoled Sherrytelling her that everything would be alright.The day moved on still and after dinner had ended Daniel to his nightly ritual of reading. Heenjoyed reading about history and other things. He was an avid reader of just about everything too.Everything from murder mysteries to science fiction. Only through reading could he achieve a sense of emotional ecstasy.Before he knew it was nine in the evening and it was time to put the kids to bed. An hour laterhe went to bed, watched the news and then shut off the television. He sat talking with Barbara aboutthe troubles of his job, and how he felt about his life. Then their conversation eventually faded into thedarkness that enveloped them. He was left alone with his thoughts. Again he thought, how much longercan I really handle this? Is it a matter of years, or is a matter of days? As he pondered these thoughts heslowly drifted off into sleep.He didnt remember what he dreamt about during the course of the night. He was interruptedby his alarm clock, it was 6:30 A.M. again. Time for another day in the grind, time for a sense of dread.He wanted to just not go into work today, but he knew he couldnt do it. He knew he had to do keepworking for his family. So he got up again, and as all great men do he thinks about his life in the shower.He got dressed and looked in the mirror as he tied his tie, looking himself in the eyes with a kind of deadconfidence, knowing that he could do this. Nothing could stop him a matter what.He ate a true breakfast of champions, coffee and a cigarette. He held himself in a sense of adultation. There is something about confidence that is temporary. But today he had it, he worked hardand got all his work done. He felt on top of the world. He was able to concentrate and for a while he wastruly happy. He felt he had dealt with all the hardships and conquered them.He left this day happy and content, and was able to save 10 minutes this day off his time comingback from work. He came in and kissed his wife and embraced her as his kids were playing off in theother room. It seemed all was finally at peace in the Roberts household. He finished supper and thenbegan to read Homers the Odyssey, the ancient Greek epic of Odysseus. He felt like he could relate tohim about how he was invincible. The day ended and he went to bad happy.But like everything in this life all this was temporary. We can think we are okay while our life islying in shambles. This is a truth illustrated many times in Daniels life, everytime he has faced a hardship,he remained in a sense of happy denial so wouldnt have to face the ugly truth.

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