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The Kite Runner (Pashtun and Hazara Conflict)

The Kite Runner (Pashtun and Hazara Conflict)

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Published by balliinjr
This is for college, I got a C, and Im still in Highschool...I did pretty good.
This is for college, I got a C, and Im still in Highschool...I did pretty good.

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Published by: balliinjr on Sep 12, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Miguel JohnsonProfessor WilliamsEnglish 1A27 July 2010Cycle Of Unnecessary HateDiscrimination is an issue going on in countries aside from ours. The UnitedStates had a couple of ethnicities fight for their rights. However, some countries still have people fighting for their rights. Afghanistan was once a peaceful place. The entireMuslim community was peaceful and did not mind other religions. However certaindisputes took place, which is why the blood of civil war taints Afghanistan. Riots took  place due to these different opinions (RE-XS). The Pathans were the more powerful tribeso their religion ultimately became the more powerful one. The Hazaras continued to tryand be peaceful people although they were being beaten and killed. It can be hard to keepthe peace when you are living the life of someone who is thought of as less than a person.To this day they protest in order to keep the rights that they worked for and to gain more(Black).In the novel
The Kite Runner 
, Khaled Hosseini accurately represents the conflict between Pashtuns and Hazaras, by explaining the form of religious hate they havetowards each other, and the way Pashtuns treat Hazaras, through a child’s point of view.This ultimately makes the reader realize that children have discriminating tendencies too,in which they develop from their parents. It also raises the theory that if children havethese tendencies, the discrimination will not be abolished. However, individuals canchoose not to be influenced by their surroundings.Johnson 1
The Pathans are the dominating ethnic group of Afghanistan. Before 1978, theytook up about fifty-one percent of their country’s population (“Afghan Network”).According to Magnus and Naby, the Pathans are the “primary ethnic group” (12). Theyare “tribally organized” which means that even though they are all Pathans they hadseparate groups (“Afghan Network”). They were also known as Pashtuns and this namecame from a Pashtun dictionary. The word
means “back,” and, according toSalman Hakim, Pathans lived in the back of mountains. They were known by the Persiansas Pashtuns (Hakim). Their main language is Pashto and some Pathans tend to have a“nomadic lifestyle” (Hakim). Meaning that they continue to move from place to placewhile carrying their belongings. The others live in regular home and grow fruits such asapples and grapes. The most important fact would be that the Pashtun religion is mainlySunni Islam. Sunni Islam is the largest branch of the Islamic religion (“Religion Facts”).They believe that they are followers of the prophet (“Religion Facts”). They base their religion on the Quran and the Sunnah (“Religion Facts”). There may be many ethnicitiesin Afghanistan but the Pashtuns are the most populated and the highest in social status.The Hazaras are a minority tribe in Afghanistan (“Afghan Network”). TheHazaras are actually mixed with ethnicities such as Dari, Arabic, Urdu, Farsi, Mongol,and Turkish (Black). Because of this the language they spoken is influenced by all of these different ethnicities and they call it “Hazargi” (Black). Amir from
The Kite Runner 
mentions that with their Mongol decent they look “a little like Chinese people” (Hosseini8). They are unfortunately used as slaves or servants like Hassan and his father were in
The Kite Runner 
. Their religion is also a form of Islam called Shi’a or Shi’ite Islam.However, Shi’a was not always the minority religion. This religion had all MuslimsJohnson 2
following until people began to have differences. That is when they split up and Sunniwas created.Hazaras underwent such discrimination for a few reasons. One reason is thereligious difference between Shi’a and Sunni. The prophet Muhammad was dangerouslyill and he knew he did not have much time. When he died there was a discrepancy withwho would take leadership, Hazrat Ali, the Prophet's young son-in-law or Abu-Bakr, anuncle of the Prophet (Sinha 2). Aku-Bakr won the election because there were moreSunnis then Shi’as so Aku-Bakr had more votes. However, Aku-Bakr was old and diedsoon, which gave Ali another chance to become the leader. He once again did not win theelection and after the new leader died he lost another election. When the newest leader died early too they decided since Ali has lost so much they would make him leader. In thewords of Sinha, “The controversy between Shi’as and Sunnis is this: the Sunnis believein all four caliphs; but the Shi’as believe only in the fourth and last caliph, Hazrat Ali”(Sinha 2). The Sunnis recite a prayer showing deep respect for the four caliphs (leaders)including Ali (2). On the other hand, Shi’as recite a prayer cursing the first three caliphsand praising Ali. The Shi’as say that the first three caliphs forcibly took the position thatAli should have had from the beginning (2). Sunnis could not tolerate them cursing their caliphs, which started the conflict (2). Although Shi’a and Sunni have some similaritiesinvolving beliefs such as the five pillars of Islam it is not enough for them to discontinuethe violence. Hossenini knew of this and had Amir show with few words that he knewwhat he was talking about.Hossenini may have not described this part of the conflict thoroughly but he isaccurate. In
The Kite Runner 
, Amir reads a book and notices that it states that Hazaras areJohnson 3

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Ahmadsalim100 added this note
i am sure that the writer of this article is so stupid and is no aware about the truth in Afghanistan he may be is the doer of US political wants !!!
Ahmadsalim100 added this note
Hi friends! you know the most important thing is going on behind the row and that was going on all during the past but by some foreign misuse power country s including UK and US if you check all things happened in some poor couthe and the result is to begin or become the conflict between ethnics
Ahmadsalim100 added this note
Hi to all afghans people !
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