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Published by GodsMichael

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Published by: GodsMichael on Sep 12, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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July 2009 TriviTa.com
 t  t!
1999  2009
Tvt’ 10- j
Save up to $30 on your order!
 July is a month of celebrations!
b m r. e, ceo & f  Tvt, i.
Happy anniversary to our TriVita
family in North America!
 July is the month we celebrate reedom both in the U.S. andCanada: Independence Day on July 4 and Canada Day on July 1.I consider reedom to be one o the greatest privileges we have ashuman beings. Many people have paid the ultimate sacriice inorder to protect our reedoms and the opportunities we have as reepeople to live out our potential. I am extremely grateul or thosewho have given so much that we may be ree.President Franklin D. Roosevelt said:
“In the truest sense, freedom cannot be bestowed, it must beachieved.”
Another great quote rom Thomas Paine says:
“Those who expect to reap the blessingsof freedom must like men undergo the fatigue of supporting it.”
It is the same with our health and wellness. It is reedom o choice that allows us to pursueand achieve greater wellness. We can choose the things that support wellness or we can chooseto indulge in activities with short-term, unhealthy payos. We can live in the moment, reerom the past, by simply choosing to orgive. We can embrace all the blessings o lie by simplychoosing to practice gratitude. All o these things are achieved through our reedom o choice.You may not realize this, but there are countries all over the world today that have proposedlaws that would take away people’s right to choose healthy living. At TriVita, we celebrate ourreedom to market nutritional wellness products.This July, we are also celebrating our 10-year anniversary – it is a estive time here at TriVita!We are thrilled that we now have so many abulous product choices to help people withtheir wellness. The new Nopalea
product is delivering incredible experiences o better healthby lowering inlammation and helping detoxiy the body. On our North American Nopaleatour, hundreds o people shared with me their personal stories o near miraculous relie romuncomortable symptoms. What an exciting way to celebrate our 10-year anniversary: bytaking such a wonderul product to the world. Learn more about Nopalea on pages 6-9.I would encourage each o you to consider becoming an Ailiate Member; help us share Nopalea with your riends and amily members. We pay our Ailiates the same way we payradio, television and print advertising vendors to help us get the word out about the wonderulbeneits o our products. By joining the Ailiate program, you could be earning enough topay or all your avorite TriVita products – with just a ew reerrals.I hope you enjoy this 10-year anniversary edition. We think the achievements o the past10 years are something to celebrate: In that time, we have laid a great oundation o researchand product development programs that ensure highly eective products are created to helpyou meet your health goals. But we have no plans to stop now; we have even greater plans orthe uture! We have much to oer each o you so you may enjoy greater wellness.Please celebrate with us the many aspects o our anniversaries this month o July.
Let Freedom Ring!
We celebrate our freedom to inform you of waysyou can enhance your health and well-being
10 Essentials
or health and wellness
Join with TriVita as we begin our seconddecade o health and wellness or all. Weencourage you to experience wellness
 through these 10 Essentials, created toenhance lie in wonderul ways.
1. Breathe Deeply
Inhale lie ully, cleanse your body o toxins and eel calm.
2. Drink Water
As you quench your thirst or water, youalso boost your energy.
3. Sleep Peacefully
Rest, repair, rejuvenate: a regular sleeproutine lets your body do its work.
4. Eat Nutritiously
Choose healthy, wholesome oods touel a healthy body and mind.
5. Enjoy Activity
Move it to improve it! Your whole beingbenets rom an active liestyle.
6. Give and Receive Love
Feel the power o positive emotions whileyou strengthen your immune system.
7. Be Forgiving
 To be at peace, unburden yoursel o hostility and resentment towards others.
8. Practice Gratitude
Gratitude brings gratication: less stress,more joy, greater well-being.
9. Develop Acceptance
Releasing what you can’t change reesyou rom worry and enriches your lie.
 JOURNAL Celebrating 10 Years of Health and Wellness
Enjoy  Activity 
 See page 26
10. Develop a Relationship with God 
Nourish your spirituality to nourishpersonal growth and happiness.
 Editor’s Note
continued on page 21...
Celebrating 10 Great Yearsof Health and Wellness
It all started with MichaelEllison’s incredible passion.
Sonoran Bloom
 for Today’s Unhealthy World
 Top 10 reasons to love thiswellness breakthrough!
Excess Weight andChildren’s Wellness
Food choices: When to say“GO, SLOW and WHOA.”
Are You B12 Deficient?
 The top 10 ways to know –and what you can do to protectagainst it.
Gillian & Terry’s 10Year Journey with TriVita
A business relationship thatdeveloped with a mutualpassion or wellness.
Learn how Nopaleacan help your body.
MemorableLeanology Stories
Here are some inspiring,enlightening Leanology storiesrom the past ew years.
Hello Nopalea, GoodByeMuscle Soreness
Sue’s unbelievableexperience with thisamazing wellness drink.
Superior IngredientsMake Better Products
 TriVita’s unwaveringcommitment to quality.
t seems like not so long ago
that I sat inthe oce o our CEO, Michael Ellison, ashe shared his dream o starting TriVita.You see, while TriVita marks its 10th anniversarythis month, I began my association withMichael almost 13 years ago at Ellison Media– TriVita’s sister company. Many o you haveheard Michael share his story, but I think it’simportant to hear it rom someone who wasthere rom the beginning.When I came on board as Michael’s assistant in1996, he was traveling every week, and most o our contact was by phone while he was betweenmedia clients. Oten, when he was on the road,he would call to check in and would tell me howhe sat in the parking lot o a hospital emergencyroom the night beore contemplating whetherhe should go in or not. He wasn’t sure whatwas happening to his body, but we all knew itwasn’t good. It wasn’t long ater a ew o theseincidences that Mayo Clinic told him that i hedidn’t change his health patterns, he would diea young man.I hadn’t been there long enough to gure himout, but I did know this much – he was a veryintense man, and when he made a decision to dosomething, he did it! The news rom Mayo hithome. Michael soon began a wellness journey todiscover the essentials or wellness (now TriVita’s10 Essentials or Health & Wellness – see page 2).He began to apply these principles in his lieand discovered that these simple, yet prooundessentials were a revelation to help him nd hisown wellness.A couple o years later, I ound mysel sittingin his oce listening to him pour his heart outwith such passion about starting a company thatwould make an impact on changing the waypeople thought about their health. He dreamedo a company that would share these 10 Essentialsand have great nutritional products that wouldproduce wellness experiences so powerul thatpeople would want to share them with others. Itwas three years into Michael’s wellness journeythat he then ormed TriVita.The rest is history, and I moved rom EllisonMedia to join the Marketing Department o TriVita in 2000. When I think about how
 July 2009
Special Anniversary Celebration
  tt $100
  tt $150
  tt $200
 S A VE UP TO $30
o n  yo u r o rde r 
 O ffe r good  t h ro ug h  7 - 3 1 - 0 9
Oer good through 7-31-09. Savings oer applies to products only; does not apply to Gits o Health or Git Cardpurchases, taxes or shipping ees. These savings do not apply to web orders.

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