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Semian Line

Semian Line

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Published by mehta_chintan
Dedicated to Dearest Anthony Writer Sir.. Semian line found on Burma's Dictator "Than Shwe" - For study to Jyotish Bharati Students.
Dedicated to Dearest Anthony Writer Sir.. Semian line found on Burma's Dictator "Than Shwe" - For study to Jyotish Bharati Students.

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Categories:Types, Research, Science
Published by: mehta_chintan on Sep 12, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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DOB : 2 February 1933, Kyaukse, Mandalaya, British Burma
Gen. Than Shwe’s Monkey Hand&The Case For Democracy In Burma
 _ by David Law 
Just awhile ago, I came across pictures of Gen. Than Shwe with a prominent view of his palm which made me very curious sincemost of us who grew up in Burma have an interest in palmistry and astrology.
(If, among our Readers, there is anyone who cananalyze palms, we from Burma Digest enthusiastically invite you for your findings on Than Shwe’s palm and also on Ben Laden’s palm from an earlier article.)
As you can see , our photoartist, Mr. Creator, has morphed ThanShwe’s face on to Osama Ben Laden and named it Ben La Shwe.Alsosee the Ben La Shwe where Ben Laden’s palm does show these threelines.The upper crease is the Line of the Head, or intellect. The lower creaseis the Line of the Heart, or romanticism. These two lines, in theordinary person, do not go all the way across the palm. The diagonalline is the Line of Life, or longevity.
My knowledge of palmistry is not much, but at the very least, I know about the three main lines that most people are supposed tohave, except Gen. Than Shwe. As you can see
from the normal baby’s palm on the left; there are the upper, lower anddiagonal lines.
 A simian crease is a single palmar crease ascompared to two creasesin a normal palm. Simiancrease occurs in about 1out of 30 normal people,but is also frequentlyassociated with other conditions such as Down syndrome, Aarskog  syndrome or foetal alcohol  syndrome.
In the picture, there is a normal baby’s palm on the left and a palm with the Simian Crease on the right. See again how similar it isto Than Shwe’s palm. Thus, we can say that Than Shwe has a Simian Crease which is found in Down syndrome, Aarskogsyndrome or foetal alcohol syndrome. All three of these conditions are associated with mental retardation and other abnormalities.Now look at the picture of the orangutan’s palm on the left in the picture above. You will notice that the ape also has a crease thatextends all the way across, just like the line on Than Shwe’s hand. That is known as a Simian’s Crease, simian meaning ape or monkey. In this photo, there are even two Simian Creases, both running ALL the way across, like in Than Shwe’s palm.Looking at Than Shwe’s palm, you will notice that he does NOT have any Line of the Head. Does this mean he has no brain?Well, Than Shwe’s behaviour speaks for himself. He only has the Line of the Heart that extends all the way across, which isunusual.
Does it mean that he and his wife, Kyaing Kyaing, have enjoyed passionate romance? Well, they do have been together all theseyears. Till Death Do Us Part, like Marie Antoinette and King Louis XIV on the guillotine.
Monkey hand compared with Than Shwe’s hand
And the Line of Life! Are my eyes playing tricks? This line seems so disgustingly long that it is curving around the base of the palmlike an L, Long Life. I could be wrong since I am not a palmist, and I welcome anyone who knows palmistry to tell me off. Tell meto go see an eye doctor if you will, but to me this damn line looks a long L. I’m sorry, People, that this line is SO long. Let’s work

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