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CS176 Project

CS176 Project

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Published by Dani Eleazar

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Published by: Dani Eleazar on Sep 12, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Summer Vacations 1
iv Summer Vacations Summer Vacations
 Art is Us
 Dani Eleazar 
“All art is quite useless.” – Oscar Wilde
odles o people do this thing where they turninto something they’re not in ront o peoplethey want to make an impression on all thetime. I see this as a sort o their only moment or theirartistic juices to ow out. The only time these peo-ple can call themselves creative is when they longor the attention they can’t get by being themselves,thus, their innovativeness in creating a totally dier-ent character—one that they deem apt to the en-vironment they want to t into. I, however, can setmysel apart rom people who nd it easy to take theshape o whatever shape like any uid substance. Ideviate and don’t really nd pleasure in doing whateveryone chooses to do. That’s how I characterizemysel when I’m in a particular social context.
have this habit on taking a non- conormist role inevery gathering that I go to, especially in ormalevents where attire has strict parameters. I chooseto show up in jeans and sweats in events that requiresilk, taeta or satin abrics and I’d show up in layers o chion or those events that require dressed- downoutts. I like being the odd one out; the outcast andthe weird girl. The weird girl with a very unique dis-position, although inappropriate, but one who likesdeclaring to the world how not normal she’d wantto be. You can call me a rebel, I don’t actually care. That’s the beauty in going against the norm—I don’tstress mysel over thinking o how people perceiveme to be or how people want to judge or, more ap-propriately, misjudge me. As much as most peopledon’t like the image or the presence o an imminentdierence, I like the constant weird looks and atten-tion… Or the lack o attention, rather. For me, this ismy own kind o art that I make o mysel. I’m much o an artist as those people who create a aux açadeso themselves in order to make them seem dierent.As much as I really don’t like the idea o sharing thesame identity as those people who try so hard, I haveto.
hy? That’s because I AM them. I AM thosepeople who try hard. What I just did in theprevious paragraph was exactly what I rstdescribed about people making it seem like they’redierent. I put on this image o divergence romnorms and made it look like my own personalitywhen in truth, it really isn’t. This is how I deal withcertain situations. It doesn’t sound really good butthat’s what I, sadly, do in the midst o dierent peo-ple in dierent environments. I guess it’s sae to saythat I don’t have a real personality when it comes toother people. I shit, bend and shape like water andI make mysel this useless work o art. I’m uselesslyinteresting that way. 
The only time these people cancall themselves creative is whenthey long for the attention theycan’t get by being themselves,thus, their innovativeness increating a totally different character 

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