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Final Height Predictions

Final Height Predictions

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Published by drtpk
How to predict the final adult height of a child? For the attention of Physicians...
How to predict the final adult height of a child? For the attention of Physicians...

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Categories:Types, Research
Published by: drtpk on Sep 13, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Final Height PredictionsHow to predict the adult height of a child?
The adult height of a child who grows up under favorable environmentalcircumstances is, to a large extent, dependent on heredity. The final heightof the child may, therefore, be postulated from parental heights. Indeed,various methods of final height predictions, which take into accountparental height, have been described. A child¶s adult height can also bepredicted from his or her heights at earlier ages, with correlations on theorder of 0.8. However, children differ greatly in rate of development; someattain maturity at a relatively early age, while others have a slow tempo andfinish growing relatively late. Hence, knowledge of the degree of development increases the accuracy of final height predictions. The onlypractical guide to acquire this knowledge is by assessment of skeletalmaturity, usually estimated from a hand and wrist radiograph.Using skeletal age for prediction of ultimate height, it is also possible tomake a rough calculation as follows:Measure the individual¶s height, plot it on a standard growth curve, andextrapolate the value horizontally to the age on the chart that is equal to thebone age. If the point of extrapolation falls between the 5th and 95thcentiles, then a guarded prediction of normal adult stature can be given.The closer the extrapolated value is to the 50th centile, the more accurate itis likely to be.Other bone age and height prediction methods commonly in use are thoseof Bayley-Pinneau, Roche et al and Tanner-Whitehouse. All of thesemethods use radiographs of the hand and wrist to assess skeletal maturity

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