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Published by LinuxAC
‫الـ ‪ Virtualization‬وتقنية الـ ‪Xen‬‬
‫الـ ‪ Virtualization‬وتقنية الـ ‪Xen‬‬

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Published by: LinuxAC on Sep 13, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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ـلاVirtualizationـلا ةينقتو Xen
ـلاVirtualizationدحأ هنوك بس لذ يللا تقولا يف ةنوخ ةمعلا ضاوملا علا رثكأ أ دحأـلا رف ،ل .زم ش هلغإ اوملا رفو  Virtualization،طا ى ددج تسل ةكر ه يلك زهجأ  IBMـلك  pSeriesـلا zSeriesـلا د يلا زهجا  ر  Virtualizationـلا نر ث ار  ًأ .ًادج وط تق  VMWareـلا أVirtualBox ون  ه يلا زهجا ى ًأ ةلا  د يلاx86ـلا أIntel Based. ـلا اVirtualizationـلا وص  Intel x86ـلا AMDى ق ةل ءك اذ تصأ هن يخ هج  رثكأ غشل علا/اوملا دز Virtual Machine و ا ،تقولا  ه دحا ـلا  ركل ردلا  ًأ .ًصأ ةلا  ارإ أ أVirtualizationمظ ز تصأ ـلا ةص عولاSLESـلا openSUSEةفضا غشملا ارلا ع ب و   ك ، .دع أ لا ب د هل 
ـلا هفم ىع رلا :ًوأVirtualization
هنك ةخ ةئ يف مع يغشلا لا   ، مع لا علا  غشلا ن ف ي ى غش ن  رثكأ غش ًن ةلا علا/اوملا ةكش ًأ ل  ةلا  . وح .ةلا  علا/اوملا ن 
ـلا ازيم أ م Virtualization:ةمع صب 
1ك غ و  علا ى دحا ن غش حا ع يف ح .زم ش علا معإ -.فأ ش هلغإ م يلا نا  رسخن يلل علا صاومل 2ـلا  أ ،ًع لا هلا قول يزلا تقولا   -Down Timeن لذ .ل  .ثملا  ى علا يف ةش أ وح ةلح يف رآ ىلا هج  ةلوهس ن ن 3يف رغ ىلا  لا  رغ حا ع .ةجلا د عل لا/ةفضا يف ةنرملا -) ل زملا علاRAM، HardDisk، CPUأ ،ةرلا بسح هفح أ رثكأ  ةفض ًاءاو (رآ ىلا ، .يخلا هلا لذ غشل ي  دل  ل إ رآ هج ىلا ك لا  و أ
ـلا ع ةيفيك ىع رلا :ًيث XEN
ـلا رف  نركذ أ  مك Virtualizationةكرشل إ ددج تسل IBMي زهجا  ددعلا ددج ة م  ةنملا رلا ملا ل دهش لا رلا ولا  ولا .ةلا  هاد همإXENون   ى يخ هج  رثكأ غش ل  ةلا  .Intel x86رآ بسح . ى دعلا ىلا  هنإ بس غشلا ةمنأ مج غش ى ق ر تلا ةلا   يوع د Codeو د يلا ةمنا ًادج زم ش ًلح غش ي اهل .يغشلا ل خلا
Open Source Systemث Linux BSDـلا ث ةمنأ غش س تنك إ رأ   Windowsغشلا ن ءث ،و ر  خلا دملا وك بس  Netwareةكر  لذ   Novellـلا ة ت مع  يل  دعل تق هسن Xenـلا ى  دأ ينإ م ًأ . Virtualizationةكر  ك نإ ىلا رأ أ د ك Intel AMDهلعمل فضإ ًلح و  ـلا أدمل ةما ا  ة   Virtualizationةكر .Intelـ ةفضا  يمس  Vanderpool AMDمس Pacificaوح دزملا ةفرع ه لا ءلا زز أ ح يف  ـلا ف ةم تصأ ح يف نإ فضا  يف ملا .فضا Xenن أ غش س ـلا ث دملا غ ك ول ىح غش Windows.
ـلا  يك ةرل اXen:م ك ىع ر أ نيع ،
1ـلا اونأ ةفرع (Virtualization2ـلا ة هف (Xen
1ـلا اأ ةرم ىلا ىلا ت (Virtualization:ًوأ :وا نلاFull Virtualization
ـل خلا نرلا و ولا ا يف Virtualization .ًأ عل ةم ل ةخ ةئ مع  نرلا ق لا يخلا علا ا  علا ةطخم ةئلا  يف مع لا لا يغشلا لاـلا نر رع .ل مع VMWareـلا  ولا ا معس يلا ارلا رأ  Virtualization.
:لا نلاPara Virtualization
فاولا ىمس م لا لا دز ولا ا دمع يلا ارلا و ل ةخ ةئ م  د ةرملاApplication Programming Interfaceرخ API لا ل مس فاولا  . يلا علا معإPhysical Hardwareـلا  ولا ا .ع بطخلا   ةجلا دVirtualizationب أ س يل ةخ ةئ يف مع ن رع أ ى ق لا و أ ب ةرملا فاولا معإAPIـلا ي ةرلا  دخس يلا ارلا رأ  .Xenـلا أ ،Xen و نر Para-Virtualization.
ـلاPara Virtualizationـلا  فأ ءاأ د Full Virtualizationيخ  مع و  هن لذ  Virtual Hardwareةرلا اولا ةاو ةجلا بسح وجوملا علا معس منإ API's اه  ـلا ة  علا و دق .ل ةج تسل ي ءي ز Para Virtualizationـلا معس لا Xenغش ًلح نوك يLinux BSD  Netwareـلا غش س  ف Windowsأ ,ًث  ـلا ص نإ ةلا ل .دملا ةغ ةمناFull Virtualizationةغ ةمنا غش ى ق ـلا دخس يلا ارلا ةنإ ءك  هغش س  ل ،دملاPara Virtualization .ـلا از Para Virtualizationـلا ى راFull Virtualizationلا ةفضا يف ةنرملا ي ـلا  رأ حس ةفضإ س ًث .لا ل غش إ م ىلا ةجلا  ةجلا د عل RAMا ك أ ،رأ ر غش إ لا م قو و أ  لل جح د لا ل ـلا يف  Run Time.
2ـلا ةيي ه (Xen
ـلا ة Xen:م ،إ أ زج ى دمع 1يخلا ولا ةقار نر -Virtual Machine Monitor ةمنا   ةلا ثم ءزلا ا . يسرلا علا لا لا ر يلا صولا ةح و رأ ع أ ،علا  ةفسملا ةخلاPhysical Hardwareـل نرلا ا ىمس ة و .Hypervisor . 2اأ -XenأXen toolsراا ر   معس يلا ارلا  ةوم   ي . ـلا اإ ادخ لا رد هج يلاVirtual Machines.ـلا نر Virtual Machine Monitor يخ ن أ غش سن أ ق مع و أ ب Virtual Machineـلا ة  معلا د ًعط .Xenـلا ىمس Virtual Machineدل Domainا ًأ . نرلاVirtual Machine Monitor غش م Driversعلا  بطخل Hardwareهل  ف م  ملاInterfaceـلا لا رد  بطخلا صاولا هل   يل Administrator رص ق دلا يف مع غش ن    وا  .Domain0ـلا ثم ح . Domain0ملاController ةفسملا را ةمن Guestsلا و رأ ع أ .ةخلا همإ ةد   ك لذ  .هلا ى مع يلا ةخلا ةمنا يق ن أ سن ل  xendـلا يف مع يلا Domain0.را دلا مج رد يلا ةدخلا ي ،

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