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Hinsdale Public Library Volunteer Manual

Hinsdale Public Library Volunteer Manual

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Published by: Hinsdale Public Library on Sep 13, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Hinsdale Public LibraryVolunteer manual
Table of contentsA. Position of volunteer coordinator
The volunteer coordinator reports to the Executive Director and oversees the volunteer staff of thelibrary. This volunteer position shall be the person primarily responsible for screening volunteerapplications and placing volunteers within the library. The volunteer coordinator shall participatein such library meetings as the director deems necessary.The Volunteer coordinator is responsible for the following:
maintaining contact with library staff to determine what needs the library has that could bemet with volunteer assistance;
reviewing volunteer applications and determining if the volunteer could be of service to thelibrary based upon the volunte
er’s availability and library needs;
initiating efforts to publicize volunteer opportunities and recruit volunteers when needed;
maintain a current list of volunteers, with information on their background, special talents orinterests, and contact information;
maintain an e-mail tree and/or telephone tree for communicating with volunteers
act as a liaison between library staff and volunteers should any issues arise that needmediation;
soliciting feedback from volunteers to insure that their volunteer experience is a positive one;
ensuring that volunteers are recognized for their efforts
developing and maintaining all documents necessary for the administration and function of thevolunteer program.
B. Procedures for administering the volunteer program(1) Types of library volunteers.
Library volunteers come to the library in a variety of ways and serve in many different capacities. Thelibrary uses both
student volunteers
(who typically come to the library with a definite end-date in mind)and
adult volunteers
(whose service typically have no pre-set time limitation). Student volunteers areeligible to work in the library if they are at least in the 6
The Youth Services department is the primary user of student volunteers, as many of their volunteersare students working in the library for some specific purpose related to their education or extra-curricular activities. Student volunteers tend to be referred to the library under the auspices of community entities such as Hinsdale Central High School or Boy Scout troops. These relationships tendto be long-standing and established. There is no need to recruit student volunteers as they come to thelibrary on a regular basis through the established arrangements.Adult volunteers tend to contact the library through their own initiative and are motivated out of theirdesire to serve the community. They serve throughout all the departments of the library, with theexception of Youth Services. Some adult volunteers contact the library because of the need to completecommunity service hours, typically because of some type of conviction in the local courts. The librarydoes accept community service volunteers, but does give those applicants careful scrutiny beforeagreeing to accept them.
(2) Applying for a volunteer position.
All volunteers must complete and submit a volunteer application form. This form is the first opportunityfor the library to gather information on the volunteer. This form must gather sufficient information sothat the library can make an informed decision whether to accept the volunteer. The volunteerapplication form is also used to gather important contact information for the volunteer which can bemaintained in a database.
The library shall use two volunteer forms: (1) a “Volunteer Application Form,” and (2) a “School YearVolunteer Application Form.” Two forms are used because the School Year Volunteer Application Form
has a timesheet log on the backside which is used by Youth Services to track student volunteer hours.The volunteer application forms shall be maintained by the volunteer coordinator and made availablethrough the library website, or available at the circulation desk.For community service volunteer applican
ts, the library uses a modified “Volunteer Application Form”that includes questions about the nature of the applicant’s offense.
If any volunteer applicant indicatesthat he or she has been convicted of a felony, the volunteer coordinator may submit a criminal records
request to the Illinois State Police to further investigate the applicant’s criminal background.
 For student volunteer applicants, the Youth Services department shall distribute and collect theapplications for those positions.
(3) Accepting the library volunteer.
The volunteer coordinator will receive all application forms (with the exception of student volunteers forYouth Services). For adult volunteers, the library screens these volunteers with care, making sure thatthey have the ability to be productive and that the library has a need for their services. For studentvolunteers, the library does not typically have to screen the applicants in the same manner because theyare seeking volunteer work as part of their membership in some community entity. The library does notguarantee a position for every volunteer applicant.
For adult volunteers, the VC shall make the determination if there is currently a need for the volunteerin the library, after consulting with the appropriate department heads. All information on volunteerapplications, accepted and rejected, shall be included in a database maintained by the volunteercoordinator. If there is no suitable work for the volunteer at the time of the initial application, thevolunteer coordinator may contact the volunteer again if a volunteer opportunity arises.Volunteers under the age of 18 must have permission from a parent of legal guardian.If the volunteer applicant indicates that he or she has been convicted of a criminal offense, thevolunteer coordinator will review the application with the director in the event that the volunteercoordinator believes that the applicant should be considered. The library will not accept individuals whohave been convicted of any of the following:
Theft of any kind, including larceny, embezzlement, shoplifting, etc.
Violence of any kind, including assault, child abuse, fighting, etc.
Illegal drug charges of any kind
Sexual charges of any nature, including indecent exposure, etc.
Any other felonies or crimes deemed unacceptable by the Hinsdale Public Library
(4) Initial meeting with the volunteer.
The volunteer coordinator shall set up a meeting with the new adult volunteer. The meeting timeshould be one that is convenient with the supervisor who will be in charge of the volunteer. At themeeting, the VC will:provide a copy of the volunteer guidelines document and review this with the volunteer;provide the volunteer with a volunteer nameplate;provide the volunteer with a tour of the library;
introduce the volunteer to the staff member who will be serving as the volunteer’s supervisor.
 The VC will check off these items on the volunteer intake sheet to show that each step was performed.For student volunteers, the Youth Services department shall arrange the initial meeting with the studentvolunteer. The Youth Services department shall keep the volunteer coordinator informed of any newstudent volunteer working within the library.
(5) Assignment of work-duties and establishing schedule.
The volunteer is entitled to work assignments that are within his or her capabilities. The supervisor of all types of volunteer shall be responsible for clarifying the work duties of each volunteer andestablishing an agreeable work-schedule. The supervisor will show the volunteer his or her work area
and discuss issues such as where to store the volunteer’s personal belongings during work hours.
(6) Training & supervision.

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