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Easy A Script Draft

Easy A Script Draft



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Published by DeadlyPoisonedCandy
Draft Script of Easy A (2010)
Draft Script of Easy A (2010)

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Published by: DeadlyPoisonedCandy on Sep 13, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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byBert V. RoyalFirst DraftAugust 3, 2008C/O PARADIGM TALENT AGENCYValarie Phillips & Trevor Astbury&R.E.D. ENTERTAINMENTDana Jackson
IN DARKNESS:OLIVE (V.O.)The rumors of my promiscuity havebeen greatly exaggerated.FADE IN:INT. OLIVE’S BEDROOM - PRESENT DAYOLIVE PENDERGHAST (17), a cute teenager, speaks directly intothe WEBCAM atop her computer.OLIVELet the record show that I, OlivePenderghast, being of sound mind,ample breast size and theoccasional corny knock knock joke,do enter this video blog intoevidence in the case against me.Because I’m being judged by a juryof my peers, I will attempt toinsert ‘like’ and ‘totally’ into myconfession as much as possible. Sohere it goes... I confess I’m, inno small part, to blame for thevociferous gossip that has turned my Varsity letter scarlet, but -for anyone hoping that the sizzlingdetails of my sordid past willprovide you with a reason to lockthe door and make love to a dollopof your sister’s moisturizinglotion - you’ll be gravelydisappointed.(Beat.)Look, I just need to set the recordstraight and what better way to dothat, than to broadcast it on theInternet. So, here it is -- PartOne: The Shudder-Inducing andCliched, However Totally FalseAccount Of How I Lost My VirginityTo A Guy At A Community College InA Neighboring Town.(Beat.)Let me just begin by saying thatthere are two sides to every story.This is my side, the right one.(Beat.)Like, totally.
INT. CAFETERIA - DAYOlive sits with her best friend, RHIANNON ABERNATHY (17), abrash teenager. It would be safe to say that these girls aredefinitely on the “B List” at their school.RHIANNONFuck off! George is not a ‘sexy’name. George is like what you nameyour teddy bear, not the name you wanna scream out during an orgasm.OLIVEThat’s bullshit. There are lots ofsexy Georges.RHIANNONName three.Olive starts to say something, but Rhiannon interrupts her.RHIANNON (CONT’D)Besides Clooney. Too easy.OLIVEShouldn’t that alone be enough?RHIANNONFine. That’s one. Number two?OLIVE(Thinking)Okay. George... Ummmm... Reeves!RHIANNONWho’s that?OLIVESuperman. From way back. He washot.RHIANNONNo way. Teddy bear.OLIVEBullshit. Ben Affleck played him in that movie!RHIANNONSo what? Charlize Theron playedthat butt-fucking-ugly lesbo serialkiller. Besides he’s from anothercentury.2.(MORE)

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