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b00k of School

b00k of School

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Published by nmjoshi77859
This translated e-book, from spanish to engish can be used as a reference material for those who are involved in DISCIPLINE WORK IN 'SCHOOL OF DISCIPLINES'.
This translated e-book, from spanish to engish can be used as a reference material for those who are involved in DISCIPLINE WORK IN 'SCHOOL OF DISCIPLINES'.

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Published by: nmjoshi77859 on Sep 14, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The present volume collection of school books that circulated in early 1973 between the workinggroups. Those were intended to present the issues that were developed in each case by competentspeakers. In edited all the books in a book, maintains the original diversity while giving the officialversion so upset today by successive copies and endorsements were added when passing from hand tohand.Anyone who read this book without having participated in related developments, would encounterserious difficulties in understanding and presenting him repugnant elements that seem to accept largenumbers of cases without analysis. Happen, if so, what happens if we are faced with something out of alarger context. It is clear therefore that this work is an instrument designed solely to move betweengroups.'sNotebook No. 1: Pure Formhas not changed. Complements the book Transcendental Meditation.notebook No. 2: The Method has been elirninado Annex The Movement and the No. 3 TheTransmutation ;has not been modified. Both are complement the book Poetic Minor ;Booklet No. 4: General has been revised in some points, adapting to audiovisual put into circulation under the title:School Ternas ;Booklet No. 5 has not been modified.The book is No. 6 has added a new annex is excerpt from the book I Gin Ta Hua Chinese Dsung Dschi.complement the book The Inner Look. For últirno, notebook No. 7 Art, Science, Trades and Schools ,has undergone formal variations, but not substance.H.van Doren Santiago, May 1973
Notebook # 1: The Pure Form
There were no existent nor non-existent. There was no realm of air, no sky beyond it. What was in it andwhere? And what gave shelter? Was water there, unfathomed depth of water? There was no deaththen, nor was there anything immortal, there were not any signs, which divide the day and night. Thatsomething, breathless, breathed by its own nature. Apart from that, there was nothing.(From The Canticle of Creation; - Veda X, 129)1.Usually relates to how the mode of visual perception. We know that perceptions are not oniy receivedthrough sight and feeling (structured by consciousness), but are received by the other senses. According
to this, the shapes of objects can affect both color and length as the overall sound, taste, etc. Also canspeak of the representation of forms, through acts of memory or imaginative acts. There are cases thatarise in ways that are representations of inner feelings, as in many dreams and daydreams. With thethings, ways are the structures of perception (or representation) and not, of course, the structures of the objects .2. Of the same object can be taken different forms depending on the channels of feeling used,depending on the perspective on the object and the type of structure which makes the conscience.Altered consciousness, for example, alter the ways that normal consciousness delivery on theirperceptions and usual representations. Therefore can not be neglected structure of the consciousnessby studying the forms. The various levels of consciousness put, each its own formal setting. Each level(overly simplified), proceeds as typical field structure that is linked to forms also features.3. Exemplifying: At the level of deep sleep, acts of reasoning and in general, long logical sequences areabsent. Rather, there are acts of memory and associations criticized. In general, partnerships aremultiplying rapidly, and merge images or differ in unpredictable sequences. Awareness of own ego andself is absent horn appears as seen from "outside" or sometimes seen in "other"or "other." Mechanics observed by some psychological currents is in sleep or verifiable. Itlists the displacement, dramatization, secondary elaborations, etc..4. The emotional tone that is associated with representations do not necessarily match the same way asin the waking state. Thus, images that provoke fear in waking, in sleep are stimulants and liberating orreverse Ia: words or deeds insignificant charge have symbolic value and emotional burdendisproportionate to everyday mentation. The hypnotic power of the dream is exaggerated forms andthis is possible by blocking and self-critical events, of acts of reasoning, which are those that let you setparameters, and to draw comparisons in the ordinary mentation.5. In the structure of this level of consciousness corresponding forms are linked to memories andfeelings, both external and the body itself. Internal sensations are amplified considerably and areassociated with characteristic representations and emotional tones. The forms of the complex"world" are emerging in the vitality diffused, non-exempt, at times, colorful, beauty andmeaning.6. Sleep forms have real psychological existence, moving many of them more conscious level, but losingits power of suggestion and its central location. In that sense, we can not say that dreams and theirforms are unreal, "its not really happening is less than the content of other levels of consciousness. Indeed, the" reality "of waking perception is greater than the dream .7. In any case, the emerging forms of consciousness (whatever their level of work), they are realstructures in the incentive compensation ... We are not saying simply: "answers" to theencouragement, saying: "compensation structure!" The stimulus can be either a sensation,as a representation or an act of reasoning. As long as there are no clear that any form (regardless of theworking level of consciousness), is a compensation structuring to stimuli, not discover the relationship
that may exist between a geometric figure made rationally irrational and symbolic or dreamlike. Theform is the object of the act of structuring compensation.8. The stimulus becomes conscience formed when the structure from its working level. Thus, the samestimulus results in different ways depending on structuring responses to different levels of consciousness. Following this line of thought, podernos say that the different levels of consciousness,fulfill the function of compensating structurally to the world, understood in this case " world"as the sum de.sensaciones, representations, etc., who come (or have come), from the outsidethrough the senses. There are acts of consciousness that are not (originally), supplemented by forms.That kind of pure acts in search of the complete object (which might indicate the corresponding forrna),is the basis of memory.9. Thus, it is easy to evoke the characteristic work until consciousness "is" the objectinvoked and stops in the "search", to be completed by the corresponding shape. More canbe illustrated this another case of evocation: a person leaves a place with the feeling of having forgottensomething. Evocantes Acts target different mental areas to work with "discarded" therepresentations that emerge and are recognized as inappropriate. The act in search of its object, rejectany form which does not correspond to their own field. In this case, the subject recognizes the feeling of "loss" or "forgetting" about the lack of implesión the act with an object anddoes not stop the widespread "fear" until the true form emerges as the object of the act of structuring compensation.10. To make a short digression, be advised that the core of ensuefio is not a form or image portrayed,but just the whole mindset working on structuring compensation against the mass of stimuli, with itscharacteristic tone in every human being. When full consciousness Search the act gives to the core and itappears as form, as image, being eliminated the anxiety that causes this formidable incentive ensueflokernel. But when the core is formalized, where the act is completed, a new quest begins to develop. The"archetypes" that mention some psychological currents are only those nuclei dream andcompleted as a form and thus overcome by the awareness up.11. A strange paradox!, Archetypes fail to act when they are formalized as such, whereas before givingthem are not archetypes but images or forms that do not meet at all; diffuse forms not fully completed.Projecting these ideas to a larger scope , you will understand how the mechanics of consciousness seekstotal completed in a final order ... there arise the various forms of immortality, never met, becauseconsciousness can not be completed entirely in passing. Immortality is timeless, is the shape of structuring compensation total.12. It is not enough then, naively infer that the pursuit of immortality is an escape from everyday reality.The search for immortality is in the dynamic structure of consciousness that in its process and its history,is completing his gods interim steps, with distressing archetypes that are crumbling from age to age. Inmany legends are looking for the "gift" AI happiness, it goes through deserts, caves,mountains and seas, are consulted wise men and magicians, and monsters fighting forces, to give to thatimponderable that has the flavor of memory, the same memory of a paradise lost, the same flavor of 

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