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Your Super Human DNA

Your Super Human DNA



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What do you believe? Do you believe that it's possible to reprogram your DNA...?
What do you believe? Do you believe that it's possible to reprogram your DNA...?

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Published by: Christopher A. Pinckley on Sep 14, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 Your Super Human DNAGenetics
One of my favorite things about the new emerging science is that it has finallyhumbled itself into one of the greatest understandings of all mankind in any age,and that is this;
We now know that we really don’t know.
Haha! I love it!I’m no scientist, but when I first began learning some of the more basic concepts of genetics and the so called ‘’permanent, unchangeable structure’ of them, I had a bitof a resistance to the whole thing. My feeling was, “I don’t believe it, not even for asecond.” Further, I also truly believe that instincts and intuition can account for alot more of the greatest discoveries and Universal truths in life than pureintellectualism by itself. Thus it was that I set off to reprogram and rebuild myself,at a very young age, into something more Super than my present self.
Trial and Error
Now, for any of you who have read my book, you know that my journey was filledwith a variety of pitfalls, setbacks, and painful learning experiences. And yet, Iprevailed in my belief that the human being had so much more which it wascapable of and that, especially for those people who felt disempowered, there was away out of it all-and into the life of their dreams.One of my first adventures was into the subconscious mind, delving deeply into myown subconscious before I really had any inkling as to what I was getting ready todo.
The Power of Your Subconscious Mind
I came across this book, one of my very first spiritual self-help type books, entitled
The Power of Your Subconscious Mind 
by Dr. Joseph Murphy. At the time I hadbeen researching people who lived to be extraordinarily old (anything past 125years old was interesting to me). Upon reading this book I became convinced thathuman beings are truly capable of reprogramming their own DNA to do or beanything we want to.I set about immediately creating affirmations and subconscious prayers that I wouldlive to be over 150 years old, amongst other things. What I didn’t realize was thatthe subconscious mind does not know how to take a joke, it doesn’t judge whethersomething is good or bad for you, it makes no choice whatsoever, it simply carriesout your commands in whatever way it knows how.
Resting Heart Rate
At the time my resting heart rate was probably around 60bpm, which is low onaccount of the fact that I was very athletic and exercised every day. However, after
I had been doing my affirmations and subconscious reprogramming for some time, Ibegan to feel that something had changed in my heart rate. What I found out muchlater, but did not know at the time, was that my subconscious mind had readjustedmy resting heart rate to 50bpm because that’s what it calculated would help me tolive to be 150 years old. The problem with this was that I could sort of tell that something had happened withmy heart rate and I began to get nervous. On account of my own hypersensitivitiesand neurotic tendencies to dwell and obsess on things, I began to trick out my ownnervous system. Instead of realizing that my heart rate had simply dropped 10bpm(which was probably just fine), I freaked out and began to fear falling asleep as myheart rate might drop too low. This resulted in a battle between my conscious andsubconscious minds, which created an erratic heart rate for awhile.
Other experiments
Later, I experimented with money. I began to utilize affirmations about aligningmyself with the power of god and circulating god’s wealth in my life, all based uponDr. Joseph Murphy’s book “
How to Use the Laws of Mind.
It took about threedays of doing them, repeating them out loud to myself over and over again, butamazing things started to happen. I ran into more people who wanted hire me as apersonal trainer, more people who were interested in what I did, and more moneybegan to flow into my life.At this point I was sold.
Sold American!
To me it felt like magic, as if I were
creating my own miracles in my life
. The first thing I wondered was,
Why didn’t Iknow about this before?
 The second thing I wondered was,
Why doesn’t everybody do this?
Well, the answers to both questions were really the same, people don’tbelieve in their own power. They just don’t. This means two things, first that if you don’t believe in your own power then yournot going to teach your kids how powerful they are. Second, if you suddenly realizethat you are all powerful then you also simultaneously realize that you cannotblame anyone else for your own short comings in life. Now this one,
this one
, is the“gucher” so to speak. I found that people loved to complain, loved to blame, andloved to rationalize their own problems to the extent that they were part of theiridentity. For some people, if you take away their problems, you take away theirsense of importance.
Unlocking Your Super Human Potential
 Truly it is that I believe we are capable of incredible feats. I think that within eachperson exists a
Super Being
, waiting to be acknowledged, unlocked, and let free.
 John Randolph Price
, another of my favorite authors, has a book entitled exactlythat;
The Super Beings
. In this amazing book John talks about levels oconsciousness on your evolutionary path that denote different abilities, some of 
which may be described as ‘super human’ in nature. For instance, someone whoexhibits the abilities of a level 3 consciousness has just come into the awarenessthat they create their own reality and perhaps has begun to experiment withaffirmations and visualizations as well as acknowledge how they have created theirlife (both the good and the bad). Conversely, a person who denotes thecharacteristics of a level 6 consciousness may actually be able to control andmanipulate physical matter with their own human attention. They may have alsodiscovered the properties of longevity and anti aging, even though it is most likelynot their goal or aim.But how, how do we unlock our incredible latent talents and abilities??? Well, againfor those of you who know me, you know I have a few tried and true answers that Ialways repeat, over and over again. However, this time I’m not going to preachmeditation to you (although it’s a brilliant idea if you decide to do it).
Supplanting Thoughts
I am going to suggest a new strategy to you, one that I used to do and am excitedto say that I have returned to myself. I suggest to you to try the method of constant thought replacement and supplementation.For example, let’s say that you are feeling unwell, or unhealthy. Let’s say that youhave been feeling this way for long enough that you have a regular, automatedthought system around it. Let’s say it goes something like this; “God, I feel terrible.I really wish I didn’t feel so lousy. This really sucks, life really isn’t fair. I wish I washealthy and vibrant. I really hate being sick, I hate my body for not being able tofight off this sickness. I wish I was healthy and happy like that person over there.Life is so easy for them, I really dislike them, they are so lucky.” This is a bit extreme, yet I have met many people who have this unfortunate systemof thought process. It’s not their fault; nobody taught them or told them that theirnegative thoughts are destroying their body. I, myself, have gotten caught up inmany vicious thought processes in my lifetime thus far. However, I have driven intomy subconscious that I am the creator of my own experience, which ultimatelyallows me to pull myself out of it and get back on track with the life that I want.So, for someone in this predicament, their task would be to supplant the entireprocess with another thought process that was positive and productive instead.Right when you begin to feel this thought process start, you would stop yourself andinstead say out loud, “My mind and body are governed by Divine Will and DivineOrder. God’s healing Love fills my Soul and I radiate peace and good will to allthose around me.”Now, if you did this half heartedly for only a day or two, of course nothing happensand you chalk it up to mumbo jumbo. What if the first time you got on a bicycle youfell off and decided that you couldn’t ride a bike? That’s ridiculous right? Nobody

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