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The Science Behind the Secret by Travis Taylor

The Science Behind the Secret by Travis Taylor

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Published by CPinckley
Travis Taylor has more degrees than most people do letters in their name, including being a top Engineer for NASA. Travis says 'The Secret' is real.
Travis Taylor has more degrees than most people do letters in their name, including being a top Engineer for NASA. Travis says 'The Secret' is real.

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Categories:Types, Research, Science
Published by: CPinckley on Sep 14, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The Science Behind The Secret by Travis Taylor
Quantum Epiphany

It was half way through reading this book that I had a sudden epiphany of sorts, a
visual imagery came into my mind. Now, I’ve had this imagery before, in fact
several versions of it; however, I’ve never seen or ‘felt’ it in quite this way. The
vision was so profound to me personally that no words could ever describe it;
however I will attempt to fumble through the appropriate words to describe one of
my most profound experiences of all time, nevertheless.

At this point we’re all aware that one of the basic and biggest premises ofThe
Secret is that we live in a limitless Universe. Of course, saying that and actualizing

it are twocompl e tel y different things. This is anther one of those concepts that I
have gone back and forth on forever, first believing it only later to disbelieve it. At
this point, I believe it-in fact, I know it.

Let me explain…

As I previously stated, my epiphany happened in the form of an image. It consisted
of a vast Quantum Universe with limitless space/time capacity and limitless energy
and limitless abundance, almost as a holographic ‘empty’ space computer. In fact,
if you thought of a sort of holographic 3 dimensional space filled with stars and
endless space between the stars then you may have an idea of what I am poorly
attempting to convey here. In my vision I felt as if my human body, my human form
or experience, was a very small part of this. This was also part revelation to me as
well for I suddenly felt as if I had been living my life incorrectly, if you will. I felt that
we really are here to create what we want, to experience the joy of abundance and
limitlessness. I felt as if, for those of us who are able to realize and actualize this,
that at any time, anywhere, in any way, we can connect to this vast quantum
computer and create our life exactly the way we want.

Where did limitation come from anyway?

Limitation is a man made idea, I’m telling you. It was created by a man who felt the
fear of separation from Source and believed that he needed to control other people
to feel safe. This is the origin of all fear, the fear of separation from Source, the
feeling of being cut off from the greater part of ourselves. It was this fear that
drove a man, just one man at first, to feel as if he needed to control another man or
woman, to do what he wanted so that he could cover up this fear. From this fear
derived the concept of limitation, that there is not enough to go around.

People have been believing in limitation for thousands of years, fighting over land
and sea. Yet, we are all still here, living, breathing, talking, fighting, thinking,
creating, surviving. Why is this? If 2,000 years ago, we were fighting over land
because there was not enough of it, then how is it with 6 billion more people on the

planet, that we are all still here and surviving? The reason is because we actually
are notof the Earth, we areof the Universe. We live in a quantum hologram that is
endless and limitless to the capacity that it is inconceivable. You or I could not
possibly conceive of the vastness of space and the resultant abundance of energy.

Travis Taylor
Travis Taylor is the author of this amazing new book called The Science Behind
The Secret and has also worked forNASA and the Department of Defense, no

joke. This guy has written a book, a very substantial book, supporting the premise
of The Secret. In short, he not only believes that it is real, he supports it and
promotes its way of thinking and being. This is a guy from NASA and the DOD,
again. From Wikipedia: “He holds ad octorate in Optical Science andEn gi n e e ri n g
and master's degrees inPh ysi cs and Aerospace Engineering from the University of

Alabama in Huntsville; a master's degree in Astronomy from the University of
Western Sydney; and a bachelor's degreein Electrical Engineeringf rom Auburn
University. He is also a licensed professional engineer in the state of Alabama.”

When have we ever had someone with these types of credentials come out and say
that they believe that The Law of Attraction is real, active, and alive in the
World? Well, there have been more than a few quantum physicists who have
advocated for this way of thinking, but no one has ever openly supported it in this
way before.

Break Through

For the world this is a major breakthrough and for me personally, a massive
breakthrough. You see, this was the last piece of the puzzle that I needed to tie it
all together. I had previously written that I had already found the last piece of the
puzzle, but now I realized that this was just not true. I needed one more piece in
order to fully integrate this as a ‘knowing’ into my consciousness.

In this amazing book, The Science Behind The Secret, Travis endeavors to
explain the quantum physics behind The Secret and The Law of Attraction. To
me, it’s no less than amazing as well as telling. He has quotes from many of the
most famous philosophers as well as the origins of the first people to speak about

The Law of Attraction. The concept has been around for about 5,000 to 7,000
years apparently.
So the question is, what if?What if all you had to do was visualize, with
feeling, what you wanted to happen in your life and it happened? You see,

for me this is not a ‘what if?’ For me, this is more of a ‘when?’ When will we, the
people, begin to believe in ourselves, our abilities, our inner gifts, our own true
power, to do, to be, to have, to experience, whatever we want? In my opinion, the
science has now caught up with the abilities and beliefs of those people who have
always known that we create our own reality with our thoughts and feelings.

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