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Solved 1st Term2010

Solved 1st Term2010

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Published by hj43us

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Published by: hj43us on Sep 15, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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term - Computer Networks Exam - September
, 13
Short answers are appreciated. Each question scores 2%. Duration 2 hours.1.In what countries may you find the Internet?
 Internet is a worldwide network.
2.Who can write a
 Request For Comments
 Anyone, it is open to anybody.
3.In a nuts & bolts approach, what elements is the Internet made of?.
 Hosts, data links and routers.
4.What is packet switching?5.What is a distributed application?
 It is piece of software that runs on two (or more) computers at once.
6.In a twisted pair, why are wires twisted?
Wires are twisted to minimize interference from/to other pairs on the same cable.
7.What “bps” stands for?
bits per second 
8.What is nodal processing delay?
 It is the time it takes a node to process an incoming packet (till it is put on an output queue).
9.Why is TCP/IP a layered architecture?
 It is more flexible: A layer can be replaced without affecting others.
10. In the client/server model, which one (client or server) is started first?
The server is started first.
11.What transmission media is used by ADSL?
Twisted pair.
12. Is it possible to mount a Windows shared folder in Linux? If yes, How?
Yes, by means of smbmount command.
13.What does happen in
protocol if propagation delay is much greater than transmissiontime?
 Link utilization is poor and therefore thoughtput is low: highly innefficient communication.
14. What is the syntax of an FTP protocol response?
<xxx>sp<text_line><CR><LF> (where xxx is a 3-digit decimal number status code).
15. Can a server transmit to several clients simultaneously?
Yes, it is possible if it is a concurrent server.
16. Explain the effect of:
ls | ./sock :7777
The listing of "ls" command is transmitted to a TCP server on port 7777 (on the localhost).
17. A program has received a DatagramPacket
. Write the Java code to print (to standard output)sender's IP address.
What will happen when running this code?
Socket s = new Socket(“www.upv.es”, 88888);
 It will throw an exception: java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: port out of range:88888
19. What type of socket is used to create a UDP server?
20.What is an iterative server?
 It is a server than can only process one client at a time.
21. A web browser downloads a web page that contains four images. Neglecting the transmissiontime, how many round trip times (RTT) will the download take if pipelined HTTP 1.1 is used?
3 RTT 
22. Same as #21 but using HTTP 1.0.
4 RTT 
23. What does the HTTP HEAD method do?
 It is like a GET method but without transmitting the requested object (just the headers).
24. What is a DNS PTR-type record for?
To enable PTR queries: these queries provide the name for a given IP address
25. When uploading a file using FTP protocol and passive mode, who starts data connection?
The client 
26. What type of server is one that can only handle one client at a time?
 An iterative server 
27.Write Java code that waits until a connection is made on
SeverSocket ss
and then it waitstill the text “Hello World” is received.
Socket s=ss.connect(); Scanner sc=new Scanner(s.getInputStream());while(sc.nextLine().indexOf("Hello World")==-1) ;
28. Write Java code to write “Hello World” to
Socket s,
making sure it is transmitted rightaway.
 PrintWriter pw = new PrintWriter(s.getOuputStream(), true); pw.println("Hello World");
29. When using PrintWriter 
method, which is the end of line marker transmitted?
30. Using command line, how can you tell if there is a web server in your computer?
telnet localhost 80
31. What is the channel utilization of an
 stop & wait 
protocol if packet transmission time is 20msec, acknowledge transmission time is negligible and propagation delay is 100 msec?
32. How can we obtain 50% utilization in problem #31?
 A sliding window protocol with a window size of 6 will give 54% utilization.
33. What happens after a timeout on a
sliding-window protocol?
 All the frames pending of acknowledgement are retransmitted.
34. What is the value of TCP sequence number at the end of a connection?
The initial value plus the number of transmitted bytes plus two.
35. What is TCP 16-bit header field
receiver window
Connection flow control.
36. What type of handshaking is used for closing a TCP connection?
 It is a double two-way handshake.
37. How IP header checksum is calculated?
 Header bytes are grouped as 16-bit numbers that are added using one's complement arithmetic.
38. Why IP service is unreliable?
 Because there is not a built-in acknowledge for received datagrams: Those lost will go unnoticed.
39.What does
Maximum Segment Size
(MSS) mean?
 It is the maximum size of the data part of a segment.
40. How is the
Maximum Segment Size
(MSS) determined?
 It is determined by each end of a connection at the beggining of it by the use of a TCP option.
41. What is the minimum size (in bytes) of a TCP header?
20 bytes
42. What is the purpose of TCP's flow control?
To prevent a fast transmitter to overwhelm a slow receiver.
43. What is the way TCP retransmission timeout is determined?

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