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Maragtas Epic Story

Maragtas Epic Story



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Published by vhenven

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Published by: vhenven on Sep 15, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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is a work by
Pedro Alcantara Monteclaro
titled (in English translation)
History of Panay from the first inhabitants and the Bornean immigrants from which aredescended to the arrival of the Spaniards
. The work is in mixed Hiligaynon and Kinaray-languages in Iloilo in 1907. It is an original work based on written and oral sourcesavailable to the author. The Maragtas is an original work by the author, based on written and oral sourcesavailable to him. In particular, the author makes no claim that the work or contains atranscription of particular prehispanic documents. The work consists of a publisher'sintroduction by Salvador Laguda, a Forward by the author, six chapters, and an epilog.
- The
chapter describes the former customs, clothes, dialect, heredity,organization, etc. of the Aetas of Panay, with special mention of Marikudo, son of oldChief Polpulan;
- The
chapter begins a narrative of the ten datus flight from Borneo and thetyranny of Datu Makatunaw there, and their purchase of the island of Panay fromMarikudo;
- The
chapter tells of the romance of Sumakwel, Kapinangan and her loverGurung-garung;
- The
chapter concludes the tale of the ten datus, telling of their politicalarrangements and their circumnavigation of the island;
- The
chapter describes language, commerce, clothing, customs, marriages,funerals, mourning habits, cockfighting, timekeeping techniques, calendars, andpersonal characteristics;
- The
and final chapter gives a list of Spanish officials between 1637 and 1808;
- The
contains a few eighteenth-century dates.
Maragtas Summary
TheMaragtasChronicles of Panayis a history of rulers of the island from the time of the Ten MalayDatus (rulers) that settled fromBorneo.The "Legend of the Ten Datus (chieftains)" narrates about the forefathers of the Filipinos and the story of ten Bornean chieftains who escaped the cruel regime of 
Sultan Makatunaw
Datu Puti
along with other nine chieftains plans to leave Borneo. Riding their native boats, they ventured intothe night and across the wide ocean. At first, the ten rulers and their families were afraid that they might perishin the middle of the sea. Soon, they have reached the islands of Panay and befriended with the natives calledAetas. The Aetas are quite friendly and decides to sell a piece of their land to the ten chieftains. The chieftainsgave the Aetas leader, Marikudo a golden Salakot (Native head piece) After this; the chieftains and Aetas livedin peace and harmony. The Haraya is another epic poem from Panay. It is a collection of rules of conduct told inthe form of heroic tales. The "Hari sa Bukid" of Negros is a mythical epic of Kanlaon (Kan comes from aPersian word "Khan" meaning "King" and "Laon" from a Malay word meaning "Ancient.") and "Hinilawod" anepic poem made by the early inhabitants of Iloilo, Aklan and Antique also from Panay. The hero of Hinilawod,“Humadapnon” was of divine ancestry. He had super natural powers and guardian spirits to protect him. His

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